Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gotham: The Flying Graysons to appear in 16th episode in series

Looks like a certain other well-known family from the city of "Gotham" is indeed coming to the show as it continues on after coming back from its mid-season break... And it's related to a certain Boy Wonder who will eventually become the sidekick and prodigal son of the future Dark Knight.

Via Comic Book Movie and Vixen Variety, pictures from the production of the 16th episode of "Gotham" have come online giving a first look at "The Flying Graysons" - the big acrobat performing family that performs at Haley's Circus and spawned the future Richard "Dick" Grayson - the first Robin and more prominently known Nightwing of the Batman Family! How this is going to play out in the prequel story that includes a young Officer James Gordon is anyone's guess, but stay tuned and keep watching the show to know more.

Gotham airs every Mondays on FOX.

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