Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Marvel brings "Every Single One" Spider-Man into "Spider-Verse" this November

This year is definitely going to be "The Year of the Spider" indeed, as Marvel and Dan Slott unveil plans for their next push into Peter Parker's oh so tangled web that is his life with the announcement of a brand new event for Spider-Man that involves... well, EVERY SINGLE ONE that is or is somehow related to him!

Via Comic Book Resources and Marvel's Live Blog announcement with Dan Slott himself, the House of Ideas has announced "Spider-Verse", a major Spider-Man storyline coming in November that sees pretty much every iteration of the webslinger that we've known throughout the years... And some totally new! It hits right on Marvel's 75th Anniversary, so EVERY SPIDEY YOU KNOW will appear.

What was first teased with a brilliant Gabriele Dell'Otto piece with just Spider-Man revealed...

Now turns into THIS.

And pretty much you can name some of those who appear in this awesome spread... Symbiote/ Black Suit Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man 2099, The Amazing Bag Man, Future Foundation, Iron Spider, and even Spider-Ham. Heck, even the female Spider characters are in this, and you'll see not only Jessica Drew's Spider-Woman, but even her counterpart from the Ultimate Universe, and even MC2 Spider-Girl May "MayDay" Parker.

 So much and a lot to take in. Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel are tapped to take on the event, and it begins with a tease on this years Free Comic Book Day followed by the proper start of the event with "The Amazing Spider-Man #9".

Read more on "Spider-Verse", which begins in November 2014, via the source post at CBR!

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