Friday, April 18, 2014

Godzilla: "Meet the Director - Gareth's Godzilla" video released

With less than a month to go before it hits theaters, Warner Bros. and Legendary roll out more promotions for their upcoming epic rebirth of Toho's iconic "King of Monsters" himself in the big screen... "Godzilla".

With that, the studios have released, as featured in Comic, a new "Meet The Director" video that spotlights the man behind the film itself, British and "Monsters" director, Gareth Edwards, as well as his vision of bringing the creature to life.

Godzilla - Meet the Director - Gareth's Godzilla

Godzilla opens in theaters internationally on May 15, and in the US on May 16.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Batman 75: DC All Access previews Darwyn Cooke's Batman Beyond tribute

Giving their first look at what may very well be a fine tribute of epic proportions from the legendary Darwyn Cooke, DC All Access has the very first sneak peek at the next Batman 75 animated short from one of the minds behind the futurists Batman Beyond series, which sees Terry McGinnis as Batman trying to save his mentor Bruce Wayne from... Batman?

Well, more like a Batman bot or something... But very much like Bruce during his prime! This, fans have got to see!

Darwyn Cooke's Batman Beyond - First Look (DCAA)

The Batman Beyond animated short for the Batman 75th Anniversary debuts in Wondercon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past: Final Trailer released

Just like the title says... Bryan Singer, Hugh Jackman, and the rest of the X-Men film cast past, present, and future are coming back in a big way for the next X-Men Film that unites timelines and figures together with "X-Men: Days of Future Past".

X-Men: Days of Future Past Final Trailer

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens internationally on May 20, and on May 23 in the US.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dick Grayson evolves into something else in new "Grayson" comic series

Consider this a post-FOREVER EVIL spoiler of comic book universe altering proportions... So if you haven't been up to date with the latest happenings in DC Comics' New 52 universe, you have been properly warned.

That being said, the cat has been let out of the bag courtesy of USA Today... BIG CHANGES are happening for Richard "Dick" Grayson, and he's getting the "Secret Agent" treatment in the upcoming "Grayson" comic book series, to be done by the creative team of Tim Seeley of Revival fame and former CIA operative Tom King.

Better known by his persona as "Nightwing", Dick Grayson was the very first Robin and sidekick to Batman, before stepping out of his mentor's shadow and becoming his own man. However, he still maintained ties with the Bat-Family, and even took over as The Dark Knight for a time following Bruce Wayne's supposed death. Now it seems that Dick has to adopt a new role following the result of his identity being exposed in Forever Evil by the Crime Syndicate... And whatever happens as a result of the end of that main event storyline by DC Comics. Only time will tell for certain what follows afterwards. For more on the story, visit the source post at USA Today.

"Nightwing" ends with issue #30 when it hits on May 28, with "Grayson" to follow soon afterwards.

Monday, April 14, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past: Featurette and Opening Battle clip released

As part of the ongoing promotions before the movie hits next month, 20th Century Fox and Marvel have released a new featurette and a first look clip at the "Opening Battle" that'll be part of Bryan Singer's return to the X-Men Movie franchise with "X-Men: Days of Future Past"!

Courtesy of CBM Trailers, here's the featurette and the opening battle clip.

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Official Featurette #1

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Official "Opening Battle" Movie Clip #1

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in the US on May 23, 2014.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Godzilla: "Awakened" poster unleashed

Pretty much self-explanatory... Here's another EPIC LOOKING poster for Warner Bros. and Legendary's upcoming reimagination of Toho's epic "King of Monsters" himself, Godzilla!

Via the official Facebook page of the movie, here's Gojira... With the quote from Ken Watanabe's characted "In 1954, we awakened something..." accompanying it...

Godzilla opens in international theaters on May 15 and in the US on May 16.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Arrow: Ferris Air teaser poster posted

With five episodes left for the second season to wrap up, the producers and showrunners behind the smash-hit superhero TV Series "Arrow" have decided to tease things up that may possibly appear further down the line... And it's a reference to a certain "Emerald Warrior" of the DC Universe that may follow in the footsteps of The Scarlet Speedster who made his debut in the show as well.

The teaser, courtesy of Marc Guggenheim's official Twitter page, is all about "Ferris Air", the airline owned by the family of Carol Ferris, aka Star Sapphire and the love interest of the one and only Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern! Ferris Air of course is based in Coast City, and one has to wonder of Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen and his crew of "Team Arrow" will visit the place...

Arrow is currently airing in The CW every Wednesdays.