Thursday, June 30, 2011

Movie Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

When the first Transformers film was released in 2007, I was flabbergasted and ranting ravely like a kid again, amazed at the prospect that one of the cartoons/ toy franchises I grew up with finally made the leap into the big screen. It wasn't a perfect adaptation of course, but the initial concept remained the same, and apparently Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg delivered on their promise to make the "Robots in Disguise" a kick ass movie and spawn it into a lucrative franchise. However, when 2009's Revenge of the Fallen came along, it was met with mixed to almost downright negative reactions from critics and audiences alike, which is understandable considering the presence of eyesore characters and a plot that was clustered around like crazy. Simply put, the movie universe wasn't exactly cut from the same cloth as Generation 1, but it fared well enough in the box office to make millions of dollars in ticket sales, coming to the point that another sequel would be made, and it would be Bay's last foray in the franchise.

When it was first announced, Transformers: Dark of the Moon certainly sounded like a strange way to name a movie (why not "Dark Side of the Moon"?), but after watching the final product, it all makes sense why it was given the title. Without going much into spoilers this early, I can say that the third "Bayformers" was aptly named, and lives up to the director's promise that it will be a lot "darker" than his previous two outings with the Autobots and Decepticons. After the jump, take note that it will be SPOILERVILLE from here on out, so if you plan to watch the movie with a clean conscience, come back and read this review after you've seen it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rurouni Kenshin/ Samurai X Live Action Film Confirmed!

Recently reported by Sankaku Complex and Anime News Network, it appears that Nobuhiro Watsuki's epic Manga/ Anime series Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X in the US) is FINALLY getting the live action movie treatment in Japan! To be directed by Otomo Keishi, the film will also be produced and distributed by Warner Bros. Japan, and for an epic series like this, proper detail and attention like this should be rightfully given!

Kamen Rider-Den-O Opening

Cast in the titular role is Takeru Satoh, a familiar face to those who hop the Japanese live-action/ toksatsu series scene, as he's better known as Nogami Ryotaro from Kamen Rider Den-O! Above is the intro to the series, and below is a clip of him in character as Ryotaro. Take a look at it and see why I think he's a great casting choice for the role of Kenshin Himura!

Takeru Satoh as Nogami Ryotarou in Kamen Rider Den-O

He'll act like "Oro" Kenshin perfectly alright! In the article posted by ANN, the 22 year old Satoh even expresses his amusement over getting the role, being a fan of the series since elementary school and stating that it the manga "his generation grew up with". He's currently undergoing intensive sword training this month, and production for the film is slated to start this July, with a release date sometime in 2012. Can't wait for more news on this, and word is that this may even spawn into a film franchise! For more info, visit the source posts at Sankaku Complex or Anime News Network!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Update: Shots of the new Wayne Manor! has a post featuring shots of the new Wayne Manor being filmed on location at Wollaton Hall, Nottingham for Christopher Nolan's third Batman epic, "The Dark Knight Rises". According to sources, a good part of the film will take place in Bruce Wayne's newly rebuilt family home, and there's even a location near the manor that was briefly shown in Batman Begins, but will play a more focused part in TDKR. It's a slight SPOILER to those who want to avoid any info regarding the new Batsequel, so I won't reveal what it is here. Instead, you can check out the source post at for more info, pics, and details.

The Dark Knight Rises will show in theaters July 20, 2012

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Goddamn Batman, ToyCon, and the Back2Beatdown Tournament...

Two weekends ago on June 18 and 19, I attended the 10th Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention. It was an exhilarating experience, chalk full of fellow hobbyists and like minded individuals who share the passion of collecting and gathered to trade and showoff their collections to one another. Cosplaying was the other main highlight of the show, and for both days I went on ahead and took on the challenge of cosplaying as my childhood comic book hero - Batman. To say that the "Goddamn Batman" attended both days by himself and alongside the Justice League is an achievement on its own, and I had loads of fun checking out toys, comics, games, and other goodies while I scurried around three halls as the Caped Crusader.

The folks at Back2Gaming have a feature on a their "Back2Beatdown" fighting game tournament of which I participated in on Day One... dressed as the Goddamn Batman. Playing Super Street Fighter IV on their Xbox 360 set up at the B2G/ GameOps booth, I went through numerous challengers and battles just to make it to the finals, and what was initially just entering a tourney in ToyCon for fun turned into a full fledged victory... Clad as The Dark Knight for that matter! You can check out the feature article here as written by my pal Billy. Additionally, I participated on their recent podcast session about the ToyCon, which you can find here or download via this link!

For more details about my adventure and the ToyCon itself can be found at my other blog, which includes the first part of my video coverage, so be sure to check it out when you can!

DC Comics reveals the full newly redesigned look of the Justice League.

Jim Lee's picture of the fully redesigned look of the Justice League of America leaked and broke all over the comic news spectrum, as sites like Newsarama and Comic Book Resources have featured it in their respective websites. You can take a look at the full pic below, which is the spred cover to issue # 2 of the soon to be relaunched Justice League series.

Penny for your thoughts? We've already seen the new lineup's look before courtesy of the cover to issue #1 when the DC Comics Reboot was first announced, but this is the first time we're actually seeing the entire league's redesign from head to toe, as they stand together tall and proud. Also, you get to see other prominent DC characters who may be additional members to this new iteration of DC's superpowered team. For more info, visit Newsarama and CBR!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens Update: New Theatrical poster and Trailer #3!

A new poster and trailer have surfaced for Iron Man film director Jon Favreau's upcoming western sci-fi adventure "Cowboys and Aliens"! As you can see above, the poster highlights the main stars of the upcoming movie, namely Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde. As for the new trailer, it's a tad shorter than the previous two, but it does shed more light on what audiences can expect from th flick come end of next month! Check it out via the embedded player below!

Cowboys and Aliens Trailer #3

Cowboys and Aliens duke it out in theaters this July 29th!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Look: DC Reboot's Flash #1 cover!

While I do have my reservations about the impending DC Reboot, there's no denying that I still love good artwork when I see it. That's exactly what artist Francis Manapul provides here with this first look at the cover to the newly relaunched first issue of "The Flash". Along with the rest of the DC Universe's heroes post Flashpoint, Barry Allen will be getting a new #1 title and a newly redesigned costume, which looks very 90's inspired and has traces of Wally West's costume design as well. This is one of the few reboot adjustments I don't mind, but seeing as how years of continuity are going to literally go down the drain with many titles, it's still hard coming to terms with the inevitable relaunch in a few months time. Still, if you're a Flash fan, here's something new to look forward to. For more info, check out DC's The Source blog and Comic Book Resources!

The Flash #1 races into comic stores along with the rest of the new DC titles come September!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Captain America Update: Second official trailer debuts!

After debuting with the new poster just a few hours ago, Yahoo! Movies has followed up with the Captain America: The First Avenger updates by releasing the full length second trailer for the movie! You can check it out below courtesy of You Tube!

Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer #2!

Excited yet? It's month to go before the movie hits theaters, and we all can't wait for it!

Captain America: The First Avenger charges into theaters on July 22!

Happy 20th Birthday, Sonic The Hedgehog!

20 years ago, a blue and "way past cool" hedgehog came into my video game life and filled my Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive days with fun and awesomeness. I'll never forget the first time I held up that black controller with a D-Pad and three buttons and took this game for a spin (literally). It played very much like Nintendo's own Super Mario Bros. being that it was a side-scrolling game and the main character hopped and attacked enemies, but it had its own unique dynamic in the sense that speed was your friend and you collected rings that served as your "life bar". The fun factor, simplicity, and melodic soundtrack of this game proved to be very much addicting, and I wasn't surprised that it went on to become a flagship title for the 16-bit system during the "Console War" years, eventually spawning a franchise that has endured to this very day.

Sonic 20th Anniversary "Sonic Generations" Trailer

Yes my friends, Sega's very own Sonic The Hedgehog turns the big 20 already, and throughout the ups and downs of his career in gaming, I'm glad the character has endured and provided a legacy for gamers old and new to experience and appreciate. With a new title called "Sonic: Generations" due to be released soon to commemorate the blue hero's two decade history, I can only hope it succeeds and put the hedgehog back in the spotlight. Cheers to you Sonic!

Captain America Update: New Poster debuts via Yahoo!

Yahoo! Movies has released this stunning new poster for Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment's next summer blockbuster superhero film, Captain America: The First Avenger! It's a simple yet patriotic sideview shot of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/ Captain America, unmasked, standing headstrong with his iconic shield, and ready to face any dangers that lie before him, with the American flag flipping just behind him in a sunset background. You can check a bigger image of this poster as well as other new stills via the source post at Yahoo! Movies! Also, the new trailer is expected to be online soon, so check back for updates on that!

Captain America: The First Avenger fights his way into theaters July 22!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - Linkin Park "Iridescent" Music Video

A week left until it premieres in international territories, the marketing drive for Michael Bay's third and final Tranformers flick, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, has reached hyped up proportions and reminding us that the end of the trilogy is at hand. From the release of Hasbro's toy merchandise to the gossip and news from media outlets that Megan Fox was fired by Bay because of Steven Spielberg, there's little reason not to be informed or aware that the robots in disguise are returning to the big screen in a few days, and it'll be available in both conventional theaters and 3D.

As per custom for the TF movies, the official soundtrack has been released well before the movie comes to theaters. Headlining the album again is American rock band sensation Linkin Park, who return with a ballad song called "Iridescent", a song "which speaks about hope amidst chaos and sadness" according to the official Wiki. Unlike "What I've Done" and "New Divide", this song feels more appropriate to the "serious theme" the third TF movie is conveying to audiences (chaos and hope), and I find it more catchy as I listen to it more and more. You can check out the music video below, which has its share of scenes and stills from the upcoming movie, as well as Linkin Park dressed in fashionable attire, mirroring what they're trying to project with their new song.

Linkin Park - Iridescent

For extras, here's a behind the scenes look at the creation of the Music Video:

Linkin Park - Behind The Scenes of "Iridescent"

Transformers: Dark of the Moon invades theaters internationally on June 29, and on the US July 1st.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SPOILER: Death Of Spider-Man is as real as it gets in Ultimate Spider-Man #160...

Looks like writer Brian Michael Bendis wasn't kidding around when he called his latest Ultimate Spider-Man story arc "Death of Spider-Man", and and Newsarama just supplied the news AND POTENTIAL SPOILERS to fans and readers of the title. If you don't want to find out what exactly the final fate of Peter Benjamin Parker in the Ultimate Universe is, best turn your eyes away from this read now. Otherwise, browse through after the big ol' jump button.

Batman Arkham City Update: Meet Tim Drake... aka Robin!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios have revealed a third playable character for their upcoming Batman videogame sequel "Batman: Arkham City", and it's none other than the Dark Knight's partner - Robin! Specifically, it's Tim Drake - the third person to take on the mantle and identity of the Boy Wonder, and he comes equipped with his trademark bo staff which he made his signature weapon when the character debuted in comics in the late 80's. Via Newsarama, here's a look at Robin as he appears in Arkham City:

Honestly, he looks more like Chris O'Donnell's Dick Grayson/ Robin from "Batman Forever", or heck even rapper/ singer Eminem than Tim Drake here. Anyway, he'll be appearing like this in Arkham City, as a third playable character in the game's challenge mode. The character will specifically be made available via Best Buy's "Tim Drake Robin" challenge pack when you pre-order the game from them. Also included are two challenge map levels - "Black Mask Hideout" and "Freight Train Escape". Additionally, players will also have the option to switch Tim's look to his current identity of "Red Robin" via an additional skin. For more info, check out the source post at Newsarama!

Batman: Arkham City swings into Xbox 360, PS3, and PC come October and Wii U on 2012!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Captain America Update: New "Behind The Shield" Featurette!

Via a post in Screen Rant and first seen in Norton's Facebook page, a new "Behind The Shield" featurette has been posted, given people a slightly detailed behind the scenes look at Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment's upcoming superhero flick, Captain America: The First Avenger! Besides teasing small things about the movie, this short documentary takes a look at the cast and crew of the film, as well as Marvel's own staff, as they discuss the importance of Captain America as a character and how symbolic his shield has become to fans and readers the world over.! You can check out the clip via the embedded You Tube vid below, or visit the source post at Screen Rant for more detailed reading!

Captain America: The First Avenger "Behind The Shield" Featurette!

Captain America: The First Avenger throws his mighty shield on July 22!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jamiroquai releases a new free single - "Smile"

It's no secret to peeps that know me that I'm a big fan of the British Jazz Funk group Jamiroquai. Ever since I first listened to their brand of Acid Jazz music with 1995's "Virtual Insanity" from their third album "Travelling Without Moving", the group's been on my listening radar through and through. Over the years, the band has seen various changes to their style of music and even new members in their roster, but their vocalist and leader Jay Kay still remains a constant in the group. Recently, the band has released a new free downloadable single called "Smile" via SoundCloud. The new track harkens back to their days playing slow and smooth Acid Jazz tracks. It's readily available to listen to and download via this link, but you can also check out the song via this embedded video courtesy of You Tube!

Jamiroquai New Single - "Smile"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Captain America Update: New stills and relaunched movie site!

Marvel Entertainment and Paramount Pictures have released 11 new images for their next upcoming superhero movie release, Captain America: The First Avenger. In addition to seeing more stills of Bucky, Dr. Erskine, and Dum Dum Dugan, fans also get to see a new and real close up shot of Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull! Also, the official site has undergone a relaunch, and new stuff can be checked out there. Be sure to visit it via this link, and check more movie stills via the source post at!

Captain America: The First Avenger charges into theaters on July 22!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Conan The Barbarian Red Band Trailer

Via Screen Rant, a new "Red Band" trailer for "Conan The Barbarian" has hit the interwebz, and prepares viewers for "Crom and Glory" as this remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger's seminal 1982 muscle man warrior flick of the same name gets ready to invade theaters this August. Check out the video below for the restricted viewing trailer!

Conan The Barbarian Red Band Trailer

Jason Mamoa of "Game of Thrones" fame sure has big boots to fill, but this is looks like an interesting popcorn flick to catch once it arrives in theaters. For more info and details, visit the source post at Screen Rant!

Conan The Barbarian unleashes his strength and savagery come August 19!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Movie Review: Green Lantern

After honoring an oath of silence and seeing advanced screenings of film twice in two distinguished premieres earlier this week, words can be said about DC Comics and Warner Bros. latest superhero movie, Green Lantern. Being a fan of the character and comics myself, my initial reactions to the film adaptation of one of the world's most beloved comic book heroes can now be told, and it will certainly be a very detailed and biased review. SPOILERS are here obviously, so if you're looking to shy away from them, best turn away now. Otherwise, step into the world of green energy and harness as much willpower as you can to read through my analysis of this new hero flick and get an idea of just who the man with the power ring is. Thanks again goes to Warner Bros. PH for the movie screenings!

"In Brightest Day. In Blackest Night.
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight.
Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might...
Beware My Power... Green Lantern's Light!"

- The Green Lantern Oath

Thursday, June 16, 2011

X-Men Divide and Reform into Two Teams in "Regenesis" come October!

After the events of the X-Men storyline "Schism" conclude and Uncanny X-Men ends with issue #544 on September, a (predictable) reboot will ensue and we will see the birth of two new X-Men comic series come October - namely Wolverine and the X-Men #1 and Uncanny X-Men #1!

Obviously, the split after schism is very real, with Wolverine will be leading his own team of merry mutants (with the new book taking its name after the 2008 animated series "Wolverine and the X-Men"), while Scott Summers/ Cyclops builds his own group in the relaunched "Uncanny X-Men" series. It's not known who's going to who's roster thus far, but the poster above seems to hint (or mislead) us at who will be at Wolverine's team or Cyclops' team. Safe bet is by the time Schism ends, we'll know what the full rosters of both will be.

Overall, it's very reminiscent of the Avengers split after Civil War (with New Avengers and Mighty Avengers), and we'll see a rivalry form between the two teams I bet. For more insight and info on the story, visit the source pots at or Newsarama!

One Realistic Iron Man Mark I Suit Brought To Life!

Remember all those moments when people tried to cosplay and do Tony Stark's epic looking Mark I Iron Man suit from "Iron Man"? Well, this Chinese guy named Wang Xiao Kang just topped the lot of them with this REALISTIC LOOKING Mark I suit that truly captures the entire look and feel of the Mark I suit w/o special effects! As featured in Technabub, Crunch Gear and You Tube, check out the awesome piece of metal junk and scrap pieced into an awesome caricature armor, weighing 110 pounds and with a working LED Arc Reactor in action!

Ultra Realistic Iron Man "Mark I" suit in action!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Captain America Update: USO costume revealed!

Anyone wanting to avoid SPOILERS best shy away from this post, because it spoils a significant nod to the comics that Captain America: The First Avenger is based on! With just a month away until the film's release, purists who don't want to know what the USO costume is can stop reading now. Otherwise, take a look and see a classic look get the movie treatment!

Via a post at Screen Rant, an image of Chris Evans dressed in Captain America's original comic book look has made its way online and is confirmed to appear in the film. It's kinda ironic to say this, but I feel it looks a lot more goofier than the actual movie costume he uses in the field. While I initially had my misgivings about the changes, I can see why Marvel Studios and the film's makers decided to overhaul Cap's suit and make it "realistic" for his battles during WWII. I can't see Steve Rogers running around in that get up unless he's willing to eat bullets and take in seconds, so I guess this is more of a nod to fans like us who appreciated the "classic cap" look in the comics rather than being implemented full time in "The First Avenger". That's not to say that Cap won't be getting a costume upgrade after he wakes up in the modern age either. As confirmed by Evans himself and through the recent reveal of the promotional merchandise poster, Cap will be getting another makeover come the time of "The Avengers", so it's a safe bet he'll be looking more "Ultimate Cap" than "Regular Cap". For more on the story, visit the source post at Screen Rant!

Captain America: The First Avenger throws his mighty shield into theaters come July 22!

The Avengers Update: New promo merchandising poster revealed!

Blogged over at the interwebz and posted for analysis over at Screen Rant, a promotional merchandising poster for Marvel Studios' upcoming 2012 superhero team flick "The Avengers" was shown at this year's Licensing International Expo over at Los Angeles. The poster pretty much tells us the line-up that will be appearing in the movie, as well as giving us a look at the possible costumes worn by Clint Barton/ Hawkeye, (Jeremy Renner) and Steve Rogers/ Captain America (Chris Evans) when the latter gets revived in the modern era. There's a complete and solid read at Screen Rant's post if you'd want to dissect and analyze the poster and the characters in it, so visit the source link at SR for more details!

The Avengers assemble and make their way into theaters May 4, 2012!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Green Lantern Update: Create your own Green Lantern!

While visiting the official Green Lantern website, I stumbled upon this "Green Lantern Creator" link that allows you to make your very own GL Corps member! Customization however is severely limited, and you can only mix and match body parts of established alien Green Lanterns (sorry fans, no Hal Jordan/ Human type for you to exploit with). Still, the prospect of making your own GL is kinda fun, and after you finish the deed, you can download your creation on Facebook or as a desktop wallpaper! Check out what I did!

Yeah, it's Stel's head attached with the body of a regular GL, and the name's an obvious reference to a certain Autobot leader, but I liked how it also references my name somewhat. Anyhoo, it's also fun to tinker around with this just as Green Lantern week heats up, so visit the official GL website to check this out and some more goodies!

Green Lantern lights up theaters everywhere this June 16!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jon Favreau and RDJ Talk Avengers and Iron Man 3!

This past weekend at the Hero Complex Film Festival, Iron Man star and Tony Stark actor Robert Downey Jr. made a surprise appearance at the show, joining his former director and the festival's esteemed guest Jon Favreau for a Q & A session that the duo answered for the people in attendance. They talked mostly about Iron Man I and II's creative process, and later on delved into Marvel's upcoming 2012 blockbuster superhero team up film Avengers, as well as giving some of their own thoughts about Iron Man 3 and its new director Shane Black as well, whom RDJ has worked with before in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Via Superherohype, here are videos captured by a person in attendance and uploaded in You Tube for peeps online to see!

Jon Favreau and RDJ at the Hero Complex Film Festival! Part I

Jon Favreau and RDJ at the Hero Complex Film Festival! Part II

The Avengers is slated for a May 2012 release, while Iron Man 3 flies into theaters on the same month the following year!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Captain America Update: Slick retro poster unveiled!

With just over a month to go before it appears in theaters, Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment have released this slick and neat looking "retro poster" for Captain America: The First Avenger, featuring the entire cast in a "World War II" style campaign movie type one sheet!

This impressive one sheet only appears as an exclusive to member's of the film's crew, and those attending Hero Complex's Film Festival can win a copy of it as well. The design pays tribute to Captain America Comics #1, showing Cap punching the lights out of Adolf Hitler, as illustrated by talented artist Paolo Rivera! For more on the poster as well as details on the Hero Complex Film Festival (which is rumored to have the NEW Cap trailer debut in it), check out the source posts at SuperHeroHype and Hero Complex!

Captain America: The First Avenger barges into theaters with shield in hand come July 22!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

DC Reboot Changes: The Superman Titles...

Alright, I know there's a line divided between people's opinions about DC Comics' imminent reboot come September, and everyone's entitled to their own opinions. However, since I'm a bonafide "Post-Crisis" reader and one who grew up appreciating certain characters retaining classic looks and costumes, I wasn't expecting EVERY HERO to get a mandatory update in their fashion wear. Case in point, Superman himself and his circle undergoes the reboot and revision treatment, and while I'm thankful he still has the overall red, yellow, and blue and basic S Shield, I am not pleased with the "90's Renaissance" styled makeover. Again, this is just me voicing my own concerns, and regardless of what I think, these changes will happen. Let's take a look at the Superman titles revealed as posted in DC The Source and Newsarama.

Action Comics #1 presents us with a very SIMPLE LOOK of the Superman costume. It's basically a S T-Shirt with a short cape, and he's wearing Farmer's pants and clothes. I guess this symbolizes his "very first outing" as Superman in the title, reintroducing us to his origin where he doesn't have a complete costume to go and kick ass with. Thankfully, the writing duties will be handled by the legendary Grant Morrison (Batman, All-Star Superman), and illustrated by Rag Morales. This one is ok in my book so far, but I can't say the same for the other big Supes book.

Superman #1, written by the legend George Perez and illustrated by Jesus Merino, is one book I'm trying to find some a shred of optimism in. First off, the new costume bothers me, and as a friend of mine best described it, it feels like "overaccessorizing" the Man of Steel too much. The lines and futuristic weren't necessary, and it looks like a concept straight from "Reign of the Supermen". Possibly they did this to emphasize his Kryptonian roots, but it makes me miss the classic look all the more. The solicit also states a new "status quo" that will affect Superman's circle. Supposedly it may refer to him being single again, but that's expected already.

I don't know what to make of Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl. I've long appreciated, admired, and loved the look created and illustrated by the late great Michael Turner, and this change is hard to appreciate. However, a lot of people seem to take to it, save for the holes in the knee pad area. Given that Power Girl is nowhere to be found as of the moment, I surmise that Kara and Karen have merged to form the rebooted Supergirl. I may be wrong, but her smile echoes PG a lot. Supergirl #1 will be written by the duo of Michael Green and Mike Johnson, with art duties falling to Mahmud Asrar.

Ah Superboy, I hardly knew ye. So many changes to the look of Conner Kent over the years, and just when I already settle down with the modern "Black TBold-Shirt and jeans" look, here comes the reboot and, as a dear friend put it, a very "Ghost in the Shell" design. I dunno if I can adjust to these changes, but maybe some will be more open to this than I am. Superboy #1 will be written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by R.B. Silva and Rob Lean.

Well, there you have it with the Superman titles. I'm getting more discouraged by what I see, but I'm trying my darn best to be optimistic about these changes. The company's co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee have ushered in a new age which will certainly alienate fans of the classic looks and origins, but it will definitely entice new readers into the new DC Universe. I can only wish the best at this point. For more, visit the source posts at DC The Source and Newsarama.

Friday, June 10, 2011 First Look: Steve Rogers returns as Captain America in Fear itself #4

As seen via, here's the one page preview from the pages of Fear Itself #4, showing the one true Captain America, Steve Rogers, returning to the role after the events of previous issue. You can check out more pages from

Fear Itself #4 makes it's way to comic shops come July 20.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Uncanny X-Men ends in October...

Looks like Marvel's following DC's lead (again) by ending one of their signature books and hinting at the possibility of a reboot...

As posted in Newsarama and, this October will see the end of Uncanny X-men, with the long running series capping off when issue #544 hits comic stores and retailers that month. Obviously it has something to do with the fallout of Schism, the new X-event and storyline that ends around that time and acts as the X-men's version of Civil War, with Cyclops and Wolverine standing on divided fronts and duking it out. The cover also shows a disappointed Cyclops walking off the distance, with a big X on the background showing the original 5 members of the X-men (including Cyke himself) in it. No other info is attached in the teaser other than stating that it's "The Final Issue". For more info on the story, visit Newsarama and

Oh yeah, I smell reboot again, and numbering no longer seems to be an important factor in comics. Gone are days...

Tekken Hybrid unleashes a great combo pack!

Seeing this over at Kotaku, I can just imagine and feel the excitement building up for Tekken fans waiting for this package! Bandai Namco is going to grace its fanbase with a combo release like no other: Tekken Hybrid! This special edition Blu-Ray disc will include the 3D release of the CG animated movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance, and will also deliver some High Definition nostalgic gaming in the rereleased for of Tekken Tag Tournament HD! Check out the trailer and see for yourselves how awesome this package is going to be... and it's exclusive to PS3!

Tekken Hybrid E3 2011 Trailer!

Tekken Hybrid unleashes itself to PS3 and Blu-Ray player owners come November!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DC Reboot Misgivings...

While the DC Reboot news continues to make waves and shock viewers with its announcements, I can't help but feel more disappointed with most of my favorite characters undergoing unnecessary changes, case in point being members of the Bat-Family. While Bruce Wayne is going back to patrolling Gotham as its one and only Dark Knight, his proteges are a different story. Some have regressed back to roles that were once highlights of their career, while others have simply established new trends in their status quo. I don't know if that will work for the most part, but you'd best take a look for yourselves what I mean...

First up, Dick Grayson returns to the role that he established for himself and made iconic: Nightwing. While I have no problems about seeing Dick back in this guise, I can't say I won't be missing his tenure as Batman II. He did pretty well there, and even if Damien Wayne remains as Robin alongside Bruce, the dynamic won't be the same... EVER. Heck, I'm surprised they coughed up this "new" getup for him... It just doesn't look or feel right. If there's one thing about the DC Reboot I can say, it's "never change what already works", and they get minus points for this look for Grayson.

WHAT? BARBARA GORDON WALKS AGAIN?! I mean I loved her as Batgirl and all... BUT SHE BECAME BETTER AND A MORE EMPOWERED WOMAN BECAUSE OF HER TENURE AS ORACLE! This is so wrong on so many levels, and even one writer via Newsarama voiced out her disappointment over this big change in continuity. Barbara should have remained as Oracle through and through, and heck, there's Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown who can take up the mantle of Batgirl! What happens to them now? I'm afraid to find out the answer to my own question.

That... is... RED ROBIN!? Tim Drake turned over the Kingdom Come costume for THIS?! Again, I cannot express my disappointment, and even the other Teen Titans seem to be experiencing a "90's renaissance makeover" with the changes effected by DC. No words can be said here.

I guess the only one to come out decent and fair is Jason Todd. At least he gets to stick on as Red Hood and team up together with Arsenal and Starfire! Wonder how that happened, but I guess DC wants to redeem these guys and give them roles in their rebooted universe.

With the negatives outweighing the positives, I can't say I'm too happy with what I'm seeing here for the DC Reboot. There's a lot here to make me pack my bags and finally retire from my DC Comic collection, but I'll just have to give it the benefit of the doubt for now and see why these changes were enacted. I'm holding my breath here. This is worse than Spider-Man's One More Day storyline altogether, and speaking of that storyline's repercussions, a certain Man of Steel could become single again.

For more on these stories, visit DC The Source. I'm still having a hard time accepting this reboot as reality...

UPDATE: This spoof video comes to mind regarding my feelings.

E3 Update: Nintendo reveals their new console: The Wii U

The Nintendo E3 Press Conference just wrapped up, and in the mess of updates comes our first glimpse at their newest gaming system: The Wii U. Formerly known under the alias of "Project Cafe", this new entry into the long history of the company's list of consoles will add new features in the form of better graphics and touch screen capabilities. While it certainly speaks volumes about what gamers can expect from Nintendo's next system in the near future, it's new "controller" is a different matter in itself.

Here it is. The new Wii U controller with a touch screen on it. I kinda miss the simplicity of the Wiimote though. Pics and short info are via the keynotes from Kotaku. There's more info to come, so check out the site every now and then.

UPDATE: IGN has posted a Graphics Demo Video of the Wii U. Check it out and see what the new system can offer visually.

SILLY UPDATE: Kotaku featured this... AND IT MAKES SENSE!XD LOL!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3 Update: The Playstation Vita Revealed

With the Sony E3 Press Conference wrapped up and lots of announcements made (including a 3D TV and more games to look forward to), the once named PSP2/ NGP has finally been given an official name - The Playstation Vita! Sure, it may take some time getting used to the new name that sounds like a mineral water product or a past Microsoft product, but it's even stellar to know that this baby packs a punch in graphics and has touch screen capabilities! What's more, it'll cost $300 dollars for the 3G unit, and $250 for the wifi only unit upon release! More details can be read on Kotaku, but you can expect Vita, which means "life", to hit the global market come fall this year. Check out the official E3 trailer below, courtesy of Sony!

Playstation Vita E3 Trailer

I'm excited for Sony's newest portable gaming device. SF X Tekken is making it's way to this system!

UPDATE: You can check out pics of the PSVita via Kotaku here!

DC Comics unleashes more Batman reboot books!

Following the previous post's news, Looks like Detective Comics #1 and Batman #1 won't be the only batbooks coming out of the DC reboot phase, as there are two additional titles added to the roster readers can expect this September: Batman and Robin #1, and Batman: The Dark Knight #1. Via The Source, we get a glimpse and good look at these books and what they have to offer to readers of the Caped Crusader.

In Batman and Robin #1, written by Peter Tomasi and illustrated by Pat Gleason, Bruce Wayne/ Batman will team up with his son, Damien, as they protect the streets of Gotham as Batman and Robin!

Sadly, this means there's two brooding vigilantes now, and since Dick Grayson won't be Batman anymore, no reverse of the Dynamic Duo combination either. I'm gonna miss Dick Bats all the more...

The other new book, Batman: The Dark Knight #1, will be helmed by David Finch will write and illustrate Bruce Wayne's alter ego as he explores the innards of Arkham Asylum! Collaborating with Finch on pencils will be Jay Fabok, so expect more dynamic illustrations with the new book!

Still feeling mighty detached because of continuity concerns, but I guess I'll look out for these soon. For more info, visit DC's official blog post at The Source.

Batman and Robin #1 and Batman: The Dark Knight #1 will be out with the rest of the DC Reboot wave this September.

Monday, June 6, 2011

DC Comics reveals Batman #1 and Detective Comics #1!

The recent news of DC Comics rebooting their entire continuity was both a shocker and disappointment to most comic book readers out there, including myself. The fact that FLASHPOINT's outcome will spell the end of certain storylines and established continuities leaves a bitter taste for the dedicated fanbase, and I find myself mourning the loss of certain books, including that of a certain Dark Knight.

However, I can't deny the fact that I am somewhat excited with the reboot of a certain character I've come to love and respect over the years... And that is none other than DC Comics' one and only dark detective, The Batman.

Yes folks, DC Comics has officially revealed the covers and details for their relaunch of Batman #1 and Detective Comics #1! As posted in DC's The Source Blog, the two original books solely dedicated to the Caped Crusader will join the reboot list, and reveals that Bruce Wayne will be THE ONE AND ONLY Batman once more (so long Batman Inc. It was fun while it lasted. *sad face*)

In the first Batman #1 since 1930, Scott Snyder will team up with new artist Greg Capullo, as they chronicle the adventures of the one and only Batman, Bruce Wayne!

In the new Detective Comics #1, Tony Daniel will pull off double duty once again, bringing Batman to life anew as he tracks down a serial killer known only as the Gotham Ripper!

Ok, I guess I'm looking forward to the reboot after all! As long as it's Batman, I'm all for it! For more info, visit the source post at DC The Source!

Batman #1 and Detective Comics #1 find their way to comic book shops and retailers this September!

E3 Update: Check out "Journey"...

Via Kotaku, I was treated to this visually stunning clip of "Journey", an upcoming game developed by Thatgamecompany that's due to hit the PS3. Spectacularly beautiful to behold.

Journey E3 Clip

I get a feeling of Prince of Persia/ ICO meets Okami meets SSX. I think I like it.

Rumor: The NGP official name is PSVITA?

E3 is underway, and even before Sony gets on with their Press Conference for the show, a lot of rumors are flying in the interwebz already. One such rumor is the official name for their Next Generation Portable system (The NGP, or formerly known as the PSP2). According to a post from Kotaku and via NeoGaf, Sony has trademarked the name "PSVITA" with the Trademarks and Designs Registation Office of the Europen Union as of June 6. It has yet to be unveiled, but the logo image has spilled online and you can see it above, making it most likely that this is THE new name for Sony's new portable gaming system. More updates will come of course when the Sony E3 Press Con comes, so for more on this rumor story, visit Kotaku and NeoGaf.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Superman Reboot Update: First Official Photo Revealed!

Movie news blog site Movietimez has featured the first official photo from Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot flick of the Superman film franchise, Man of Steel! In it, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams are seen for the first time as Clark Kent and Lois Lane, sharing an awkward moment that has the Superman's civilian self placing eyeglasses on his fellow Daily planet reporter and love interest! For more info, check out the source post at Movietimez!

The Man of Steel is expected to fly into theaters by December 2012!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Movie Review: X-Men: First Class

Simple. Effective. Astonishing.

These words epitomize what could be described as the greatest prequel, possible reboot, and much needed jumpstarter of a comic book film franchise full of potential and stories to exploit. Despite the ups and downs it has generated with the four films it has amassed over the years, there's no denying that the X-Men movies are some of the boldest and greatest works in film history which I have had the privilege of viewing since it all started back in 1999. True, it all boils down to the people behind the project, most notably scriptwriters like David Hayter and the careful and crafty hands of a director like Bryan Singer, but when Singer packed his bags and left the X-Franchise to direct Superman Returns, a void was left wide open for 20th Century Fox to fill as the pressure and demand for more sequels opened up. Matthew Vaughn was initially brought in as a replacement, but after only making some casting choices, he soon dropped out due to family concerns and the fact that time constraints wouldn't produce the movie he wanted. Rush Hour director Brett Ratner filled that gap, and soon Fox released the lukewarm X-Men: The Last Stand to complete the trilogy with mixed reactions from the fanbase in general. A few years later, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released, a spin-off vehicle for Hugh Jackman's character of Wolverine would explore the origins of the feral mutant, only for the Gavin Hood directed film to receive mixed reactions as well, with fans lamenting on how the once mighty X-Men franchise has fallen from the good to the obscure.

All that changes now. Like I said, X-Men: First Class is that game changer the franchise needed to turn the tide and bring it back into the halls of praise and worship fans will so definitely line into. Helmed by Matthew Vaughn, with a returning Bryan Singer co-producing and co-writing the screenplay, this prequel movie redefines the timeless and somewhat analog tale of mutants for the new generation, and it works for the most part. The key elements here are storytelling and casting, and despite being a superhero movie this flick can be considered one of the best blends of both that I've ever seen.

Movie: X-Men: First Class

Starring: James McAvoy, MichaelFassbender, Rose Byrne, January Jones, Kevin Bacon

Directed By: Matthew Vaughn

Set primarily in the 1960's during the era of the Cold War, X-Men: First Class introduces audiences to a younger Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, whose origins are explored and destinies are intertwined as they face a common threat that will threaten the futures of both human and mutantkind. Growing up with the dream of meeting and uniting others like himself, Xavier believes in a peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans, while Lehnsherr reflects a darker upbringing wrought with tragedy, fear, and pain, foreshadowing his eventual path of pursuing a war between his race and normal people. Before all that transpires, these two unlikely individuals meet and become the best of friends, working together to stop a mad mutant with nuclear war ambitions alongside a ragtag band of mutants, thus forming a team that will come to be known in the future as "X-Men".

X-Men: First Class Theatrical Trailer

I have to say - the casting is literally perfect for this movie. James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Kevin Bacon stole the show for me right here, and their roles as Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, and Sebastian Shaw were priceless. I was expecially fond of Fassbender, who starred previously in movies like 300 and Jonah Hex. He played his part exceptionally well, and delivered the kind of intensity and anger necessary to portray the man who would eventually become Magneto. Heck, since the setting and many of his scenes in this movie shout "James Bond", the man could very well be a potential candidate for the franchise in the future. I was very impressed with his performance, and this film would serve well to catapult his career even further down the line. That's not to say that James McAvoy was overshadowed either. The "Shameless" and "Wanted" star also played a convincing young Charles Xavier, and he's got the demeanor and accent of the character down to a tee. The chemistry between these two bring the movie to life, which is only enhanced further by the rest of the cast starring in this movie. Oh, and Kevin Bacon's still got his chops for acting alright. His Sebastian Shaw may look more charming than intimidating, but that's the whole point behind his character, and he plays the part of a formidable antagonist well.

Story wise, I love how they crafted and managed to insert the early beginnings of mutant warfare into a 1960's setting and pay homage in turn to the James Bond movies of that era by adding a unique blend of espionage and technological wonder that goes well with all the mutant action the audience is craving for. Fans will be delighted (or disappointed) to see how some classic faces and devices from the X-Men's comic history are brought to life in this movie. I especially grew fond of the film's version of the Hellfire Club. Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Azazel, and Riptide make for one heck of a bad guy line-up, but that's not to say that the young and first class of X-Men are pushovers either. It's a good blend of energetic and talented youngsters, and besides Charles and Erik, we have Banshee, Beast, Havoc, and Mystique, and we see how they use and adapt to their powers through the course of the movie. While there may be some continuity issues, the film also does well to establish relationships and ties between these characters that were or were not explored in previous X-Films. Heck, you get to see one heck of a cameo in this movie, but it isn't a post credits scene. You'll get what I mean once you sit down and watch this from start to finish, and if you're an X-Men movie fan, you're definitely going to get a kick out of it.

Bottomline, X-Men: First Class is definitely a must see for the diehard fan or uninitiated. Despite being a superhero film in general, anybody looking for a straightforward movie to watch will be surprised to see the great production values and talents this movie has to offer. I may have been impressed by Thor a month ago, but this takes the cake, and could possibly be the best Marvel/ superhero flick, heck even one of THE BEST MOVIES OF 2011. If there was anyway to reinvigorate a franchise, Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer have certainly gotten the formula and overdid themselves here. Simply Astonishing.

Rating - 5/5

Friday, June 3, 2011

Movie Review: The Hangover Part II

The first Hangover movie was truly stupid comedy at its finest. Who would have thunk that a movie tackling on what happens after having too much to drink and getting doped up would make for good laughs and crazy stuff? It's a wacked up concept, but director Todd Phillips had every conceivable element for disaster and a great cast right up his sleeve, and he created a picture perfect film of hilariousness that was certainly worth the price of admission to see in theaters or a DVD. Racking up millions of dollars in return for its success, a sequel was definitely going to happen. The only question is this: How do you top a trip to Las Vegas where everything went wrong and shit hit the fan for the group of Stu, Phil, and Alan?

Simple Answer: You bring them to a country where shit hits the fan again after another hangover escapade, and all hell breaks loose once more!

Movie: The Hangover Part II

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Jamie Cheung, Mason Lee

Directed By: Todd Philips

Bradley Cooper/ Phil, Ed Helms/ Stu, and Zach Galifianakis/ Alan are back... And this time, they bring their wacky escapades to Bangkok City! Two years have passed since their infamous adventure to find their friend Doug (Justin Bartha) and get him to his wedding, and now it's Stu's turn to tie the knot with his new and lovely fiancee Lauren (Jamie Cheung). However, the ceremony will take place in Thailand. Initially, Alan wasn't invited to avoid all the trouble from last time, but a little coercion and pity changed Stu's mind at the last minute, and the "Wolfpack" was reunited once more. Much to Alan's dismay, they are joined by Lauren's youngest brother, Teddy (Mason Lee), a gifted student who studies at Stanford University. After a somewhat uneasy wedding reception, the friends invite a hesitant Stu and Teddy for a beer amidst campfire and marshmallows in the beach.

The Hangover Part II Trailer

Unfortunately, Phil, Stu, and Alan wake up the next morning with a major hangover(again), finding themselves in a worn down hotel room in Bangkok. Amidst the confusion, Stu soon finds himself with a tattoo on his face, and Alan's head is completely bald. The room also contains a severed finger, a chain-smoking monkey, and one familiar face: Gangster and old acquaintance Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong). Panicking and later finding out that Doug is fine and Teddy is missing, the trio are forced to relive the same nightmare (in a strange city this time) to find their friend and get back to a wedding in time.

What can I say? This movie is pure laugh trip on imbecilic proportions to the max! Everything I saw here certainly justifies an R-18 rating that best keep kids away, lest they be exposed to all the stupidity, vulgar language, sexual innuendos/ excounters, and explicit nudity the film displays throughout its one and a half hour run. That's not to say that the film doesn't make sense. There's a coherent plot to be had for the most part, though it is quickly overshadowed by deliberate dumb humor, thanks mostly to the antics and machinations of Zach Galifianakis' character of Alan, who has the mind of an 8-year old and genuinely doesn't realize that his actions are to blame for the entire mess the group is in. He's was literally the star of the show in the first movie, and he shines out here yet again in the sequel, but that's not to say his co-stars don't share time in the spotlight. Ed Helms' character of Stu gets the brunt of the impact after the hangover escapade... and I mean that in a literal sense. Bradley Cooper on the other hand barely gets his hands dirty, but he has his fair share of trouble to contend with as well. Also, it's a surprise to see some familiar faces returning for the sequel, especially Ken Jeong's character of Leslie Chow. That idiot is a ball of laughs and danger, and wait 'til you see where his daring personality gets him in the sequel.

Overall, I liked what I saw with "The Hangover Part II" despite it being a carbon copy of the first movie's plight set in a different country. The first movie was full of surprises and kept the audience guessing what kind of trouble the "Wolfpack" were walking into. Here, you already have an idea of what to expect as they desperately try to piece the events of the previous night together, albeit with new gags and stupid humor that will surely be a ball of laughs for audiences looking for fresh comedy to see in theaters. I'd recommend this for brainless fun, and certainly for those who enjoyed the first movie.

Rating - 4/5

Captain America Update: Three New Character Posters!

Via a post at Enewsi and posted first at Brazilian site CineMarcado, three new character posters have popped up for Marvel Studios' next 2011 superhero blockbuster flick, Captain America: The First Avenger! We get a better look at Chris Evans in Full Cap gear in one, while the other two show off Hugo Weaving and Hayley Atwell as The Red Skull and Peggy Carter, respectively.

Captain America: The First Avenger "Cap" Poster

For the other two character posters (and if you can't see the one above), visit the source posts at Enewsi and CineMarcado!

Captain America: The First Avenger blazes his way to theaters July 22!