Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Flash: New Season 2 poster featuring an agonizing Flash revealed

Hitting in less than a month's time and bringing back Barry Allen and his friends since we saw them in that cliffhanger ending to Season 1 last May, The CW and actor Grant Gustin have released a brand new poster (c/o Comic for The Flash Season 2, which shows The Scarlet Speedster in his slightly altered costume (with the original white Flash logo) and lightning hitting or being channeled out of him as he screams in agonizing pain.

The Flash Season 2 Promo #3

What this means is anyone's guess, but a promo recently debuted showing off new characters Jay Garrick, the original Golden Age Flash, and Atom Smasher in action. Hopefully a full length trailer for the next season will pop up after this poster reveal soon.

The Flash Season 2 will premiere on October 6.

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