Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Mystery Of Project Needle Mouse...

Back in September 2009, SEGA announced a new game in development that would be part of the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise and usher in the return of the "old school 2D platform gaming" that fans have long been asking for. Known only as by its codename "Project Needlemouse", no other details of the game have surfaced thus far with the exception a selected list of Sonic Characters that "may" appear in the game, as well as this trailer that debuted with last year's announcement, clearly showing something that's all too familiar to those who crave the need for speed.

Project: Needle Mouse Trailer

Clearly by the looks of things, we're seeing the makings of a possible another classic Sonic title, with the 2D Sidescrolling platforming action present and intact. Destructoid even has an article up that follows a rumor stating that this game may actually be "Sonic The Hedgehog 4", with fans from the Sonic Fan Community uncovering a newly registered URL - Only time can tell for certain whether this information holds up, and Sega has promised to reveal all by next week.

Here's crossing my fingers and hoping that we get old school way past cool Blue Hedgehog goodness soon!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Losers Trailer Is Here!

Comicbookresources and You Tube have unveiled the first official trailer of the Warner Bros. film adaptation of Andy Diggle's DC/ Vertigo Comic Book series, The Losers! Set for an April 9, 2010 release, this is a tale of a ragtag group of former U.S. Special Forces soldiers who are betrayed and forced into hiding, only to subsequently seek revenge against their former employers and a mysterious man known only as "Max". Headlining the cast are Zoe Saldana of Star Trek fame, Chris Evans, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and with a cast like that, this action packed movie is sure to be noticed later this summer!~ Check out the trailer, which has a very "Ocean's Eleven" and "A-Team" feel to it!

The Losers Trailer!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Comic Book Review: Captain America: Reborn #6

Finally, after months of unbearable wait and pain, the final issue of Captain America: Reborn is now in comic book stores everywhere. The mini chronicling Steve Rogers' return to life was originally a five issue limited series, but was extended by Marvel Comics to six as "the event was too big to contain on five issues only". The question is... was it worth the wait? With the end already a forgone conclusion and almost every other Marvel book heralding Steve back among their ranks, the surprise factor is pretty much absent at this point, and people already know the original Cap is back. However, what the faithful and those who stuck around til the end want to know is HOW he returned, and that is depicted in this final issue. Does the climax live up to its potential or does it "epic fail" itself miserably? Read on and find out.

Captain America: Reborn #6
Written By: Ed Brubaker
Illustrated By: Bryan Hitch & Butch Guice

Variant Covers By: John Cassaday and Joe Quesada

In the heart of Washington D.C, the battle between good and evil has reached its pinnacle. Deep within the recesses of his own mind, Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, wages a desperate war for control over his body and soul, currently possessed by his eternal rival, The Red Skull. In the real world, the Skull has overpowered the new Captain America, Bucky Barnes, and his forces are slowly overwhelming the rest of the Avengers, who are fighting a desperate fight to free Cap and his compatriots. Knowing the odds are against them tenfold, Steve and his allies still fight on, determined to win at all costs no matter what happens. By the time everything is said and done, the legacy of Captain America will be decided, and whether Steve Rogers will be the same or not remains to be seen.

After six issues of time travel nonsense and mind exchanging goop, this was the ending we get?

Honestly, I really dig Ed Brubaker and all, but this has to be one of the weakest ideas and wrap ups for a Captain America story throughout his time with the character. I tried giving the whole thing a chance, but let's be honest here - If this wasn't a Cap book, I wouldn't be around to see this series to the end. The whole point was to just bring Steve Rogers back, and to have an end result like this just doesn't justify a six issue mini that doesn't have firm substance to grasp and appreciate. I wouldn't be one to judge a book by its cover, but the feeling I got the entire time with Cap Reborn is that it tried too hard and too much to be Mark Millar's "The Ultimates", and add to the fact that Bryan Hitch is the artist on board, that's too much of a coincidence already. It just didn't work out for me, and to have an ending that shouts cliche all over it makes me feel things could have ended in a better light. Not to spoil those who are anxious to read this book, but everything is sorta deja vu with Millar's Ultimate wackiness and 80's crossovers, and those concepts have already come to pass that to bring Captain America back in a similar manner is such a waste of time and potential. So many characters were underused and out of proportion, and to serve up a narrative that felt more like one of those animated Marvel movies is not what you'd call the epic comeback of the century. Honestly, the 90's did better with "The Reign Of The Supermen", and bringing back the Man Of Steel there after his death was a nice touch. To use the "lost in time" concept for Cap as an explanation for his return totally knocks off the importance of his death a few years ago, and one can only wish things could have been done differently instead.

While I have my reservations about the script and all, I can't fault the artwork for doing a bang up job of presenting pleasant looking work. Fans of the Ultimates will still get a kick out of Bryan Hitch's pencils, and they serve well to display a tale that has more in line with his previous works than regular Earth 616 continuity. Fellow artist Butch Guice also lends a helping hand to assist Hitch when the going gets tough, and while both men may have similar penciling styles, it's the coloring that makes their works blend in together in a semi-consistent fashion. There's lots of fighting and chaos happening around here, so those looking for some sweet action scenes and spread shots may be satisfied with the results. Variant covers are also available with this final issue, and Hitch draws his version ala Ultimates (again) with Cap on the head. John Cassaday, Joe Q, and others draw two more covers as well, with Cassaday's (pictured above) standing out as a personal favorite among the variants.

To sum things up, Captain America: Reborn accomplished the job it set out to do - bring Steve Rogers back to the land of the living. However, the plot and pacing utilized in this series was just not in par with the classic tales and arcs Brubaker did in the regular Cap book, and it leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouths of those expecting a big and epic return from the Sentinel Of Liberty. True, at least Steve's back, and I wouldn't call the series a fluke or a failure either. It's just that there were higher expectations coming from those who felt a great heartache over Cap's death a few years ago, and measuring up his return to that classic just doesn't hold up. Truth be told, you can skip this series and go directly to the aftermath one shot special, "Captain America: Who Will Wield The Shield", which surprisingly came out a month before this issue and told a better story that's more in line with Brubaker's style. In the end, Cap Reborn was not the rebirth I expected it to be, and a story that's easily forgotten than remembered.

Rating - 4/10

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marvel: Say Hello To The Heroic Age!

A new age has come... and with that, so does the assembling of Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

Advertised as a "dramatic new change" following the end of SIEGE this April, a new beginning will dawn upon the Marvel Universe - The Heroic Age. After seven years of chaos, strife, and evil that left the heroes divided and in peril, a new chapter begins with hope in the horizon and new stories to tell. with the forces of good gathered together to become the champions the world needs now more than ever. As announced on Newsarama and, all the core Avengers titles will cease production this April, making way for the relaunch of the series =AVENGERS #1, which begins on the next month of May! And that's not all... every other title under the Heroic Age banner will be ripe for the picking, as there will be plenty of things readers new and old can look forward to! Oh, and Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor lead the new team, with Bucky Cap onboard, and Clint Barton back in his Hawkeye costume! For more info, hit the links above, and expect a new Marvel Universe full of hope and excitement this summer!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Update: SSFIV Boxart Revealed!

You've seen the trailers and learned the details behind the release, and now Capcom has unveiled the pretty pieces of boxart fans can expect when they grab their copies of Super Street Fighter IV this April 27 and 28! Via Kotaku and fighting blogs around, check out the look of the North American releases for the PS3 and Xbox 360!

Super Street Fighter IV PS3 NA Box Art

Super Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 NA Box Art

These look good to me... but the one that takes the cake is the Asian and Japanese release!

Super Street Fighter IV PS3 JP/ Asian Box Art

Awesome is just AWESOME! If I had a choice, I'd pick the latter cover! Super Street Fighter IV arrives on stores end of April! Be There!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Update: New Trailer, New Package Details!

The month of January is slowly coming to an end, but before February meets up, the fighting game gods have blessed us with additional Super Street Fighter IV Goodness! Via Kotaku and other game sites, we are presented with new promotional material to salivate on! Partnering up with famous animation studio Gonzo, Capcom presents a brand new anime styled trailer that teases a look at promising things to come. Fan favorite fighters are in there of course, but at the center of it all is new Korean chick character Juri, and she looks menacing as she is amazing! Check it!

Super Street Fighter IV Gonzo Production Trailer

Bad ass and promising? Well, that's not all. Here's another brand new gameplay trailer!

Super Street Fighter IV New Trailer

Also, there's a COLLECTOR'S EDITION announced for the game, featuring a soundtrack, art booklet, and a DVD sporting animated trailers! In addition to SSFIV itself, that's a mighty package to behold, and all for the grand total of $60! With four characters still waiting to be announced, I'm psyched and waiting for the final details to come!

Super Street Fighter IV hits next gen consoles April 27 this year! Get Ready!

Desperate Times Come In "The Blackest Night"...

Remember Frank Quitely's cover to the upcoming issue of Batman and Robin? Well, taking a cue from that tease, DC Comics has posted another image in their blog network the Source, showcasing internal artwork by artist Cameron Stewart. The sight here may be shocking and creepy to some, but it's bound to get creepier as "The Blackest Night" begins...

All I can say is... What The Heck Is Dick Doing? Find out in Batman and Robin #7 this week.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Van Damme The Street Fighter!XD

Everyone remembers Jean Claude Van Damme and Street Fighter, and some would probably want to forget about how one of the most popular video game franchises of all time ended up getting a comical film adaptation such as this. How Capcom sanctioned this movie is beyond me until now, but it wasn't until The Legend Of Chun-Li came out last year that I found renewed interest and appreciation for this flick. Compared to the latter film, this still remains a cult classic for its goofiness and martial arts mayhem, and it also happens to be the last film of the late great Raul Julia, who did well playing the megalomaniac villain, General M.Bison.

Now, those who wished for a JCVD film with a "Street Fighter kick" to it will probably get the next best thing here in this spoof I found in You Tube. Using scenes and clips from another Van Damme classic, "Lionheart", "TheVanDammeCreator2009" presents this awesome video that splices this particular movie with SF sound effects and lifebars. Now you can finally see the SF movie you've always wanted to see - VAN DAMME KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES!!!

This is awesome and epic in many levels... YOU WIN!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marvel/DC Spider-Man Reboot Parody!

Now that the Spider-Man film franchise is getting the reboot treatment, a lot of reactions are pouring out from the woodwork, ranging from positive comments to sad expressions from devoted fans of the Sam Raimi directed films. We all know that "500 Days Of Summer" director Marc Webb will be helming the new direction, but the rest of the details still remain ominous and in development limbo, with the only sure thing being that Peter Parker's going back to High School. Those of you who remember the Marvel/ DC spoof vids on You Tube will be pleased to know that the guys behind the series have created their own take on the Spidey reboot news, and my oh my, what a surprise we see here! Check out this hilarious parody!

Marvel/ DC Spider-Man Reboot Parody!

All I can say is... I'M THE G#$%@ SPIDER-MAN! LOL!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Update: New And Old Ultra Combos Unleashed!

Bring on the pain and excitement by checking out these new and old Ultra Combo finishers from Street Fighter IV!

Super Street Fighter IV New And Old Ultra Combos!

Looking AWESOME! Some are even classics, and others are downright creative and insult to injury! Can you guess which ones are which? Getting hyped already here! I can't wait, Capcom!

Check Out Deadpool's "Siege 3 Variant Cover" Bling!

Via a post at CBR, as part of Marvel's deal with retailers regarding the trading in of specific unsold issues DC comics, The House Of Ideas has unveiled the variant cover to the third issue of Siege, featuring none other than the Merc With A Mouth, Deadpool!

Siege #3 Deadpool Variant Cover!

Cover art by J. Scott Campbell. Deadpool+chicks+bling = AWESOME PROMOTION.

Super Street Fighter IV Update: Check Out Juri And Seth's New Ultras!

Treat yourselves to some juicy new Ultra videos of Super Street Fighter IV, featuring new hottie female character Juri, and the megalomaniac super soldier boss, Seth!

Juri's 2nd Ultra Combo Video

Juri shows off some SF Alpha/ Zero 2 nostalgia with her finisher here - Custom Combo madness!XD

Seth's 2nd Ultra Combo Video

Plain and weird finisher Seth has, but I guess it's his anti-air. Well, whatever works for the boss then.

The Ultras look impressive as always, but I'm still looking forward to the identities of the missing characters, and the official release date of this baby right here! Watch out for more SSFIV goodness soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Toyz Review: Marvel Select Thor

A few years ago, I was among those toy enthusiasts who collected what is already considered the toyline of the past decade - "Marvel Legends". Initially produced by Marvel toy division and subsidiary Toybiz, it was not only a phenomenal series of action figures, but it was also a superb collectible that provided fans with something that was not perfected til the line came to be - crafty detailing and superb points of articulation on each figure. Initially starting off in 2002 as a spinoff of the "Spider-Man Classics" line, ML was conceptualized to include other famous heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe, standing at 6 inches to scale and usually packaged with a complimentary comic book that features the character's origin or one of their best adventures. As the years went on, the line expanded to include "chase" figures (otherwise known as the rare ones) and build-a-figure gimmicks, giving more reason and demand for the fanbase to collect every single figure they could find. However, something unexpected occurred in 2007, when popular toymaking company Hasbro gained the reigns to the Marvel license and literally took over the ML brand, forcing Toybiz to cease production of the series after 15 waves of marvel character goodness. As a result, my days with the ML line were practically over, and I settled into semi-retirement with action figure collecting... or so I thought.

I never dipped my hand into Toybiz's Marvel Select line before. Known as the "sister" product of Marvel Legends, it prioritizes sculpting and bases more than dynamic posing and articulation. While I happen to have a couple of figures from the line that were given to me as gifts, I only started paying attention to the line when I picked up the Bucky version of Captain America. It was true to form and the first figure to feature the new Cap in action figure posterity, so didn't hesitate to grab one right away. As a result, I have been pretty open to the Select line as of late, and last week, I added another classic hero to my growing line-up of figures - the modernized and new version of Marvel's resident God Of Thunder, The Mighty Thor!

Marvel Select Thor
Released In: 2008
Originally released in 2008 and standing at 7 inches tall, The MS version of Thor is a perfect figure that demands praise from fans and collectors alike. Garbed in his new chain mail armor type costume and armed with his mighty hammer Mjolnir, the son of Odin is a recognizable face among Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and those looking to add him to their collection will be wise to pay attention to the tall and powerful figure. As far as detail goes, everything looks perfect with Thor, and this sculpt of Goldilocks' new look based from art by Olivier Coipel, who's been drawing great Thor tales and is the mastermind artist behind the big Marvel event, Siege.

The MS Thor a great rendition of Asgard's favorite son, and one that doesn't have any deficiencies to point out, save for minor bloches and paint smears the average collector would notice from mass produced toys of this nature. On the subject of articulation, Thor has a number of ball joints, pegs, and swivels to turn different parts of his body around to the satisfaction of the owner, but bare in mind, this is not a Marvel Legends figure, so everything is limited at best. Accompanied with a painted base that represents one of Asgard's brick watchtowers, Thor is intended to pose and stand there with limited variation involved, so if anyone is looking for dynamic action poses, you can put your dreams aside with this one.

Be cautious when placing him in the peg of the base though, as the figure doesn't stay put and has a habit of falling off easily when moved around. Another gripe people may have is the neck joint, which refuses to turn sideways. I myself have encountered this problem, and I hesitate to force the issue lest I come up with a headless God Of Thunder to display. Also, you can only equip Mjolnir on his right hand, so no swapping the hammer on the other hand.

By all counts, if you like Thor and all things Marvel, I'd highly recommend the Marvel Select Thor. Comparing it to the old ML Thor and the upcoming Marvel Universe modern Thor, this one stands out as the best among the lot, and frankly, it's built like a brick wall that will last for ages to come. The figure is still widely available in retail shops and stores everywhere, but be warned, there are a couple of stocks out there that may have some factory defects, so be sure to pick and choose your copy wisely. All things considered and despite some minor setbacks, it's an impressive figure to mount and display on one corner of your room, and if you like some God Of Thunder awesomeness alongside your other collectibles, here's the product just for you.
Rating - 5/5

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prepare For "The Blackest Knight"...

Via DC's website, here's cover art by Frank Quitely giving a glimpse of things to come in Batman and Robin #7, which is the start of Grant Morrison's newest storyline that will no doubt affect Dick Grayson and his allies - "The Blackest Knight"...

To say this is "bad to the bone" is an understatement. Watch out for this issue to hit shelves next week!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's An Iron Man Summer!

This coming March and April, Marvel is exploding with new material to promote Tony Stark's return to the big screen and to the Marvel Universe as one of the greatest heroes the world has ever known! Check out some of these upcoming titles and collections to salivate over if you want in on all things Iron Man!

Iron Man Extremis Hard Cover

The one that started it all for Iron Man in the new age! Prior to the Civil War, find out how Ol' Shellhead recreated himself for the 21st century, as penned by master writer Warren Ellis and drawn by super slick artist Adi Granov!

Siege #4 Iron Man Variant Cover

A variant cover that ushers in the Heroic Age! The Siege will draw to a close, and the Marvel Universe will change when all is said and done between the heroes, Asgard, and Norman Osborn! Story written by Brian Michael Bendis and pencils/ cover by Olivier Coipel, with the variant cover above by Gabriele Dell'Otto portrays a great shot of Tony Stark donning the armor!

Invincible Iron Man #25 Cover

Called the perfect jumping in point for readers, this double sized issue marks the beginning of a new age and armor for Tony Stark/ Iron Man, and is the start of a new story arc, Resilient, by the award winning team of Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca

Iron Manual Mark 3 #1 Cover

Get all the info and data on Tony Stark, the Iron Man armor, and all of the tech and allies within his universe in this once in a lifetime handbook, with contributed by various writers, illustrations by Mario Gully, and a fantastic cover by Eric Nguyen!

Awesome stuff, noh? And just enough to get the hype up for Iron Man 2 this summer! Check for more Iron Man and Marvel Comic April solicits via Newsarama!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

R.I.P Daisuke Gori...

*Daisuke Gori - pic from

Man oh man, this is sad news to bear. Just last week, Yu Tanonaka, another famous Japanese Seiyuu died, and now Daisuke Gori - better known as the voice behind Dozle Zabi in Mobile Suit Gundam and Mr. Satan in Dragonball Z, has passed away. Probably one of the more well known Seiyuu's because of his resounding and deep voice, Gori was also the man who lent his voice to many signature fighting games, taking on the role of Tina's father, Bass Armstrong, in the Dead Or Alive series, and even Raiden in SNK's The King Of Fighters XII.

Daisuke Gori will probably be better known to fans as the guy who played Heihachi Mishima, the ambitious and powerful old man who is head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and sponsor of the Tekken tournament.

Daisuke as the voice of Heihachi Mishima

Details on his demise were posted on Kotaku, and upon learning of his death, it was shocking as it was saddening. Part of me feels that when Gori died, Heihachi died as well, as no other person could I know could give credence or due respect to the role after his excellent performance. The man has done several other projects outstanding projects over the years, with performances in Hokuto No Ken, Gundam, and Transformers to name a few, and looking at his resume just brings a tear to fans eyes. He even played E.Honda in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, and here's a clip showing just how much his voice fits the role.

Daisuke Gori as E.Honda in Street Fighter II - The Animated Movie

Rest In Peace, Daisuke-san, and thanks for the memories.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Comic Review: The Invincible Iron Man #22

The Iron Man madness never stops, and I wouldn't have it any other way! First off, a big congratulations to Robert Downey Jr., who won the Golden Globe Award For Best Comedy Performance in his film Sherlock Holmes. Truth be told, I found the film to be a decent and fresh type of adaptation from the mind of director Guy Ritchie, but I think RDJ's performance as Holmes was exceptional, as well as that of Jude Law, who played Sherlock's brother-at-arms, Dr. Watson. Upon receiving the award, Downey gave a speech that's just sums up why he's the man to play Tony Stark. Check it out.

Heh, that's Iron Man for ya! Now that we're done diverging from the topic at hand, let's head on to the comic review!

The Invincible Iron Man #22
Written By: Matt Fraction
Illustrated By: Salvador Larraca

Tony Stark, aka the Invincible Iron Man, is not out of the woods yet. Even with his comrades by his side and utilizing the combined power of Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer, the once brilliant industrialist remains comatose, unresponsive to the "shock treatment" that he himself formulated beforehand. With all options seemingly exhausted, Donald Blake decides to turn to the one man whose expertise could bring Tony back from the brink - the former sorcerer supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange. However, time is running short for Tony and his friends, as the transparent villain known as the Ghost arrives and prepares to strike the crippled hero at his weakest. Journeying inside the mind of a broken man, can Dr. Strange find Stark, and if he does, is Tony willing to come back?

By all counts, Tony Stark is in worse shit than he has been all his life, and I'm liking the pacing as we're continuing this megatonic and fantastic series by writer Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larraca. Last issue showed that Tony Stark thinks of everything when the situation gets grim, and he even had a back up plan prepared for his friends to enact should he fall into a state of brain death, which he did during the events of World's Most Wanted. Despite all the careful planning and smarts, however, Tony Stark is still a human being - 50% of the recovery relies on outside and medical assistance, while the remaining percentage relies on his determination and sheer willpower to pull through, and that my friends is the question indeed. Two issues ago, Fraction began a parallel segment that details a parallel segment in Stark's mind, in which the guy is seemingly lost and confused in a desert excavation world full of robot monstrosities and avatars of his parents that represent courage and reason. Tony's fragmented state of mind leads one to consider how a man such as he can possibly get out of this and go back to the way he was. On the real world, Mjolnir's lightning has failed to revive him, placing all hopes on Dr. Strange to pay a visit to Tony's head and help him get "back online". Like I said, the pacing is great, and Fraction's right on his A-game with Iron Man here.

The art also plays an important role in conveying emotion, intensity, and action through all pages of the issue. There would be no consistency is Matt Fraction didn't have Salvador Larraca onboard as artist, and he plays well into delivering those awesome segments that show just how much of an asset he is to the Invincible Iron Man series, especially Star Disassembled. When it comes to human figures, he can draw them pretty well, especially the female characters involved. I find no reason to question Laracca's art, and his armor based drawings go so far as to show great outline and detailing from head to toe. I wouldn't mind seeing these two stick around with the book for some time to come, and they work out pretty mean stories to boot.

At this point, if you haven't come around to reading Invincible Iron Man and Stark: Disassembled, do a little backtracking and pick up the first few books to get a full grasp of the situation before breezing through this issue. It's already proving to be a bestselling title among Marvel's numbers, and with the build up coming to Iron Man 2 in theaters and the Heroic Age in comics, I see no other comic to read if you're looking for all things about ol' shellhead. There are two more issues to go before everything wraps up, and how Tony Stark comes out of this we won't know til the end. All I know is he's getting a brand new armor, and the Iron Man legacy will enter a new stage after all this and Siege is said and done.

Score - 10/10

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Goodbye, Avengers Titles...

Yes, you read right - we're saying goodbye to ALL the main and current Avengers titles, and I wasn't aware of this piece of news until later this evening, but if you're reading this now, I'm quite as shocked as many of you who care are.

Apparently, Marvel is going to pull the plug on all four current Avengers titles this coming April - namely "New Avengers", "Mighty Avengers", "Dark Avengers", and "Avengers: The Initiative", as reported in an article at Newsarama. This comes just around the time their major crossover, Siege, finishes and wraps up the whole Norman Osborn vs Asgard deal.

I for one am surprised by this move, considering that writer Brian Michael Bendis was responsible for dismantling the flagship Avengers title during 2004's "Avengers: Disassembled" and ushering in the new age of Avengers titles in the following years to come. After disassembling the original team, he introduced "The New Avengers", a new team of heroes led by mainstays Captain America and Iron Man that comprised of heavy Marvel hero hitters like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage, and Spider-Woman to name a few. It was literally a dream team to say the least, and the roster would remain united until the 2006-2007 Marvel Event called "Civil War", where the hero community literally split right down the middle, bringing about the start of divisions and separate teams of Avengers, fighting for different causes and beliefs in the age of the Superhero Registration Act. It wasn't until the "Secret Invasion" of the Skrull empire that all these teams briefly united to fight the common threat.

That alliance, however, also proved to be temporary, as things went from bad to worse when Norman Osborn took over, forcing most of the heroes into hiding and creating his own twisted version of the avengers known as the "Dark Avengers". Donning the identity of the "Iron Patriot", he leads his ragtag team of crazies and criminals, with some clothed in familiar costumes of famous heroes.

Now that the "Siege" has begun, we can only wait and see what events transpire that will lead to the finale and closure of these major flagship titles and books. With the Heroic Age in the horizon, I foresee a brighter future for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Avengers Assemble!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom CM!

Everyone's waiting for Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, and with less than two weeks to go before its release in the US, Capcom and friends decide to show this wonderfully crafted commercial that promotes the upcoming fighter and sports a gimmick that's just too awesome to ignore - Stop motion action figure fighting madness! Check it out!

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom CM!

TvC: Ultimate All-Stars hits January 26 for the Wii!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Peek Into The Tekken!

You Tube has posted up a trailer of the Dwight H. Little directed Tekken Live Action Movie! So far, it's looking far more interesting than KOF, and Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi Mishima is hilarious! Thanks to the Playground Magazine folks for the tip on this! Surryaahh!!XD

Tekken The Movie Trailer!

Here Are Your Megaman 10 Bosses!

Capcom has released the official image of their line up of robot masters and bosses set to appear in their latest Megaman sequel, Megaman 10. Here you have Sheep Man (sheeeeeeppps), Solar Man, Chill Man, Nitro Man, Commando Man, Pump Man (yes, PUMP MAN),Strike Man, and Blade Man, and all of these baddies look as intimiating as they are dangerous for the Blue Bomber and his brother, Proto Man, whom you can select as an alternate player in the game. Scheduled for a Spring/ March 2010 release for the Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 via online download, Megaman 10 will once again feature 8 bit graphics and gameplay similar to Megaman 9 and the NES games. As a fan of the Blue Bomber myself, I can't wait to test my hand and go through some new side scrolling madness! Check out this recent trailer featuring story and gameplay from the game itself!

Megaman 10 Trailer

Thursday, January 14, 2010

And The 2009 Worst Movie Is...

I can't believe I went to theaters all giddy and excited to watch this movie in February last year.

For a movie that uses the words "Street Fighter" and "Chun-Li" on its title, I really expected more out of this film and hoped it would use the source material better than its predecessor, the live action Street Fighter film did in 1995. With Smallville's Kristin Kreuk starring as the strongest woman in the world and Mortal Kombat's Robin Shou playing Gen, how could this film possibly go wrong? Oh, there was plenty to see and say that justifies WHY it went wrong, and in the end, everything just.didn't.make.sense. Not even Michael Clarke Duncan's star power could save this movie from a knockout, and in spite of the travesty that is Dragon Ball, Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li wins the Rotten Tomato award for the most terrible movie of 2009.

4% on the tomato meter. Chun-Li's tears deeply sadden me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kitty Pryde Is Coming Back!

Back in 2004 during Josh Whedon and John Cassaday's epic run of Astonishing X-men, the duo accomplished two things that would literally define the rest of the X-titles from that moment to the present. First, they brought back Colossus, aka Peter Rasputin, who died after giving his life to make a cure for the dreaded Legacy Virus. What would have been a awesome comeback soon turned to tragedy and loss once more, as Peter's lover and teammate, Kitty Pryde (aka Shadowcat), sacrificed her safety and well-being in order to phase a gigantic bullet that passed through the Earth, thereby preventing its destruction at the hands of the Breakworld. Since then, Kitty has been presumed dead and lost to the vast reaches of spaces, but knowing how comic book death is treated these days, a comeback is never impossible, and what do you know, has announced and prepared a little trailer that teases Kitty's return this year!

Marvel Trailer - Kitty Pryde Returns!

As the youngest member of the X-men back in the day, Kitty has no doubt remained one of the most memorable characters in the X-franchise. Her return, set to happen in Uncanny X-men #522 this March, will no doubt be anticipated by fans... but how is she coming back, and how will her teammates react? Only time will tell, but for now, I'm looking forward to Shadowcat's return!

Green Lantern Update: Peter Sarsgaard is Hector Hammond!

Comicbookresources has revealed that actor Peter Sarsgaard, star of films "Jarhead", "Boys Don't Cry", and "Orphan", has been cast as the telepathic villain Hector Hammond in the upcoming Green Lantern Live Action Film!

Also known as the husband of "TheDark Knight" actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, Sarsgaard will assume the role of one of GL's oldest and toughest foes, as Hammond can read minds and use telepathy to get what he wants, when he wants it. Hector also has a supposedly close relationship with Carol Ferris, the boss and love interest of Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern, with both characters being played by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds respectively. Set for a June 17, 2011 release date, Green Lantern begins production on March this year. Can't wait!

Bruce Wayne's Return Is Near!

Straight from The Source, DC Comics has revealed the cover to the first issue of April's "Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne". As you can see, Bats is still lost in time and stuck in the stone age, where hundreds of cavemen are waiting to turn him back to primordial soup. Illustrated by Andy Kubert and written by Grant Morrison, this mini will finally put the true Dark Knight back on his place... or will it? Looking forward to this in the coming months, as all Batman fans should.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spider-Man 4... No More!

And out of the ashes, a reboot has been announced.

Yes, Marvel's flagship character is getting a new movie series and direction. Take it with a grain of salt for those with mixed feelings about this issue. I myself am a big fan of the films helmed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire in the titular role. However, it wasn't much of a surprise to me when this was announced and posted in many comic and movie sites like Newsarama and Superherhype. Marketing wise, a reboot is easier to do, and it's a better way to change things that weren't too appealing before (Spider-Man 3, I'm looking at you). But this is one of those instances where the positive outweighs the negative, and Raimi's vision of Spider-Man gave everything a fanboy and girl could ever dream of - Peter Parker taking power and responsibility seriously and fighting the baddies for the sake of NYC and his loved ones. Now that Sony's sights are set on a relaunch, we'll no longer have Sam, Tobey, Kirsten Dunst, and the others who put their efforts together on the project for almost a decade now. The goal is to bring the Spidey movie-verse back to Pete's time in high school, essentially likening it to the Ultimate Spider-Man universe.

Right now, I feel like it's "One More Day" all over again (without Mephisto's interference). It's like ending the marriage between Peter and MJ, only on a larger scale. Whether it's in the comics or in the movies, I wonder if Spider-Man will ever catch a break on all the reboots and retcons? Oh what a tangled web this is, really.

Here Comes The Brightest Day!

Blackest Night is just a wonderfully weaved and orchestrated tale by Geoff Johns and crew. Not only did it send the Green Lantern books and their accompanying titles into a spiral of undead mayhem, but it also drastically altered many other characters in books throughout the DCU, treading a path that answers questions pertaining to both life and death in the entire multiverse and beyond. With 6 issues out and two more to go along with the accompanying tie-ins, there's still plenty of emotion and death to look forward to before the whole series wraps up this March. Johns has already solidified himself as a big draw to the comic book public, and how he'll change the landscape of the DC Universe by the end of the mini remains to be seen. However, DC Comics isn't one to keep major news from being announced, and via their blog network called The Source, they've announced the follow up to what is already considered a classic to remember:

Heh, I could've told you guys that I saw this coming, but look and behold - the Brightest Day shall cometh!

Set to be a bi-weekly, 26 issue run, Brightest Day will obviously be the direct follow up to BN, beginning with issue #0 in April. Spearheaded by top GL book writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi, this series already sounds promising, and should give faithful readers another reason to stick around and see what will happen after Nekron and his legions have been dealt with. This is indeed some major news to take in... and a whole new series to think about as 2010 rolls on!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Megaman Live Action Awesome!

Ever since I picked up a controller and began my life as an avid videogame player, there wasn't a moment in my gaming history that I haven't encountered Megaman, Capcom's eponymous mascot who stars in his own series of games bearing his name and beyond. The blue bomber has been a shining beacon in the industry of side scrolling action, crossing multiple platforms and releasing classic worthy titles that still continue to stimulate the minds and imaginations of fans everywhere. One individual named Eddie Lebron went the extra mile and decided to produce his own project that pays homage to the little blue hero - a fan made trailer that eventually became a sensational project and is expecting its own film very very soon!

Eddie Lebron's Megaman - Trailer

I don't know why I wasn't aware of this before, but after seeing the posters and trailer courtesy of Destructoid and You Tube, I'm already hooked and can't wait to see the full length live action fan made film! Check out the main site here for more information and word from Mr. Lebron himself. The film is coming sooner than you think, so prepare and get equipped for some awesomeness!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Comic Review: Siege #1

It's my first comic book review of the year! Break out the war drums and arm yourselves, because the Marvel universe is in the midst of war once more. "Siege", the newest comic saga by the House Of Ideas, is finally out and available in comic shops near you. It's a series that tots itself as "an event seven years in the making" - a statement that refers to the grand culmination of everything that has transpired since "Avengers: Disassembled" began in 2004, leading to a series of events that rocked the foundation of the Marvel Universe. After 2008's "Secret Invasion", Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, rose to power and began his "Dark Reign" over the entire MU, organizing his own set of Avengers and systematically destroying anyone and anything standing in his way. Now setting his sights on Asgard, Osborn, with assistance from Loki, devise a plot that will allow the madman to launch a full scale attack on the realm of the Norse Gods, which will help him seal his authority over everything. Now with a plot like that and the reassembled cast of Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, you have the makings of an epic before you, just waiting to be picked up and read by fans around the world.

Siege #1
Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Illustrated By: Olivier Coipel

Norman Osborn, leader of H.A.M.M.E.R, the Dark Avengers, and mastermind of the Cabal, wants Asgard. Partnering himself with Loki, he sets into motion a plan that will help him take over the city and place it under his watch. Venturing off his home and into Earth in search of adventure, the Asgardian warrior known as Volstagg is attacked and thrown into a battle that causes more collateral damage than good, giving Osborn the authority he needs to launch a full scale invasion. Mobilizing his troops and assaulting Asgard, the Gods are thrown off and are forced to fend off his attack. Seeing his city under fire, Thor rushes in to take on Osborn, but his forces are too great and too many. Will the Thunder God and his friends fall to the Siege, or can someone stop Norman Osborn before his insidious plan comes to fruition?

As far as first impressions go, I find the entire thing okay and a little too predictable.

While I wouldn't call the first issue a weak start, it certainly doesn't get me jumping off my seat. The entire book smells a whole lot like "Civil War", only with Brian Michael Bendis taking over writing duties and throwing in a "Hero vs God" plot into the mix. I'm haven't been privy to many things happening with Thor lately, but his new look, resurrection, and bringing Asgard to the mortal plane make for interesting stories as of late, and apparently now is the time for a confrontation that will shake both worlds to the core when all is said and done. Responsible for "the destruction of the Avengers", Bendis is a solid writer who has proven time and again he can blend superb action with pretty pieces of dialogue, and the same holds true for Siege. Like I said earlier, I'm not too blown away by the start of things, but the pacing alone feels like Avengers Disassembled, so things are picking up steam slowly but surely. I do like the fact that he's utilized many characters, both prominent and not, especially ones who have been overlooked through the years and have become pivotal in making the "Siege" come to pass - case in point being Volstagg. The large and hearty member of the Warriors Three has been used as an unwilling pawn, and his part in the Stamford like tragedy makes you feel for the hero and despise Loki and Osborn even more for putting him in such a tragic front. As the book follows through with this, Osborn gets to work, assembles his troops, and begins his own invasion of Asgard, which the Gods have to repel as best they can. While the heroes have yet to assemble and counter this, Thor takes the initiative and rides into battle alone. Since it's the first issue, there isn't that many mind blowing action sequences yet, but the Thunder God and Dark Avengers supply a little appetizer to get everything going, with a special one page spread of a hero who has recently returned and will begin to make his move. These visuals, courtesy of penciler Olivier Coipel, are just exotic and amazing to take in. His work on Thor was excellent, and if any of you enjoyed that, then you will definitely be taken aback by his work and detail on Siege.

As an event to end all events, Siege lands on the mediocre scale as far as beginnings go. Since we have yet to see how things will unravel from this point, all I can hope for is an epic struggle that will have the heroes fighting and shining brighter all the more. My favorite characters have yet to show their faces in battle, so I guess I'm sticking around until everything wraps up in the next three months. Anyone who's been following the Marvel events since Disassembled and Civil War owe it to themselves to pick this up and see things through. Otherwise, they can wait for the results, or if you're a newbie, this is a good start to a wonderful outcome, which promises to be the "Heroic Age" of Marvel comics after all this is said and done. Bring it, Bendis and Coipel!

Rating - 4/5

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Gossip Girl Becomes Star Sapphire!

An article in Superherohype has revealed the newest Hollywood talent to be selected for the upcoming Green Lantern live action film, and joining the Martin Campbell directed film will be Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, who will play Hal Jordan's love interest, Carol Ferris!

Those aware of GL History will know that Carol is Hal's boss, running the aerospace company that her father owns and hiring Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds) to become their test pilot. This occupation ultimately leads to Hal acquiring the ring from a dying Abin Sur and succeeding him as Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. Eventually, Hal's dual life exposes Carol to several adventures and misadventures, and she eventually becomes the villain Star Sapphire, whom Hal has to confront and save countless times. Right now, Carol as Star Sapphire supports Hal and the rest of the Color brigade in confronting the Blackest Night. How that will turn out, and the love between the two for the matter, will be resolved in a few months time when that miniseries ends.

The Green Lantern movie starts shooting this March and is slated for a June 17, 2011 release.