Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Flash and Arrow: Extended Midseason return episode trailers released

Premiering this week and each show resuming their respective storylines after the 2015 holiday season break, The CW has debuted new extended trailers for "The Flash" Season 2 and "Arrow" Season 4 which focuses on the continuing storylines of each DC Superhero, with Barry Allen and his friends still pursuing Zoom and the mysteries of Earth Two, and Oliver Queen and his team seeking retribution and revenge against Damian Dahrk and his organization HIVE.

Here's the trailer for "Pretty Messed Up" for The Flash.

The Flash | Pretty Messed Up Extended Trailer

And then here's the trailer for the Arrow return episode "Revenge".

Arrow | Revenge Extended Trailer

The Flash and Arrow return to The CW this week.

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