Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The CW DC TV Universe: Arrow gets Constantine & The Flash reveals Jay Garrick

If you thought The CW DC TV Universe couldn't get any bigger, think again, as TWO MAJOR announcements for Arrow and The Flash just hit the interwebz that will surely send fans into an excited frenzy when their upcoming new seasons hit this October!

In what is truly an answer to the prayers and requests of every fan of NBC's now cancelled "Constantine" TV Series, actor Matt Ryan is set to reprise the role of the con-man/ occult specialist on the 5th episode of Arrow Season 4 called "Haunted", in which he provides "Critical Support" to Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow when "arrows aren't enough". The news, c/o EW, comes straight after hopes were dashed months ago for Constantine to get a new home network and Stephen Amell's offer to make a cameo appearance in the show if it was given a second chance... Now all prayers are answered and it looks like John Constantine is slowly being incorporated into the Arrowverse proper!
Matt Ryan shared the happy news himself via his Twitter page.

Meanwhile, The CW has also released the first look at actor Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick, aka The Flash of Earth-Two, as he races with Grant Gustin's Flash in an image featured on the official Facebook page of the show that is a direct tribute to The Flash #123, where Barry Allen and Mr. Garrick first meet and help establish the meeting between DC Multiverse characters clearly with the first crossover between Earth-One and Earth-Two.

The Flash Season 2 begins on October 6 while Arrow starts Season 4 on the next day, October 7, on The CW!

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