Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Costume: New Captain America!

It was All Hallow's Eve, and in celebration of it, I decided to cosplay as one of my favorite characters from comic books - CAPTAIN AMERICA! However, I didn't go as the original Super-Soldier everyone knows and loves, Steve Rogers. Instead, I went as the man who succeeded him after his "death" and tried to carry the mantle of Cap as best as he could - Bucky Barnes!

Being Cap's sidekick and close confidante during World War II, Bucky became the new Captain America after Rogers was seemingly assassinated by the actions of the Red Skull. Carrying the infamous Shield and wielding conventional weapons to protect himself, this new Cap may not have the same strength and agility as the original, but he makes up for it with experience and determination to carry on his mentor's mission of protecting the innocent and living the dream for freedom and peace.

Along with my friends G and Mia, who played characters from the game Persona 3 and the anime Last Exile, respectively, we went around and trick or treated, grabbing some yummy candy and enjoying our time presenting ourselves in our hard worked costumes. All the effort seemed to pay off, and I managed to get some pics with other costume ghouls and gals on the road. Indeed, fun and epic is all I can say about this experience!

Just like that, Captain America Invades Halloween! Freedom Prevails!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Comic Review: Blackest Night # 4

Just in time for Halloween is more Black Lantern reading!XD

As readers hit the halfway mark to what is already proving to be a classic blockbuster series, Blackest Night has grown exponentially, to the point that several other titles outside of the Green Lantern books will be affected and cast under the shadow of death itself. Besides the superb story and writing of course, anyone digging for some payoffs will be wise to take note that DC has come up with a solution to the extra expenses. Those who were there to pick up Black Lantern Rings during the release of Blackest Night #1 will be happy to know that the rest of the rainbow colors are coming next month, scattered amongst the numerous titles and tie-ins that are scheduled for release then. However, that's still for November. Right now, things are really intensifying in the playing field, especially on planet Earth, where the bulk of the problem began and is about to become much worse.

Blackest Night #4
Written By: Geoff Johns
Illustrated By: Ivan Reis

After Hal Jordan is whisked away by the mysterious Indigo Lanterns, Barry Allen, aka The Flash, is left to hold down the growing forces of the Black Lantern Corps, with only Ray Palmer/ The Atom and Mera standing by his side. Things took a turn for the worse when the new Firestorm, Jason Rusch, was absorbed by the Black Lantern Firestorm, forcing the heroes to regroup elsewhere and look for back up. Knowing their enemy's weakness but lacking the presence of a Green Lantern, the trio notify their friends of the situation and search for the next best substitute - Alan Scott/ Sentinel. Scrambling, Mera and Atom eventually find Scott and the JSA, but their troubles follow shortly thereafter. As Black Hand and his forces reach 100% power level capacity, the true force behind the Blackest Night emerges, with Barry Allen witnessing what could be the beginning of the end for every living soul in the universe.

Another solid issue is at hand. Geoff Johns has gotten past the point of no return, and the Blackest Night's raw might has finally emerged, and nobody is safe from its wrath. Even as I wait month after month for the next issue to arrive, I'm in solid comic book heaven reading this book, with so much action and dialogue happening that it harmoniously connects events together in perfect fashion. As I've said before, John's strength is his ability to write stories that not only make sense, but also deliver a punch that readers will go gaga over. His feats in the Green Lantern Mythos are already accounted for, and right now he's beginning to shed light on another Silver Age hero, namely the newly resurrected Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen, who is, not surprisingly, the man taking center stage in Blackest Night #4. I'll admit, I've always been more familiar with his protege, Wally West, but Barry also strikes me as a unique heroic force to be reckoned with. He's got the smarts and the speed to make him a remarkable figure in the DC Universe, and unlike Wally, his optimism and courage to do the right thing has brought him at odds with death several times. He died in Crisis Of Infinite Earths, and he was resurrected in Final Crisis. Now, as a key player in Blackest Night, Barry will come face to face with death incarnate itself, and as we read along, we'll probably find out the reasons why heroes like him come back from the dead, earning a second chance among the living.

While Barry may be the flag holder of this issue, I can't neglect the other key players who are strangely becoming focal points of the Blackest Night saga on their own. Ray Palmer is obviously another man who'll be getting some attention, since death and tragedy have lingered around his life and caused him more agony any mortal man could ever bare. Like Barry, he has the will to continue on with the heroics, but this may be tested later on with the arrival of a person he never thought he'd see again. On the other hand, Mera, the wife of Aquaman, is taking things pretty well, and while she wasn't much of a presence in the hero community, she's coming on to her own now that her husband and Tempest are among the Black Lantern Corps. I like the dialogue Johns inserted between her, Flash, and Atom, showing that while these three are technically second stringers and outsiders, they come into their own and step up when the situation calls for it. As for the villains, let's just say that there are eye popping cameos you'd like to take note of. Several new Black Lanterns make their appearance here too, including the ring leader, who many of you should know already know as Nekron, as revealed cover pic to issue #5 DC released a few months back. He's a menacing figure who clearly means business, and we'll probably see what kind of game he wants to play with the DCU come next issue.

I can't deny the fact that I've enjoyed Ivan Reis' art for the entire run of this series so far. Although Ethan Van Schiver has a style nobody can help but admire, Reis is a class A talent himself, and has drawn some of the most intense scenes that compliment a dramatic comic book tale such as Blackest Night. There are moments in the book that will make you feel every bit of emotion known to the spectrum - will, rage, fear, hope, love, avarice, and compassion, and it's timed well with the scenes that encourage optimism, or wrack a reader with despair as they see an important figure they've come to relate to get consumed by the power of death.Issue #4 is a highlight for Reis when it comes to the middle ground. There's no GL on sight, but that doesn't stop the other heroes (and undead lanterns) from shining forward and looking like gold. Oh, and the supplementary material known as "The Book Of Black" returns, and narrates a well conceived but twisted tale from the mind of Black Hand that deals with the concept of Willpower. What other thoughts burned into his deceased head will be interesting to read about as the series progresses. Here's me holding my breath and hoping for more superb writing and art from Johns and Reis.

So there goes another issue for the books. We're in the middle point of Blackest Night now, and it seems like death is having its way with everyone and transforming the universe, and most especially earth, into its own flying zombie Halloween Party. This issue could not have come at a better time, especially when the frights are in the air and all the ghoulies at home are expecting their trick or treats to get their grubby hand onto. I can't blame them, so if you're in the mood for some excellent comic book reading, I once again proclaim Blackest Night as the one and only choice. It's a must read event, and if you're celebrating All Hallow's Eve, it's the definite way to go.

Score - 10/10

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Top 10 Horror Movie Franchises...

Well what do you know? It's almost Halloween folks! If you've got plans to trick or treat or party the night away with some fancy and scary costumes, this is the night to remember and look forward to. Over the years, there have been several ways to celebrate "All Hallow's Eve", and it's quite possibly the best time to scare yourselves over with some frightening forms of media and entertainment. When it comes down to it, I can't think of anything better than popping in a movie or video game that has horror written all over it, and there's a plethora of titles to choose from that have scared humanity for generations to come. I'll keep things simple and go down to my top 10 list of horror movie franchises that I love, each giving me some horrific memory to worry about. Without further delay, here are some treats to consider watching, with some poster links via Wiki.

Halloween Top 10 Horror Movie Franchises:

10.) Howling - I've been a fan of werewolves since I was a kid, even more so than Vampires. Back in the 80's, werewolf movies were becoming the trend, and seeing a person change into a howling beast of madness was the in thing, especially when John Landis unleashed "An American Werewolf In London" to the movie going public. That was instrumental in making Werewolves known to everyone, but so were a few other films like the Howling series. I guess the most memorable installment I can remember was "Howling: The Rebirth", which had closer ties to the novel and portrayed this horror mystery where a group of people gather in an ancient castle to combat and kill a Lycanthrope, who happens to be among their ranks. I never really followed the series afterwards, but the effects of changing from man/ woman to wolf still remain memorable to me until this day. It was pretty surreal... and intensely awesome.

9.) Halloween - I didn't really get into the whole Michael Myers thing. As a kid, I always thought the concept looked kinda bland, and the only thing giving me the chills was the theme music popping up whenever ol' Mike appeared to kill an unsuspecting fellow. The original was directed by the legendary John Carpenter, and the only thing I found amusingly "scary" was the mask of Mr. Myers, which happened to be created from a mold taken from William Shatner! As the years rolled on, my experience with the series came to a head with the release of Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers. B-Movie was written all over it, but it did the trick in making me dread the man who would also be known as "The Shape". The Halloween series also made Jamie Lee Curtis and the late great Donald Pleasance household names for their portrayals of Laurie Strode and Dr. Samuel Loomis, each an integral part of Michael's life. The remake by Rob Zombie was a good reimagination, but I have yet to watch the sequel. Anyone looking for a mad serial killer flick should definitely check this series out.

8.) A Nightmare On Elm Street - I'll be frank, Freddy Krueger knows how to make you NOT SLEEP at night. I never followed the Nightmare On Elm Street series religiously like other horror flicks, but I did watch the movies as a kid, and it was enough to scare the shit out of me sometimes. Freddy's iconic visage alone is enough to tell you the guy wants you to suffer agonizing dreams, and what he has delivered in the films thus far is a testament to his insanity and madness. He can be defeated by being brought into the real world, yes, but the dream world is his nightmarish kingdom to exploit, and he'll carve up some scars and dismember his victims with those trademark blades he has from his glove. When director Wes Craven made Nightmare and Freddy, he didn't know he unleashed a beast from the underworld. With that said, it made actor Robert Englund the kind of star that nightmares are made of.

7.) Friday The 13th - Somehow, I knew we were going to revisit Jason Vorhees in this list. He's the first B-movie character that scared the shit out of me, especially AFTER he resurrected from the dead. I always constituted the Friday series as a mix of teenagers, sex, and a deranged guy who wanted to kill, pure and simple. The backstory behind Jason's methods stem deeper than anyone could ever imagine, from drowning as a young boy in Camp Crystal Lake to harnessing his powers from Hell itself, managing to live again and again through demonic possession and such. That's how I remember this series, for the iconic giant serial killer who always wore a Hockey Mask and relentlessly paved a path of destruction until desperate means put a stop to him... temporarily at least. Actor Kane Hodder was the guy I remember well for playing that menacing role, and to this day, I still hear the "ch-ch-ch... cha-cha-cha" echo in my mind, signaling that Jason's presence is not far behind.

6.) Evil Dead - Sam Raimi made his name here before the Spider-Man films, and there's a pretty good reason why I love the Evil Dead films. Aside from it being horrifying and twisted, it's funny and awesome, and it's all thanks to the machinations of one man - Bruce Campbell, the actor who played the main protagonist, Ash. With his "charming looks and clean personality", Ash is the kind of hero who doesn't take shit and tries to laugh in the face of danger despite his stubborn and narrow-minded demeanor. This is a guy who calls his shotgun a boomstick and replaces his own severed hand with a chainsaw... so how can you not call that AWESOME? This series is simply a must watch for any horror freak, especially Army Of Darkness, where the real fun starts and ends. Oh, before anything else, always remember those damn words before you get your hands on the Necronomicon.XD

5.) George Romero's Dead Movies - George Romero introduced me to Zombies, and way before it became popular today, it was THE GENRE that had to make my list before I saw anything else. My first actual exposure was the 1990 remake of Night Of The Living Dead. Directed by his special effects guy and make up legend Tom Savini, this film brought gore and infection into my zombie vocabulary, and showed how utterly futile and stupid arguing amongst one another was when you got legions of the undead surrounding you and making your imminent death a slow but painful one. Soon, I started seeing the classics, and the original Dawn Of The Dead became my favorite among the original Dead Trilogy, especially because it was set in a shopping mall, a place that became a haven and a prison for the survivors trapped inside of it. Indeed, social commentary always worked with Romero's films, and served as a warning to anyone who underestimated certain situations and took for granted the world as we know it. The Zombie boom is here now thanks to games like RE and Left 4 Dead and movies like Zack Snyder's Dawn Of The Dead and 28 Days Later, but I'll still consider Romero the granddaddy who brought us the brain munching fun we all love. I'm really looking forward to his new movie, Survival Of The Dead.

4.) Saw - "Live Or Die... Make Your Choice". Those words echo and resonate throughout this entire Saw series. Dubbed as "Torture Porn" to the viewing public, there's a pretty good reason why it is called that way. The first movie showed just how effective mind games can be when a person is put to the ultimate test - will you lose a life or a limb in order to save your life or someone else's? Tobin Bell became a horror icon for his portrayal of the legendary mastermind Jigsaw, and even with other new characters now basking in the spotlight, I believe no Saw experience is complete without his involvement. Since 2004, the series has branched out into six films, each with its own unique victims to test and exploit, and while I find the story confusing sometimes, it's definitely the traps in each film that keep fans coming back for more. It's the signature stuff that makes the series interesting everytime, and in the case of those being tested, it's a torture experience that'll either change them or leave them resting... in pieces.

3.) The Ring/ Ringu - When you hear the name Sadako, you know that it's taboo to watch a mysterious video tape and leave the TV on. Back in the early 2000's, the Ring freaked me out, to the point that I literally had a hard time sleeping at night and watching a channel full of nothing but static. This was the first Japanese film that made me realize how gruesome curses can be, especially if you become complacent and confident that you broke the curse, only to realize you're still screwed in the end. The character of Sadako herself is a tragic one if you even bother to watch the rest of the series, and her misshapen and horrific visage was only born because of the evil and abuse she suffered years prior to the setting of the first film. A remake was made for Hollywood audiences, but it wasn't as good as the original Japanse version. Anyone with a faint heart should take care NOT to watch this movie, lest you have a desire to renounce watching TV forever.

2.) The Grudge/ Ju-On - Another Japanese Horror movie that gave the chills about curses, Ju-On succeeds in many more levels than its predecessor by incorporating more horrific feats and stories that were more deadlier than watching a videotape and seeing a woman with long hair crawl out of it. Ju-On shows that curses can be born out of a deep hatred or grudge, and it all started with the murder of a housewife and her son at the hands of her husband inside their own home. Soon, anyone who came to live inside that house was doomed to become a victim of death, as the curse infects anyone inside and spreads from person to person. This is depicted throughout the entire series, and essentially caused the end of humanity itself. Spider-Man and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi dipped his hand into this series, the result of which was a remake and two sequels that did pretty good to scare the people in Hollywood. Creepy stuff, I tell you, so be careful in watching this alone kiddies.

1.) The Exorcist - I won't lie. There's a good reason why I still consider The Exorcist the scare among all scares. It's the movie that brought demonic possession into mainstream media, and the haunting scenes of a girl possessed and doing twisted things are definitely not for the faint of heart. Words alone cannot describe the experience of watching this the first time, and if you ever consider doing so, I would suggest bringing a companion or two along with you.

Well, there you have it. Care to try watching any of these this Halloween?XD

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Marvels Project Gets A Cool Cap Variant Cover!

I caught this image over at Newsarama... and it's mighty awesome!

I don't collect The Marvels Project Miniseries, but I have to give props to veteran Marvel artist Steve McNiven for this talented piece of cover artwork. For issue #5, collectors will be graced with the choice of grabbing an alternate variant cover by Steve, and he's drawing none other than his namesake, Steve Rogers, the one and only original Captain America! It's great to see the moment captured where Cap dons the first iteration of his costume for the very first time to become a living symbol for America during World War II, and drawn by the guy who did Civil War and Old Man logan no less! This would make a great poster/ wallpaper for Cap fans... and we're all expecting a grand comeback for the Star Spangled Avenger in the next few months!

A 5 Year Old Training Sensation? Woah!

It was hard to believe at first, but after jumping over to Yahoo this morning, I caught this article in my sights, and I gotta say, I'm impressed with the real life training sensation that's officially been inducted into the Guinness Book Of World Records. Making it into the list is no easy feat, but for young Giuliano Strue, he makes everything look so easy, especially in this video training montage from You Tube. Check it out and see the small wonder in action:

Woah, right? The kid makes training look like a cake walk. Kudos to him for the amazing feats.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fate or Coincidence? This Movie Tells The Hard Truth...

500 Days Of Summer is definitely the kind of movie anyone can relate to. Just like what's stated from the start, it's not so much a love story as it is a romantic comedy. There's something more to this movie that's just beyond words, and the presentation compliments the intense and brilliant performances by the cast. You can especially relate to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, Tom Hansen, your average go lucky joe who's working a deadend job until he meets this beautiful girl, who happens to be his workmate Summer, played by Zoey Deschanel. She's not your typical girl-next-door love interest, and as you watch the non-linear presentation of their relationship develop as the days roll on, you'll find out what it means to live life as it is and accept it once the reality bug hits you. I highly recommend this film to view... it certainly impressed me.;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

This Is My Fight...

The picture just speaks out what I'm feeling - iron will and determination. Finally making its way to the gaming shops this evening, I wasted no time grabbing this prized title for my PS3. Just as I expected, everything is simply GLORIOUS. Tekken 6 has finally arrived people... and it's time to bring out the pain.

Need some motivation? Watch the video below.

Tekken 6 Motivation Trailer

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Truth Or Square: SpongeBob SquarePants marries Sandy Cheeks?!

It certainly seems that way indeed! The infamous innocent-minded frycook from Bikini Bottom will tie the knot with the cowgirl squirrel from the surface, and it's going to happen in the new TV movie - SpongeBob SquarePants: Truth Or Square, set to debut early next month! Being a fan of the series myself, I expected this union to happen someday... but whether or not it's real or going to turn out successful is a different story. Here's the trailer of the Truth Or Square movie below:

You want to see a clip of the wedding? Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive first look video clip at their website. Click the link to check it out... and see how two close friends become a lovey dovey couple, hahahaha!XD

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Super Street Fighter IV Update: Gameplay Videos From Capcom Fight Club!

Just as the title states, here's some juicy gameplay footage of Super Street Fighter IV in action during Capcom's Fight Club event in New York City! Check it out the videos below!

SSFIV Gameplay Footage 1

SSFIV Gameplay Footage 2

Damn... I wanna play this game already!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Xbox 360 Finally Goes Blu-Ray? I Think Not...

Following up on the post yesterday, Kotaku has a follow up article on the subject, and it seems that Microsoft will not be bringing any Blu-Ray add-ons to their Xbox 360 console, despite what CEO Steve Ballmer may have suggested. Through his Xbox 360 blog, Larry Hryb instead pointed out that Ballmer wasn't referring to the 360 as the destination for the add-on, rather it was heading to the PC instead. Some may find this disappointing news, but better to hear the official word now than never.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Xbox 360 Finally Goes Blu-Ray?

I don't own an Xbox 360. I almost considered getting one in the second hand market, but careful inquiry and analysis told me to go against that decision. Even though I'm a Playstation gamer and owner, there are several games that lull me in the prospect of purchasing the console, with exclusives like the Halo series and Mass Effect being the most obvious among choices. Truth be told, I could live without the console, but recent developments in the gaming news sites have revealed a potential development in the console that adds fuel to the fire of the already rampaging console war between Microsoft and Sony.

According to, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed that the 360 may eventually get a Blu-Ray add on drive. Since Sony won the format war more than a year ago, Blu-Ray has been the defining entertainment medium and standard to which many films and PS3 games are making the transition to, and it seems that Microsoft is finally trying to make the jump to it as well. The post also goes to detail that the Blu-Ray itself won't be built into the console. Rather, it will be sold as a seperate external drive accessory. Microsoft still hasn't made an official announcement yet, so even with the CEO's word, players can only speculate what the future of 360 will bring. You can read up the rest of the article in the link here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Comic Review: Red Robin #5

Continuing my review streak of Batman related books from last week, it's time to hit the book that stars the new "Black Sheep" of the Bat-Family, Tim Drake Wayne, aka the new Red Robin. When we last left the young lad, he finally found vindication in his cause by locating proof that his adoptive father, Bruce Wayne, may still be alive. It took trips around the world and run-ins/ assistance with Ra's Al-Ghul's League Of Assassins to reach this point, but his crusade finally has a direction to pursue... until a new threat exposes itself and brings the pain to Tim and his unlikely allies, literally.

Red Robin #5
Written By: Chris Yost
Illustrated By: Ramon Bachs

Heavily injured and barely making it back to civilization alongside the only surviving member of his League Of Assassins' escort team, Red Robin and Prudence lie unconscious and near death in front of a shocked Tam Fox, who was sent to Baghdad by her father Lucius to locate Tim Wayne. Shocked by the sight of two injured people inside suite, Tammy barely has time to react, as ninja from the League arrive and enter the scene. A few hours later, Tim wakes up inside a mysterious area, completely healed from his wounds thanks to Ra's Al Ghul's resources. After clearing up some confusion and debriefing what he knows about his attacker, Red Robin soon finds himself caught in the middle of a war between two factions. The line between good and evil just got blurry... and his crusade to find Bruce Wayne will have to wait.

It's been an up and down journey for Tim Wayne, and his life as Red Robin just took a turn from bad to worse. Writer Chris Yost has literally sent the lad on his own international solo adventure, and being away from familiar territory has Bruce's adopted son resorting to means and resources he wouldn't have considered using years ago, but has little choice with present circumstances now. Of course, I'm referring to the partnership Red Robin has crafted alongside Ra's Al Ghul, arguably one of Batman's most deadliest and respectable enemies. For those who don't know the score as of late, Ra's provided Tim with information and escorts to help him in his journey to find Bruce, which he partially accomplished last issue by finding the cave in the middle of the Iraq desert with a "Bat symbol"carved in the mall. Anyone who's read Final Crisis knows where this is going, and putting two and two together means that the obvious return is coming soon.

I noticed that the Batman: Reborn banner is gone, and it's probably for the best considering how much the title deviates from the actual events happening in Gotham. For this particular story, Mr. Yost begins his second arc by showing the life Tim has chosen to draw himself into - a world of hurt and pain. His luck happens to be good and he gets healed in no time, but a little confusion and arrogance on his part makes him draw conclusions too soon, which places him in a slightly funny and embarrassing moment in this book. Also, the backstories return, with a new origin tale that chronicles the birth of one of the members of the mysterious Council Of Spiders, the rival faction that's slowly eliminating members of Ra's League Of Assassins. Tim once again provides the narration for this side tale just like in past issues, but I really wonder when all of these plot points will converge? Now that the matter of explaining and validating Tim's search is done, we should be getting around to seeing the assassin smackdown happening soon, with Red Robin caught in the middle and forced to choose a side, which is alongside Ra's obviously. We all know he's going to do the right thing eventually, but I do enjoy the twists and turns Yost is providing to his messed up life. Adding Tam Fox to the equation isn't much of a development, but I'm hoping it will get there soon enough.

I was expecting a new artist to enter this issue, but Ramon Bachs is still present and in charge of the pencils, which leaves me to deal with more sketchy artwork. It's not too much of a problem, but I wouldn't mind some change in direction soon. Consistency at least is present, and that's already commendable for someone who's provided pretty decent work for the past four issues.

Now that he's found proof that Bruce may be still alive, Tim's got a lot more problems to deal with just as his career as the new Red Robin is beginning. Out of his Gotham element and turning more and more like an espionage agent, the former partner and crimefighting ally of Batman must face new challenges that will test his character and make him choose where he should draw the line between a good and evil act. Chris Yost has certainly got the former Boy Wonder's number, and slowly longtime fans are responding to this book. If you've read and aren't too convinced with the first Red Robin arc, I wouldn't really recommend continuing this book any longer. Otherwise, things are picking up, and hopefully we'll be seeing more answers to Tim's search in the near future.

Score - 7/10

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hokuto Musou Update: Teaser Website Goes Live!

It's official, it's coming, and now, we got a poster to show how real it is, courtesy of gaming site Destructoid.

Koei Tecomo has spoken, and the millions of post-apocalyptic Hokuto fans are crying for it. Hokuto Musou, aka Fist Of The North Star Warriors, is coming in 2010, and we can expect the heavens to shake as bodies hit the floor and a lone man stands... emotionless and full of unbridled energy. Once he hits you, you're already dead... ATATATATATATATA!!!

Visit the official Hokuto Musou teaser website here!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Comic Review: Blackest Night: Batman #3

The first of three Blackest Night miniseries tie-ins reaches its conclusion, and while there's still a long road to traverse with the main story for the next few months, one can only wonder how the heroes will triumph when everything is said and done. Given that most of the books I picked up last week were Batman related, I can't help but feel that this book weighs in more over the others, especially since I wanted to see how the new Dark Knight and his posse escape the wrath of the undead lanterns unscathed. Well, the final curtain call has settled in and we've been given an ending, but is it the kind that will leave fans with a sweet after taste or a bitter one once they finish reading? Read on and find out after the summary jump.

Blackest Night: Batman #3
Written By: Peter J. Tomasi
Illustrated By: Ardian Syaf

After crashing the Batplane into a nearby cemetery, the new Batman and Red Robin find themselves confronting their long deceased parents, newly resurrected and among the ranks of the growing Black Lantern Corps. Using their powers, the undead lanterns begin to torture the young crimefighters, echoing familiar moments and scenarios from their past. Dick Grayson knows its a trap, but Tim Drake wants to believe differently, seeing this as a second chance to save their parents. Both are soon sucked into the emotion-filled void by Black Lanterns craving for their hearts, and if Deadman doesn't make it back in time with "additional help", the new Dark Knight and other Robin may become the latest victims in the chaos that is the Blackest Night.

Once again, Andy Kubert graces us with another horrific, yet amazing cover (and just in time for Halloween too!). It's another work that shouldn't be taken for face value, but it gets the message across that Dick Grayson/ Batman is in for a world of hurt... by the undead constructs that were once his beloved parents.

Wrapping up his 3 issue Blackest Night: Batman stint, Peter J. Tomasi's credibility with the new Dark Knight is sound. He knows how to write a mean Dick Grayson, and is careful to point out in clear detail that he's no Bruce Wayne, but just a worthy heir who's doing his damned best to live up to his mentor's reputation. That determination, however, is clearly being tested to its limits, as Dick comes to face to face with his Black Lantern mommy and daddy - the two people he'd never thought he'd be forced to face. Writing has been pretty consistent and fair in DC Comics as of late, and I'm pleased Tomasi is up to speed with the developments happening in Batman: Reborn and beyond, even going as far as to research and incorporate elements from classic DC Stories. All this is flawlessly implemented into the narrative, and Pete even does a bang up job of presenting brilliant internal conflicts within the Bat-Family. For instance, "New Bats" tries to be the voice of reason to a one track minded Red Robin, who's more eager to see this as an opportunity for a "family reunion" rather than a fatal threat, citing his crusade/ obsession to find Bruce Wayne as an example that he believes in the impossible being possible. Real excellent writing I say, with the right balance of action and story involved.

While this issue is mostly about the Graysons and the Drakes, let's not forget the supporting cast involved. Damian Wayne has less screen time here as the new Boy Wonder, but his absence from the real fight is justified when he's tasked to bring the Gordons to safety in the Bat Bunker. Oracle and Jim Gordon don't do or say much either, but Deadman's on the case to save his living and breathing allies. To this end, he "persuades" a magical ally of the Bat-Family, namely the demon Etrigan, to save their asses, especially when the fuel tanks of the Batboys run out. Nothing much can be said for the Black Lanterns, but they're still the wise-cracking flying zombies who'd love nothing more than to eat your hearts out, literally. By the issue's end, a new way to counter their attack is presented, but how that's going to work for the rest of the universe is another story that will have to be told another time, as Blackest Night still continues and develops on into a mega classic event.

I praised Ardian Syaf's art in the past two issues, and he's still living it up and showing his guns for the world to be see and be amazed at. I'd really like this artist to take on the Bat in the main series someday, and even DC has pointer out to the readership that we should watch out for this guy. He's an up and coming pencil sensation, and for me at least, drawing a convincing and mean Batman already earns my vote. His final sketches here are already starting to look routine, but at least that's a good thing. Can't wait to see future projects from this guy, if and when DC manages to cook up something that suits his style.

So, with Blackest Night: Batman in the bag, what's going to happen to Dick and the gang? The conclusion of this arc was not too disappointing, but it was lacking considerably. It just goes to show that tie-ins are tie-ins, and we can expect the bigger things to happen in the main Blackest Night book. While I'd like to see more Batman in action, he'll no doubt appear in the main book, and as for the skull of Bruce Wayne, I haven't seen it since BN #1, and I was hoping that would be tackled in this miniseries, but to no avail. Let's hope that shows up in the main, as well as Dick, the Bat-Family, and the heroes rallying up and coming up with a plan to fight the Black Lantern threat back soon. So far, weaknesses have been discovered and exploited. It's all a matter of timing and execution now. Bottomline? Anyone who hasn't picked Blackest Night, I highly recommend doing so if you're a DC fan. Blackest Night: Batman? A good tie-in, but only grab it if you enjoy supplements... and the Dark Knight himself, of course.

Score - 8/10

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Iron man 2 Update: Extended Behind The Scenes Look!

It's been a while since we've heard or seen updates on Iron Man 2, but things are slowly starting to pick up steam on the web! Superhero Hype! just posted an article with revealing pics of the new Mark VI armor Ol' Shellhead's going to be wearing on the film, which looks something like this:

Mark VI Action Figure. Pic from SHH!

Looking catchy huh? Well, the real meat of the update is in the video link below via You Tube. A French guy gets the scoop at the latest happening behind the set of one of the most anticipated marvel movie sequels ever! Check it out and see what's coming in May next year!

Iron Man 2 Extended Behind The Scenes Clip (in French)

Looking good, but there's also bad news guys. According to, ooks like Jon Favreau, our favorite IM director, won't be directing the live action Avengers film. That's a bummer to hear, really...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

God Of War Collection Trailer

First unveiled in Sony's official Playstation Blog site, the God Of Collection trailer shows just how tasty and nostalgic this holiday release will be to PS3 owners everywhere. For the first time, 2 classic PS2 games are getting remastered and re-released in a single blu-ray disc, and trophy support's going to be included as well, which makes things all the more sweeter. More details can be found in the site itself, but the best part about this bundle pack is getting to play the God Of War III demo from this year's E3 show. As a fan of Krastos, I can't wait, and I bet many of you feel the same. Check out the trailer below and imagine reliving those classic brutal moments in HD when the game comes out.

God Of War Collection Trailer

The God Of War Collection hits stores in November.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Comic Review: Batman #691

This week is full of Batman goodness, as there's plenty of books related to the Dark Knight going around that's ripe for the picking and ready for reading. While Blackest Night successfully rampages throughout the entire DC Universe and its books, Batman:Reborn is equally troubled by a constant state of crisis and change, leaving the Bat family in an environment that's unpredictable as it is deadly. The stakes are higher and the crusade is deadlier, and as Dick Grayson finds out in this issue, its a whole new ball game that he has to be better prepared for if he wants to have any chances of winning.

Batman # 691
Written By: Judd Winick
Illustrated By: Mark Bagley

The story ends where it begins, as the new Batman finds himself under the mercy of the dualistic Two Face. Successfully infiltrating the Batcave thanks to the powers of Nola the time jumper, the man who was Harvey Dent proceeds to "interrogate" this new Dark Knight for his identity by beating the living hell out of him. After careful observation and study of his opponent, the ex-district attorney of Gotham City knows this isn't the same Batman he's fought and respected over the years, and he's personally going to see to it that the charades are brought to an end. Bloody, beaten, and all drugged up, Dick Grayson knows he's caught between a rock and a hard place, and if he doesn't find a way to convince Dent he's the "genuine article", the legacy of his mentor, as well as his own life, will be lost forever.

The megatonic duo of Judd Winick and Mark Bagley finally wrap things up with their Batman arc, as Long Shadows deals a startling "wake up call" moment to the new Dark Knight. It's amazing that with only a few issues in, we've already seen how difficult it is for Dick Grayson to live up to Bruce Wayne's name without giving his entire rogue's gallery any suspicions that he's not the original Batman. Every issue deals with a burden or obstacle Dick must overcome to seal his place as the new heir to the Bat Legacy, and even as this issue resolves a great "pain in the ass" situation for him, things have only just begun for the former Nightwing. Greater difficulties lie in store for him, including a hidden mystery left behind by his predecessor that may reveal secrets that were deliberately kept from him. As to what that is, only time can tell.

It's apparent that Two-Face has his villainous A-game up in this entire arc, and his obsession reaches a point where he comes out as a real clever threat the new Batman has clearly underestimated. Behind that half scarred visage lies the mind of a genius who was able to see through the various inconsistencies, and the dialogue during the confrontation in the Batcave clearly shows Dent having Dick's number. Of course, the latter flat out denies everything and successfully turns the tide in his favor with luck on his side, but there's no doubt that Two Face was inches away from exposing the "Batboy" for who he was - a pretender, and nothing more. It's a pity that the writer decided to incorporate Dent's Bat Costume only as a hallucination rather as the genuine article. Then again, given the circumstances and time needed to put a batsuit together, it's a believable compromise, and Bagley works his magic with the few pages illustrating this twisted and menacing "Dual Knight". Also, circumstances later on force a change in direction for the forces of good and the forces of evil. What that is, I'm not telling. Pick up the book and find out the spoils, hehe.

Finally completing his 4 issue run with the title, readers will have to bid farewell to artist extraordinaire Mark Bagley, as Tony Daniel takes over for both art and writing duties come next issue. It was fun and pleasant to see Mark's time drawing the main Batman book, and while his youthful and energetic pencils may have detractors who prefer Bats to be kept in the dark, I'm a fan of the guy's work, and I wouldn't mind seeing him work on the book again in the future. Technically, he's still going to be drawing Dick Grayson's Batman, but this time in the pages of Justice League Of America, which he's also currently doing at the moment. It's hard to see Bagley and writer Judd Winick leave after such an interesting run, but I'm curious to see what Mr. Daniels has to offer post-Battle For The Cowl.

The curtain is drawn and "Long Shadows" is done. A new Batman has been established in his solo adventures, and there's plenty more tales to be told and to look forward to. While this story doesn't necessarily fall on the list of classics, it most certainly lived up to the reputation of being a good read that's worth investing time on, especially if you haven't followed Batman: Reborn at all. The stakes are higher and the game is deadlier. It's a good time to jump on aboard, with a new Dark Knight to read about at the same time.

Score - 9/10

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hokuto Musou Is Coming!

The Man. The Legend. The Warrior. That's right, Kenshiro returns, and this time, he's bringing the hurt to the PS3 and Xbox 360 - Dynasty Warriors Style.XD

Officially announced by KOEI and via post from Kotaku, the gaming gods behind the popular Dynasty Warriors' series and Gundam Musou spin-off, players will now have a chance to experience exploding bodies and post apocalyptic martial arts mayhem in "Hokuto Musou", a game based on the popular Hokuto No Ken series.

Also known as "Fist Of The North Star" to western fans, this game will bring Kenshiro, Raoh, Shin, and other popular characters to the forefront, as they take on each other using powerful special techniques and martial arts moves to defeat legions of armies en mass and destroy buildings, YES BUILDINGS, in the process. Yes, we have another army beat-em up game, and this time, it's going to be bloody as hell. You can view the trailer below, it's just something that fans will simply go "WOOOOTTTTAAAAHHH!!!" over.

Hokuto Musor Trailer

Rest In Peace, Captain Lou "Mario" Albano...

Another legendary performer has left us. So many of them are gone too soon this year.:(

Via a post from Kotaku, sad news rocked the wrestling, entertainment, and gaming world today, as the legendary Lou Albano passed away at the age of 76, already suffering from failing health after getting a heart attack back in 2005. Most famously known in the wrestling community as "Captain Lou", Mr. Albano is also a WWE Hall Of Famer, having served as manager to great talents and as a commentator in addition to his wrestling career. He was also known for playing the "dad" of 80's pop star Cyndi Lauper in her videos, as well as making the transition to Hollywood, starring in a number of films and series, including Miami Vice.

Probably his biggest break was playing the iconic video game character Mario from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! This was the part I remember Lou the most for. He was the first person to play a Live-Action Mario, as well as voice the character in the animated show. I can still remember the intro to the show, and the dance he made as well.

Super Marios Bros. Super Show! Intro

While he was significantly taller and chubbier than our Nintendo Plumber hero in the games, kids loved Lou's performance as well as the strong Italian accent he gave to the character. I fondly remember the days when I'd eagerly wake up on a Saturday morning just to catch this show. While I liked the cartoon and story, the live action segments were the best, with Lou delivering funny skits alongside Luigi (played by Danny Wells) in their place in Brooklyn, often visited by famous celebreties and actors. Those were the good times, and I sorely miss them a lot.

Rest In Peace, Captain Lou, and you'll be forever remembered as the first man to take up that famous plumbing suit we all know and love in gaming history.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spotlight: Street Fighter IV's Abel

Abel. The man with amnesia and a mysterious past that eludes him. Why am I suddenly talking about this guy? Well, for one thing, he's a fighter with unique moves to use and exploit in the latest incarnation of Street Fighter, and while he's not as memorable as Street Fighter III's Alex, people playing Street Fighter IV have and will learn how to respect him once they see this guy up close and personal. In the meantime, let's look at an interesting factoid about the character I found.

Last night while browsing the web, I chanced upon this Kotaku post, where an initial character design and sketch of a Street Fighter IV character was revealed. The drawing was of an effeminate judo fighter, who was actually the prototype of what was to become Abel, one of the four new fighters who made their debut in SF IV. While it would have been confusing to see the French fighter we know turn out like this, it's an interesting design that could be recycled into a new character that could appear in the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV. Then again, I'd rather see Makoto from SF III: Third Strike make a comeback. Moving away from that, let's talk about Abel again, and how he turned out to be in the final product, which looked like this:

Despite his menacing looking presence, Abel is actually quite a humble person, and likes to apologize a lot. Any of you who's played Street Fighter IV should be quite familiar with his background. He's a french mercenary and mixed martial artist whose past is shrouded in mystery thanks to his state of amnesia. He enters the tournament to investigate Shadaloo and the mysterious organization called S.I.N, as they may have the answers he is looking for. By the game's end, not much is resolved from the story save for his connection to the game's final boss, Seth. I won't be spoiling the details though, as there may be readers who'd like to do a little digging on Abel's past themselves. Let's just say it's a pretty common Sci-Fi plot device, and it's just a simple matter of putting two and two together. You'll figure out the rest right away.

As a fighter, Abel likes to get up close and personal with opponents, with more emphasis on grappling techniques. He's the kind of guy who'll come up close and unleash severe punishment on the people who like to block a lot. True, he's not a full grappler like Zangief, but he makes up for brute strength by adding a little speed and flexibility to his arsenal. You can see the guy in action through this video link, demonstrating a fight between him and the Emperor Of Muay Thai, Sagat.

SF IV Fight - Abel vs Sagat

Abel's supers also require successful hits and openings in order for them to connect and deal massive damage. They can be used as a finisher to chained combos, and his ULTRA combo is devastating if it successfully connects. Funny thing about it is it looks EXACTLY like Captain America's "Final Justice" Super Move from the Marvel Vs Capcom games. See the comparison below:

Captain America's Final Justice in action

Then comes the other...

Abel performing his Ultra move, called "Soulless"

See the similarities? Despite that, Abel is a force to be reckoned with. Never underestimate him in battle.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going through Uncharted 2 Territory...

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is simply phenomenal, and I have Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment to thank for it. After purchasing the game yesterday, I couldn't wait to test this baby out, especially after spending so much time with the Multiplayer demo which came out a few weeks ago in the Playstation Network. That feature alone was fun and all, but the single player experience is what I was most looking forward to, and believe me, the results show. Part adventure and part exploration that has the feel of an Indiana Jones movie, it's an all out gaming experience that will literally take your breath away once you begin the game, and while the protagonist, Nathan Drake, has the machismo of Die Hard's John McClane and the dexterity of the Prince from Prince Of Persia, it's never a laughing matter if you're ill-equipped to take on situations that require a balance of patience and aggressiveness from the player. This is the kind of game that you won't be prying your hands off once you set it into your PS3, and with the juicy visuals, spectacular action, and death defying gameplay that's literally full of epic win, there's a damn good reason why it's a must buy game that's exclusively available only for Playstation 3 users. It even has Twitter access, which charts your progress automatically as you progress through the game! If that's not enough to convince you, maybe this video will, straight off this year's recent TGS show:

Uncharted 2 TGS '09 Gameplay

That's just exploration. Want to see how the action looks? Check this other trailer out!

Uncharted 2 Trailer #2

Like I said... EPIC AND MINDBLOWING! I'm still running through my game, and it's hard to take time off it. I highly recommend it to all you folks out there with PS3s. It's not just a Game Of The Year candidate... it's potentially one of THE BEST... EVER.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Street Fighter Blocky Makeover...

If you thought Street Fighter couldn't devolve any further, try making the game using 15 pixels only... 15 PIXELS. That's what GameCity, a gaming festival held at the U.K, commissioned to have made by a design collective at an Alaskan Military School. The whole story can be found in Kotaku, but here's the video to show just how different things are when you replace sprites with blocks:

Street Fighter II rendered in 15 pixels

Interesting recreation, though I don't know whether to consider this as actual "Street Fighter" because of the blocky visuals. It has the sounds from the game blaring out though, so you'll recognize it immediately if you're a fan of the series.. I suppose this is one of those moments where you leave it up to your imagination and the visual cues from the boxes to interpret what the heck is going on. Obviously, it's Ken vs Blanka because of the Hadokens and Electric Shock you hear. Good thing we didnt have to play the games this way, or else it would be like fighting game Tetris without the satisfaction of seeing your opponent pummeled to the ground.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Amazing Zangief Lariat!

I wake up to a bright Sunday morning... and I see this funny piece of spinning confusion:

New Super Street Fighter : Amazing Zangief Lariat

Damn, this video is full of WIN! But why is the Guile theme playing in the background? Still, it's amazing what you can find in You Tube nowadays, and if anybody remembers the 'Gief and his moves, you'll know it also went like this:


Definitely, Zangief is a powerhouse in Street Fighter... and he'll "spin you around" like the Kylie Minogue song. Dang.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

On The Spot: Collecticon 2009 -Story Ver.-

Another big event happened today, and it was another crazy moment for hobbyists everywhere. Once again, the annual Collecticon (short for Collector's Convention) was held at the Midtown section of Robinson's Place Manila, and from the moment I arrived, it was packed with all kinds of stuff, from the latest toys to the vintage items that collectors were dying to buy and own.

The view at the Collecticon as soon as the mall opened. What a crowd!

I entered the arena early in the morning to get an early bird's start, but the house was already packed by the time I arrived. Most of the stuff I looked for were comic related goodies, but I was able to scrounge up some Batman related items, which were pretty good deals in themselves.

This was but one of the many stalls with lots of toys and collectibles on display... woah...

While making my way around, I saw many friends, all of whom were eager to find and scoop something nice to add to their collections. Every convention I go to has a familiar face somewhere along the way, and the Collecticon proved no different. Towards the afternoon, the atrium started to pile up some more, particularly due to the auction and cosplay events that were scheduled for the day as well.

The crowd gathers as the auction and cosplay event begins...

There were lots of people dressed in all kinds of attire, and the auction was pretty successful in gathering bidders, as well as donations for the benefit of the victims of typhoon Ondoy. After taking a well deserved lunch break, I made one more pass before calling it a day in the early afternoon.

Overall, I had fun, and while it wasn't as crazy as the Toycon, the Collecticon had just the right amount of fun and activities to make it another spectacular event.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Comic Review: Batman and Robin #5

Another Bat comic arrives! Let's start the review!

When we last left Batman and Robin (boy, that sounds so cliche), they found themselves face to face with their new adversaries in town - the new "Dynamic Duo" of The Red Hood and his sidekick, Scarlett. Bare in mind, this is the same Red Hood that's had multiple incarnations of himself done in the past, and while I thought it would be a guessing game to who his true identity is, the beans were spilled in this issue... and the result was just too obvious. Regardless of that fact, the book clings on to what makes it a hot title - pure dynamic action and heart stopping adventure. This issue's got that and a whole lot more, but if you're new to the series and just got started, it would be wise to backtrack and catch up on the first four issues if you haven't thus far. Things get serious for the new Bat-Team from here on out, and it's a dangerous game they're playing in Gotham City.

Batman and Robin #5
Written By: Grant Morrison
Illustrated By: Philip Tan
Cover By: Frank Quitely

After crashing an underworld meeting and eliminating most of the criminals involved, the deadly team of the Red Hood and Scarlett finally come face to face with the new Batman and Robin. The two teams engage in a melee that's short lived, but the Dynamic Duo manage to save the Penguin from biting the bird's nest, placing him in protective police custody. The hood, revealed to be the returning Jason Todd, is not deterred by the crime fighters, and has firmly resolved to dispose of the two if they get in his way. What both parties don't know, however, is that the mafia's hitman"El Flamingo" has arrived in Gotham, and he's not playing cops and robbers either.

The second part of the Red Hood saga is where the fun begins, and I'm happy to say that Grant Morrison makes great use of the all characters involved in the story, including the titular villain of this story arc. I was a bit hesitant to assume that Jason Todd would be returning to this alias again, but given the guy's penchant for using firearms and extreme measures to combat crime, there's no one else worthy enough to assume that corrupted mantle again other than him. It makes perfect sense too, considering that his time as "Batman" during "Battle For The Cowl" also saw the troubled ex-Robin take up guns and go ballistic everywhere he sees a crime happening. Honestly, I'm not much of a fan of Jason or his Red Hood persona, but Morrison may just make me a believer yet. His portrayal of the character is in line with continuity, and he's always been the renegade who'll cross the line to get the job done, hence the many slogans used like "The Punishment Fits The Crime". Jason's new look sans the hood is a questionable makeover, but I guess that's the book's way of distancing him from the Bat-Family, and the narrative does explain why he looks that way. Hopefully we'll get more back story on his character by the next issue.

While we already know that the Hood's going to give the new Bats a run for his money, let's not forget about his partner in crime, Scarlett, who's become more dangerous than ever since her introduction a few issues ago. Morrison fleshes out her back story and "evolution" into her new persona in the first three pages of the book, and it's up to the reader whether he wants to be sympathetic or disgusted at what she has become now. As another victim of circumstance, the girl formerly known as Sasha has now fully embraced her new life as a "crime fighter", taking up the Red Hood's cause and becoming quite an effective sidekick in the process. In the last issue's review, I mentioned her use of the Iphone to take snapshots and "tweet". Apparently, it's become an effective means of "getting the message" to the citizens of Gotham City that "Crime Will Pay", which clashes with the "No Kill" mantra that Batman and Robin subscribe to. In fact, the way Jason compares his team to the Dynamic Duo are priceless quips you have watch and read for. Also, watch out for the hidden elements, including that conspicuous looking fellow/ author/ amateur detective. Knowing Morrison, he's got tricks up his sleeve still, and he's really on a role here.

Ok, now that we've defined the baddies, let's not forget the stars of the show - "Batman and Robin". These two give their weakest performance yet in this issue, and I'm not exaggerating either. They get kicked in the arse big time, and get captured and sent somewhere unknown by the Hood and Scarlett. Call it sloppiness or the first mistake the duo's made, but I think they've finally met their match, and now they're in a situation that's akin to the "1960's Bat-Traps" we'd see Adam West and Burt Ward in as kids. "Will the Dynamic Duo get out of this predicament in one piece? Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion... Same Bat Time... Same Bat Channel!". Heh, I've always wanted to say that, and with Robin wounded and Batman unconscious, it fits the description perfectly. The last few pages, showing the Hood and Scarlett face their own problems in the form of "El Flamingo", shows a similar deadly situation up for the "Deadly Duo", and their attacker is one messed up assassin who's got dirty secrets of his own fleshed out in this book. This felt a bit anti-climactic, but we'll never know the true end to things until the next issue when the saga wraps up.

With another book out and about, it's safe to consider this issue of Batman and Robin a good read for those dying to have some Dynamic Duo action. I admit, this isn't a strong stand alone issue compared to the others, but it's great if it's collected, full of messed up elements and crime fighting in each story that Morrison's become well known for during his entire Batman run. Add that to the amazing talent of Philip Tan and his pencils, and you've got a solid book that should cover your weekend reading nicely. As always, Morrison's other pencil buddy Frank Quitely handles the alternate cover art to this book, so there's always an option if you're one to collect multiple covers. Pick this one up if you've gotten this far since the start of the series. Otherwise, wait for the tpb, and read up more reviews around to find out why everyone's talking about this book. Definitely, it's a must read for the average Bat fan.

Score - 8/10

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is This Our Max Payne 3 Teaser Trailer?

Sure looks that way. Kotaku popped up with a video that shows dear ol' Max doing his thing, this time in "slow bullet time" fashion. The game is still slated for a 2010 release, but the trailer says otherwise, pointing to a "coming winter 2009" schedule. Either way, we'll never know until official word comes out. Hit the vid link below to view the teaser.

Max Payne 3 Teaser?

School Boy Returns... To Racing?!

We thought we'd never see him again, but now he's back... sort of.
First reported in Sega America's official blog, Ryo Hazuki, star of the epic Shenmue series, will be returning to the gaming realm by appearing as a playable character in the upcoming Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing game. Last seen in 2001's Shenmue II for the Dreamcast and Xbox, Ryo hasn't appeared in any other game since, and many fans were left hanging since Shenmue III never came to light (we're still hopeful that will happen though). As the latest addition to the SEGA All-Star line-up, Ryo comes bursting into the tracks with his trusty "borrowed motorcycle", which he used to rescue his love interest Nozomi in the first game.

As a special bonus attack, he can swap vehicles with his forklift from Yokosuka Harbor! Just like old times... but how does he fare against his other peers from the SEGA-verse? Check out the clip below provided by the folks behind the game:

Ryo Hazuki crashes into Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing!

Hell yeah, it's great to see Ryo back in action somewhat, but Yu Suzuki and Sega... what's taking so long?! Make us a Shenmue III already and bring back the epicness!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Super Street Fighter IV Update: G4's Preview!

Just like the title says, the folks from Capcom Unity posted G4 and X Play's preview of Super Street Fighter IV, done and taken from this year's recent Tokyo Game Show. Anybody with more cravings or SSFIV should see this one. More info of the game is present, as well as talks with game producer Yoshinori Ono, and actual gameplay footage shown during the interview. Go check it out at the video link below!

G4's Super Street Fighter IV Preview

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Remembering" Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li...

Everybody knows how Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li turned out, and well... it was REALLY disappointing no matter how you looked at it. Even with the sexy "Lana Lang" Smallville actress Kristin Kreuk highlighting that movie as Chun-Li, she didn't exactly play the part fans know and love, not to mention all of the wasted talent and acting utilized in the film (including Mortal Kombat's own Robin Shou!) . Like I said, it made the 1994 JCVD Street Fighter film look way better, and if that's not enough of an indication of how bad the film was, remember to watch out for Chris Klein as Nash... 'nuff said. For visual references, you should probably check the trailer out, to know how "real pain looks in the big screen":

Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li Trailer

That was... "something else". The plot literally shoots off from the Street Fighter mythos, and with the exception of the characters' names, all of them are nothing like their video game counterparts. In fact, a clip in You Tube demonstrates how badly things would go if actual "fighting game physics" were injected into the movie. Go and check this spoof commercial out:

Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li "Fighting Clip"

Poor Kristin got beat down... it's too much.