Monday, January 31, 2011

Know more about your new Superman - Henry Cavill!

The news sprang like wildfire as soon as it hit the web, and now people know who will be DC and Warner Bros. new Superman! However, the man chosen for the lead role was once dubbed the "most unlucky man in Hollywood", but he's certainly gotten lucky with his new starring role!

Based on reports on Slash Film and Superherohype, we finally have a new face who will don the familiar red and blue costume of Superman. British actor Henry Cavill has been selected to play Clark Kent/ Superman in Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot film Superman: Man of Steel, which is expected to arrive in theaters on December 2012. While he is relatively unfamiliar to most people, Cavill was once attached to actually play Superman before in the movie Superman: Flyby by director McG. When plans were scrapped and Bryan Singer took over to make Superman Returns, Cavill was replaced by Brandon Routh to play The Man of Steel.

Cavill was also one of the top contenders to play James Bond in Casino Royale, a role that ultimately went to felow British actor Daniel Craig because the former was too young for the producers of the film. He was therefore labeled the "most unlucky man in Hollywood" by Empire Magazine in 2005, and things seemed to dangle downwards from there. Robert Pattinson even beat Cavill twice for two parts: One as Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series! Inevitably, Cavill got roles in Stardust, The Tudors, and has an upcoming part in a big budget movie called Immortals as Theseus. Who would have thought he'd get his big chance again by being selected once more to play Superman! For more on the announcement, visit Slash Film and Superherohype!

Superman: Man of Steel is slated to fly and save the world on December, 2012!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A First Look at DC's "Flashpoint" Poster!

In case you missed it, DC has releases the first pencils of what looks to be the first cover/ poster promoting their next big event this summer - "Flashpoint". Penned by legendary writer Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert, this five issue miniseries will chronicle the drastic time altering changes in the DC Universe that affect our world, and it ties directly to an event involving The Flash. In effect, everyone and anyone you know in the DCU won't be the same. Next to the main story, a series of tie-ins have been announced, expanding the tale and giving readers a chance to catch up with their favorite characters... who are barely recognizable at this point. For the complete list of books and more info, visit DC's official blog The Source!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spoiler: The New Venom's Identity Revealed!

It's a few days to February already, and that means that the debut of the new Venom is at hand in the pages of "Amazing Spider-Man #654.1", part of Marvel's new initiative to introduce new jumping-in points and storylines for new and old readers alike! Called Marvel's "Next Big Thing", the identity of the new Venom has been shrouded in mystery, with fans guessing as to who would be the next guy filling in Eddie Brock and Mac Gargan's shoes to bond with the alien symbiote. That secret, however, has been "accidentally" revealed in an interview in Newsarama, and now that the cat has been let out of the bag, here's the new Lethal Protector's name... SPOILER MODE ON of course.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Humor: See How Blanka Recharges!

Right after booting up and going online, I had to bear witness to this grotesque sight:

Bear in mind, I'm not a big fan of Pokemon, but Pikachu is and forever will be the mascot of the series everyone around the world can identify with. I just couldn't imagine that Street Fighter's own Blanka would chew on the poor sap and drain his power to give the beast from Brazil a nice fresh charge of Electricity! The fiend! Ash must be mourning his little friend by now!XD

This hilarious and sick image, "Recharging", was featured in Kotaku and is done by banzanza!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sony Playstation NGP - Official details, photos, and trailer!

Sony went off to an amazing start for the first month of 2011, most prominently by introducing the successor to their mobile gaming platform the Playstation Portable - The Next Generation Portable or NGP! What was formerly speculated to be called the "PSP2" has now been confirmed and shown by Sony Computer Entertainment, and game sites like Kotaku were present to cover the press conference and check on the details of Sony's newest portable gaming device!

The New Playstation Portable... Unveiled!

I'm currently tuning in for updates, but there it is... the NEW Playstation Portable unveiled at Sony's Press Conference today! As posted via Kotaku's Live Blog, the "Next Generation Portable" or NGP (aka PSP2) It has two analog sticks, a 4x high resolution screen, six axis controls, front screen is touch, a touch pad at the back, and front and rear cameras! They say it's PS3 quality graphics too, and there's an Uncharted title for it! Sony also announced the "Playstation Suite" for Android and other tablet devices. It's all coming in so fast, and I'm getting the updates in Kotaku as it goes. Stay tuned for more updates! Here's a vid from the show as posted online!

UPDATE: Sony just announced a new User Interface called "Live Area", the NGP connects with mobile networks, and Trophies are officially confirmed for it as well!

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Update: Leaked images of Sentinel, Hsien-Ko, and Galactus appear.

I would normally take this with a grain of salt, but with the impending release date fast approaching us, it looks like the "final" two slots that complete the final full roster of Marvel vs Capcom 3 have been filled up by characters Hsien-Ko and Sentinel, whose appearance has yet to be officially confirmed by Capcom. Yet magazine shots have leaked online and have been posted in numerous sites, including Destructoid and Event Hubs, showing Sentinel in action and Hsien-Ko's shot at the Character Select screen. Also, character images show Galactus present, which means he could be one of the big bosses players will take on or use in the game! We'll just have to wait and see how this trickles down. For more info, visit the source posts at Event Hubs and Destructoid.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds starts the crossover brawl madness this February 15!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spoiler: Guess Who Buys The Big One In Fantastic Four #587?

Being sold a day early has its perks and spoilers, but now the comic industry and fanbase know via the interwebz who actually dies in the pages of Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four #587. The new current storyline "Three" was promoted months earlier, and it promised everlasting ramifications to Marvel's First Family that would send shockwaves throughout the Marvel Universe. Now, via, Newsarama, and even, we finally learn just who among the four perish in this polybagged special issue. SPOILERS AHEAD in case you didn't see earlier, so look at your own risk!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The First Official Look At The PSP2?

It hasn't been officially announced yet, but apparently with the impending announcement due sometime this week, someone in the interwebz let slip this official looking photo of Sony's Playstation Portable 2, as posted in an article Kotaku. As you can see, the PSP2 looks similar to its recent predecessor, the PSP Go, with a sliding case. It also includes a 32GB SD Memory Stick, as well as a "PSP2 Stick" and a Stylus. The clincher though is that the new portable system includes two analog numbs... a great improvement considering the last system was only regulated to one analog stick. Take note, there is no official announcement yet, but this is as real as it gets now, and Sony should be making the news about the PSP2 soon enough. Stay tuned for more details, and read up on the source post over at Kotaku.

Et Tu, Toyfare?

Another one bites the dust.

After reporting and getting official confirmation that Wizard Magazine will cease publication, it has also been confirmed by a report in Newsarama that the monthly's sister magazine, Toyfare, will also be put to a close. So ends a generation of good stories and updates that center around the world of popculture as a result. While Wizard concentrated on everything and anything about the world of comics, Toyfare had the distinction of focusing solely on toys. Everything from upcoming releases to a photo gallery of collectibles were displayed for the diehard collector to droll on, and there was even a monthly comic strip born out of the publication called "Twisted Toyfare" that became a popular hit with the reader base. For a time, I collected Toyfare with a passion, and it always made me happy to get my dose of toy eye candy with each new issue and unique toy gallery presented. But like Wizard's fate with the advent of the internet, the magazine wasn't so updated with news anymore, and eventually the slow decline became an inevitable closure for the book.

In the wake of the loss of both printed mediums, Wizard World Inc. will launch a new online publication called "Wizard World". How that will debut remains to be seen when it eventually sees the light of day, but let us take a moment to pause and reflect on the demise of two great publications. R.I.P Wizard and Toyfare, and thanks for the memories.

Goodbye, Wizard Magazine...

Here I was just checking out my local comic shop earlier, and now I see this bit of depressing comic book news.

According to Bleeding Cool, Wizard Magazine - the comic book guide magazine that has established itself as a definite resource for information on the world of comics and popculture, has now closed up shop and will cease printing issues henceforth. The issue you see above, Wizard #229 featuring David Finch's art on Batman, is one of the last I bought, and it just breaks my heart to hear about the magazine folding itself up. I saw the rumor earlier via a comic blog news site Newsarama, but reports from sites such as Bleeding Cool confirm the magazine's demise, and it is with a heavy heart that I repost the headline here. As a kid, Wizard was introduced to me as the cool "comic book preview" book that not only featured exclusive content and interviews with writers, but also a definite price guide that was constantly updated each month for collectors who wanted to know how their issues valued in the market and so on. With the advent of the internet and like many other publications out there, Wizard also felt the sting of the web as they tried to keep up to date with the news as it came. The times however dictated its eventual demise, and the magazine created by Gareb Shamus and Stephen Shamus will cease publication. The Wizard conventions and its sister magazine Toyfare however will not be affected. Still, as the source post points out, it truly is "the end of an era" here. Goodbye and thanks for the memories, Wizard Magazine.

Update: According To Newsarama, the magazine will relaunch itself as an online publication called "Wizard World". Even with the news, the fact the print magazine's gone leaves a hole in the hearts of collectors who enjoyed reading and holding the book. You can check out the report here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Update: More Oni "Akuma" and Evil Ryu details and endings!

Street Fighter and Capcom fighting game blogsites have posted new details and endings for both Oni and Evil Ryu, who have since been unlocked and playable in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition! You can view just how they look like and what their ultras are via You Tube.

Now, check out Oni and Evil Ryu in action with some gameplay footage!

Finally, this may be a spoiler to some, but here are the animated endings of both fighters! View at your own risk!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"The Rat" - A short Batman fan film worth checking...

Now that we know who Tom Hardy is playing and which hollywood actress will be playing Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises, everyone around the world is talking and speculating over what director Christopher Nolan will reveal next as the new Batman movie sequel inches closer and closer to its shooting date. However, other fans have taken the initiative to imagine their own version of the plot that is obviously nonexistent, but curiously interesting nevertheless. Take this project by Dale Fabriger, a director who made a short fan film called "The Rat" that pits Bats with a new type of foe, with two cops reflecting on the incident at question. As featured in io9, here is the short in all its viewing goodness.

"The Rat" - A Batman Fan Film

Pretty good stuff here, and it feels awfully like something based on the Nolanverse. Props go to Mr. Fabriger for the project!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

DC Presents "Green Lantern/ Flashpoint" comic for Free Comic Book Day!

On the first Saturday of May, readers and hobbyists will be treated to free books from the various creators and publishers of the comic book industry, as they celebrate another year of "Free Comic Book Day"! The event aims to thank loyal fans who have committed themselves to the hobby, while also attracting younger and newer readers to join in and see what the industry could offer to them! For 2011, DC Comics will be giving away a book that not only promotes the upcoming Green Lantern flick starring Ryan Reynolds, but also their next big event for the year that fans will have a chance to preview! Take a look and see the cover to "Green Lantern/ Flashpoint FCBD 2011 Special Edition"!

Looking sharp, no? As posted in DC's official blog The Source, the Green Lantern/ Flashpoint book is a double feature no DC fan would want to miss come Free Comic Book Day! With both stories written by superstar scribe Geoff Johns, the GL segment is a reprint of Green Lantern #30, which was part of the "Secret Origin" storyline and illustrated by artist Ivan Reis, depicting the tale on how Hal Jordan first received his power ring. Flashpoint, on the other hand, is DC's latest event of the year penned by Johns and drawn by Andy Kubert, which happens to revolve around The Flash and something happening to him that causes catastrophic changes around the DC Universe. Sounds exciting? Be sure to pick this up when it comes out in FCBD, and visit the source post over at DC The Source for more details!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Listen to the new BeatCast!

BeatCast!, the popculture podcast series that is hosted by Tim and Mark, has moved up the chain and has earned itself its own website! Visit the new site at ""! Click on that and check out the newest episode, which focuses on the new movie of the month - "The Green Hornet"! Enjoy!

Humor: The Incredible Hulk Family Guy Spoof

A few days ago, I encountered a post over at io9 highlighting a segment from one of the latest episodes of Family Guy. It has that evil boy genius, Stewie Griffin, recreating the entire intro of the late 70's Marvel show "The Incredbile Hulk". As you can imagine, Stewie plays the late Bill Bixby's role of Dr. David Banner, while his father, Peter Griffin, steps in to play the part of the monstrous Hulk that was made famous by legendary bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno. Suffice to say, the whole spoof was totally hilarious and awesome. Check it here!

And here's the original for comparison!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The X-men First Class Poster!

Ain't It Cool News has posted the first teaser poster of 20th Century Fox's upcoming X-men prequel, X-men First Class! The movie, directed by Matthew Vaughn and co-produced by Bryan Singer, features a young Professor X and Magneto in their early years, working together with a team of mutants to stop a greater threat before a rift drives them apart to become each other's greatest enemies. Now, promotional photos featuring stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and the rest of the cast have appeared on movie sites like Screen Rant, so you can check those out via the link. Right now, here's the poster in all it's mutant glory, courtesy of AICN!

X-men First Class is slated to reveal its origins in theaters this June 3!

The Dark Knight Rises Update: New cast roles revealed!

After quite a wait and a long period of secrecy, director Christopher Nolan finally breaks his silence and reveals two roles for his next Bat flick, The Dark Knight Rises. As reported in Slash Film, his Inception star, Tom Hardy, finally has a role for this movie. Take note, this may be a surprise to some when you see the picture below of who the English actor is going to play, but Nolan has already decided on it, and here it is:

Yes, Tom Hardy will be playing Bane, the villain who singlehandedly broke the Dark Knight's back in the "Knightfall" storyline during the 90's. The character was also used in "Batman and Robin", but that outing didn't turn out so well for the character. Some of you may find this role casting as strange as I did, but I respect the director enough to know he may have something up his sleeve with the choice. We'll just have to wait and see how it turns out once production for the movie begins and photos and trailers show the action.

In other news, a female lead has finally been chosen, and Anne Hathaway was given Nolan's blessing to play Selina Kyle, who many around the world know better as Catwoman. As one of primary characters in Batman and Bruce Wayne's world, Catwoman is the one of the few characters who has been a villain and ally to the Dark Knight, as well as a lover who has earned his respect and admiration. As the person to play Ms. Kyle, Hathaway is a beautiful and smart actress for the park, and I think Nolan has left the role in good hands with her casting. The Devil Wears Prada star ironically also worked with the late Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain, who we all know played the most iconic representation of The Joker in 2008's The Dark Knight, for which he won a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. If you want to get an idea of how she acts, she'll be appeared recently in Love and Other Drugs alongside Jake Gyllenhaal (another Brokeback co-star). Knowing Nolan's way of directing and picking actors, I have faith on what's going to come with TDKR, and this will be an exciting wait for the next Batman movie. For more info, visit the source article over at Slash Film!

The Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters July 20, 2012.

Spider-man Reboot Update: J. Jonah Jameson not in the reboot?

Spider-Man fans who are looking forward to the new reboot helmed by director Marc Webb may have some disappointing news in store for them, as IGN and other movie news sites like Slash Film and Screen Rant report that the character of J. Jonah Jameson won't be appearing in the film. As a person who has literally become the thorn at the side of Peter Parker's alter ego, Jameson wages an endless war against Spidey, carrying out a smear campaign and publishing stories that tarnish the hero's image. In the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, Jameson was played by actor J.K. Simmons, who gave credence to the role and showed how devious and hilarious the reporter and EIC of the Daily Bugle can be.

Unfortunately, the news out now is that he won't be appearing in the reboot, at least according to a report from IGN. Maybe it won't be such a bad thing, since the story does focus on Peter's younger years. Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see if this is really going to be the case or if there are any changes later on. For now, it's reported he'll be out of the picture just like Mary Jane Watson. For more info, visit the source posts over at Slash Film, Screen Rant, or IGN.

The Spider-Man Reboot swings into theaters on July 3, 2012.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spider-Man Reboot Update: See Spidey in Action!

There's never a dull moment when it comes to Marvel films, and with all the news and updates this week coming from several of their upcoming movies, there's no telling what other surprises will be in store for true believers out there. Well surprise surprise, because we finally get our first look at Marc Webb's Spider-Man in action! Courtesy of the folks at TMZ and Slash Film, here's a look at a camcorded video of actual Spider-Man stuntwork in action, with the webslinger doing a crazy flip into a moving truck! Check it out!

This just gets me excited for what's going to be shown in the final product once the reboot shows next year. Of course, that isn't actor Andrew Garfield performing those acrobatic movements,but it's still pretty darn impressive to see nevertheless, and props go to the stuntman doing the job. For more on the story, visit the source post over at TMZ and Slash Film.

Spider-Man swings back with a rebooted film franchise on July 3, 2012!

Sherlock Holmes 2 Update: First Behind The Scenes Look!

Slash Film and Superherohype have posted a video courtesy of the guys of Entertainment Tonight, who have made their first exclusive "behind-the-scenes" visit to the set of Sherlock Holmes 2. The sequel, once again starring Robert Downey Jr. as the eccentric titular character and sleuth, once again pairs up with Jude Law, who also reprises his role as his friend and partner Doctor Watson. Directed again by Guy Ritchie and set one year after the events of the first film, Holmes and Watson must overcome all odds to chase after their new nemesis, Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris), while also contending with other faces, namely a new female acquaintance and Holmes' own older brother, Mycroft. For more info on the scoop, visit SHH, Slash Film, and E.T. Without any further delays, check out the video below to see Entertainment Weekly's exclusive set visit of Sherlock Homes 2!

Sherlock Holmes 2 E.T. Set Visit!

Sherlock Holmes 2 opens a new case in theaters December 16, 2011!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movie Review: The Green Hornet

Honestly, I wasn't expecting the film adaptation of "The Green Hornet" to be any good. In fact, with such a history of diversity and experimentation the franchise has had over several mediums over the years, it's hard to keep track of what truly was the definite "background story" to follow based on the character's initial origins. As a kid, I grew up watching the 60's TV series starring Van Williams as The Green Hornet. It aired parallel to the Adam West and Burt Ward starring Batman Live Action series, and the show also featured a then unknown Bruce Lee displaying his martial arts prowess as the Hornet's sidekick, Kato. In Hong Kong, The Green Hornet was better known as "The Kato Show", and Lee's actions in the series added justification to why the show's name was changed in that territory, foreshadowing his inevitable rise to fame as an action movie star. After one season, the show faded into limbo, and what was once a straight superhero franchise slowly took off from the radar...

Movie: The Green Hornet
Starring: Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz, Cameron Diaz
Directed By: Michel Grondry

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Update: Akuma and Taskmaster are in.

It was teased and spoiled over numerous scans of the extra comics and content to be packed with the final game's special editions, but now, As confirmed by the folks over at Capcom Unity and IGN, Akuma/ Gouki and Taskmaster have joined the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 crowd and have become two of the latest editions to the roster as we count down to the game's release in mid-February. Here are the reveal trailers, so enjoy the eyecandy until the game comes out!

MvC 3 Akuma Trailer

MvC 3 Taskmaster Trailer

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds smashes into consoles on February 15, 2011.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Captain America Update: Another shot of Cap in action!

Slash Film and Superherohype have posted a new pic from The L.A Times and Marvel, featuring Chris Evans all dressed up and running as Captain America: The First Avenger! With the movie just mere months away and the recent shot of the actor in full getup and gear, it was only a matter of time that other shots of Steve Rogers/ Cap in action would make it online. Expect more of these and the inevitable trailer to pop up soon. For more info, visit the source posts at Slash Film, Superherohype, and The L.A Times.

Captain America: The First Avenger rushes into theaters on July 20, 2011.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Mortal Kombat Series Is A GO!

Remember that short Mortal Kombat trailer/ film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, featuring Michael Jai White as Jax and Ian Anthony Dale as Scorpion? If you don't, here it is again to give you a reminder of how cool that one was:

Liked it? Well, this trailer certainly made an impression on fans of the video game series, and while it hasn't been given the ok to be made into a feature movie of its own, it has officially been given the green light to be made into a series! As reported in a post via Kotaku, the trailer conceptualized by director Kevin Tancharoen will blossom into a 10 webisode series courtesy of Warner Bros, with no word on a release date so far. However, it has been confirmed that Mr. White will reprise his role as Jax. How that will turn out remains to be seen. For more info, visit the source post at Kotaku!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Humor: Shenmue Duck Racing!?

SEGA and Yu Suzuki's epic masterpiece gaming series Shenmue was truly one of the gaming highlight's of my life, and it's a shame that another sequel hasn't been made to complete the story since Shenmue II. Gamers around the world have been campaigning and petitioning endlessly to get their wish to play Shenmue III, but that realization has yet to come, and the focus now for SEGA in relation to the series is the Japan only mobile online game called Shenmue City. Still, fans keep their hopes up and remain nostalgic with the series by replaying it and discovering some of the numerous things protagonist Ryo Hazuki could do in his spare time while searching for his father's killer Lan Di. Here's one that was just posted in Kotaku, and it left me bewildered: There's Duck Racing in Shenmue II?!

There you have it. I've played Lucky Hit, fed a kitten, and beaten bad guys up with martial arts, but I wouldn't have thought Duck Racing would be in Ryo's schedule, lol! Ah Shenmue, how I miss thee!

Thor Update: New pic of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

With just a few months to go before the movie premieres in theaters, Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures have been going full steam with promotions for their first superhero flick of 2011, Thor. In fact, Superherohype has a post up featuring a new pic via Entertainment Weekly of Chris Hemsworth as the God Of Thunder, who looks mighty pissed off and ready to do battle with something or someone.

That's one serious looking Thor in that pic, and who knows who will feel his wrath once the movie premieres this early May. For more info, you can check out the source posts over at Superherohype and Entertainment Weekly!

Thor flies into theaters wielding his hammer Mjolnir on May 6, 2011!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Spider-Man Reboot Update: First pic of Andrew Garfield in costume!

This has been posted almost everywhere, but what the heck, here it is... The first shot of Andrew Garfield dressed up as Spider-Man!

Of course, this is just the promotional shot featuring Garfield in costume. It's an obvious and total redesign; leaner, slimmer, and gives off the hint that he'll be sporting traditional webshooters instead of the organic ones used by Tobey Maguire in the Sam Raimi films. Marc Webb has got everyone curious so far, so we'll just have to wait and see how all this turns out. For more info, visit i09 and GeekMatic!

The Spider-Man reboot swings into theaters on July 3, 2012!

Captain America Update: New Shot Of Chris Evans as Captain America!

Everyone is tuned in to the news about Andrew Garfield's first pic dressed as Spider-Man, but have you guys seen Chris Evans all decked out in uniform and shield as Captain America? Slash Film and Superherohype featured this Entertainment Weekly pic just before the webhead news, so take a look at one of this year's heroes in full gear!

As expected, it's the WWII uniform with an Ultimate Cap twist... but the Wingtips are painted and present in the helmet! This is looking better than those production photos we saw all those months ago. Now I'm eagerly looking forward to the movie this year! For more info, visit Entertainment Weekly, Superherohype, and Slash Film!

Captain America: The First Avenger throws his mighty shield this July 20, 2011!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Humor: By Their Powers Combined?!

Because of this tiny little thing I saw online, I've decided to start a new chain of posts concentrating on what I find funny and silly on the go while browsing quick updates on the web. Sure, I've seen and poster some before, but this will be the first one I post about this year! Take a look at "greatness"!

This was both hilarious and weird the moment I saw it via Kotaku. An amalgamation Batman, Super Mario, and Abe Lincoln... Oh lord.XD These central, historic/ fictional, and key figures in history surely makes up one superior being, right? Err... I guess so, but I don't think anyone will take this guy seriously, lol!XD

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thor Update: A New Poster Cometh!

Movie news site Screen Rant has posted a new one sheet poster of Marvel Studios' "Thor", once again featuring Chris Hemsworth as the God Of Thunder, standing with his mighty hammer Mjolnir and looking ready to face whatever threat lies before him. This is only the second poster released to promote the movie, and it's nothing relatively new, save for the enlarged movie logo in the middle and Hemsworth's Thor shifting from a back stance to a front one. I'd like to see a poster featuring all the Asgardians, Jane Foster, S.H.I.E.L.D, and The Destroyer; Like something similar to Jon Favreau's Iron Man movie one sheets. Still, for more info on this as well as other one sheet posters of other upcoming 2011 films "The Green Hornet" and "Sucker Punch", you can visit the source post over at Screen Rant!

Thor opens in all theaters in Midgard for conventional and 3D viewing this May 6!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Captain America Update: First look at the Cosmic Cube in the movie!

io9 recently posted an article giving fans first look at the legendary artifact known as the "Cosmic Cube", wielded by actor Hugo Weaving's character Johann Schmidt... aka The Red Skull! Those who know Captain America lore know that those who hold the cube have access to near limitless power, from reshaping reality to something as rudimentary as restoring one's broken mind and psyche. Who knows how this will play into the move Captain America: The First Avenger? We'll find out soon this coming July. For more information, visit the source posts over at i09, Worst Previews, and Slash Film!

Captain America: The First Avenger opens in theaters July 22, 2011!

See The Playstation Phone Playing PSOne Games!

We've seen leads before, but up to this point in time, there have been no confirmed reports from Sony Computer Entertainment about the existence or release of the Playstation Phone or Playstation Portable 2. However, that has stopped the web from producing rumors or news surrounding leaks on such devices existing... and now one of them has a face and is making waves online. Via Kotaku, a video article was posted showing the PSPhone in action, playing PSOne games like Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer on the Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Preview Video

Be reminded though, this isn't confirmed as the official product yet, but we can dream that it could be something like this, and it looks pretty neat to boot. For more on the story and details, visit the source post over at Kotaku.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Trailer Debuts!

The Nintendo 3DS is set to make its debut next month in Japan, and among the select number of launch titles will be Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition! This is great news for those itching to take the new Capcom brawler on the go with the newest portable system in the market, but can it deliver and play on par to its console brethren? Check out the new launch trailer to see the features and find out how the game looks for yourselves!

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition New Trailer

Well, that looks encouraging enough! Seeing how the 3DS is making a buzz with promising titles on its list, I'm very much looking forward to giving this a shot, as well as other upcoming fighters like Dead Or Alive Dimensions and the recently announced port of Blazblue: Continuum Shift II. I'd still want a release of SSFIV for the PSP, but you never know what's going to happen or come in the world of gaming in the next few months. We'll just have to wait and see how things go from here.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Planned Wonder Woman TV Series Stalled

Fans of DC Comics' Wonder Woman better not hold their breath if they're expecting a new TV series adaptation of the Amazon Princess and superhero to come anytime soon. According to Entertainment Weekly and Superherohype, the series has pretty much halted in the development process, as Warner Bros. was not able to find a home for the show, and none of the major broadcasters have shown interest in picking up the series, which is scripted by David E. Kelley. One of the possible reasons for this may be the cost, which is understandable considering the kind of licensing fee a character like Wonder Woman demands. Hopefully this won't deter it from pushing forward sometime in the future though. For more on the story, visit either Superherohype or Entertainment Weekly!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Iron Man 2.0 #4 debuts War Machine's new look has just posted the new look and upgrade James "Rhodey" Rhodes will be getting via his best friend Tony Stark in the pages of the upcoming new ongoing series, "Iron Man 2.0". Plot details and summaries released by the House of Ideas revealed that Rhodey will make the upgrade out of necessity to overcome a dangerous threat coming his way in his new ongoing series. What or who that is remains a mystery, but one things for sure... This is the new Iron Man 2.0. Take a look.

Cover to Iron Man 2.0 #4

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of what I see here. True, Rhodey stood in and took over for Stark once before as Iron Man, but he's made a separate name for himself over the years as War Machine, and what I see here is an attempt to blend the two personas into one, and it just doesn't work for me. War Machine should have shoulder cannons and heavy weapons attached to the armor, and this new suit just strips him down to make him a palette swap version of Iron Man (hence the name Iron Man 2.0 I guess). Unless Rhodey is getting the "Extremis" or "Bleeding Edge" treatment in the storyline to come, I'm not happy with the results. It's like they took the concept of the Mark II upgraded to War Machine in Iron Man II and did the reverse. For more on the story, you can read the rest of the details over at

Iron Man 2.0 debuts a direction for James Rhodes starting on January 19!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Update: Mike Haggar and Phoenix join the cast!

Mere weeks away from its official release this year, Capcom and Marvel have revealed two more fighters joining the line-up of their upcoming brawler sequel, Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds! Veterans of the game will be happy to hear the news that these are two new characters who have yet to make their Capcom fighting game debut... but both are no strangers to fans of their respective franchises either!

First up, hailing from the troubled town of Metro City is a man who was a former professional wrestler now turned mayor! He fights the good fight to keep the streets safe from scum and evil like the treacherous Mad Gear gang in the Final Fight games! He's been rumored to appear in this game before, and now we get official confirmation! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the one and only Mike Haggar!

MvC3 Mike Haggar Trailer

Next up is a familiar face to fans of Marvel's X-men! She's one of the original members of the team, and a noble sacrifice to save her teammates in an outer space mission enabled this female mutant to be possessed by one of the most powerful forces of the universe! You know her as Jean Grey... but you can also call her Phoenix!

MvC3 Phoenix Trailer

There you have it, two new fighters! Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds launches a fighting frenzy this February 15!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The CW releases a new Smallville Final Season poster!

Movie news site Screen Rant has posted up the new Smallville final season poster released by The CW network, featuring Tom Welling as Clark Kent, literally standing in the middle of his impending destiny. The show has gone on hiatus following this past holiday season, and is expected to resume its run with just eleven more episodes to go before the show finally wraps up after almost a decade of running and entertaining fans with its unique depiction of Superman's origin and early years. For more information on the show's new poster and final season, visit the source post at Screen Rant!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stan "The Man" Lee Honored With Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star!

A week just after his 88th Birthday, Comic Book Icon, Legend, and Creator Stan "The Man" Lee gets his very own star in the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, joining other well known faces and celebrities who were privileged enough to earn a spot in the collection! The news came straight from, and Stan himself even got an video interview done to express his thoughts on the very distinguishable honor he just received! Take a look!

So there you have it! You can check out the rest of the story at the source post at! A big congratulations to Stan Lee! You truly deserve this honor for all the contributions and delights you have given us over the years! EXCELSIOR!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Captain America Update: Brief footage of Chris Evans as Cap!

SuperHeroHype has posted a You Tube video of an upcoming episode of Entertainment Tonight, which teases a set visit of the much anticipated Marvel Studios movie this summer - Captain America: The First Avenger! Through the footage, fans can get a brief glimpse of Chris Evans in uniform as Steve Rogers/ Captain America! Take a look!

Entertainment Tonight Captain America Set Visit Promo

Can't wait to see this episode when it airs! For more info and a glimpse at Empire's upcoming issue featuring the movie and some photos, visit the source post at SuperHeroHype!

Captain America: The First Avenger throws his mighty shield to theaters this July 22, 2011!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Green Lantern Update: First Look At The Exclusive Action Figure!

Via a post from Screen Rant, it seems that images of the first official figure from the Green Lantern movie have leaked online! Seen first on website The Daily Blam!, the toy by Mattel is sculpted in the likeness and looks very similar to Ryan Reynolds, who plays Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern in the 2011 film, all dressed in the iconic GL costume that looks very organic in the movie version. Also, the figure comes with an exclusivegreen display stand, with the Green Lantern ring positioned in the center of it all. Take a look below!

Pretty true to the look seen in the movie alright! For more info and details, visit the source posts at The Daily Blam! and Screen Rant! Green Lantern shines willpower into theaters on June 17, 2011!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


As 2010 draws to a close, let's look forward to more merry moments ahead, and enjoy what life has to bring! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! WELCOME 2011!