Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy 30th Anniversary, The Transformers: The Movie!

Today on August 8th, one of the most controversial yet brilliantly executed animated movies based on one of the most beloved toylines and cartoon series of all time came out... And that was "The Transfomers: The Movie". Directed by Nelson Shin and featuring an ensemble cast of voice talents that included Eric Idle, Judd Nelson, Orson Wells, and Leonard Nimoy, the film is set on the year 2005, and is a direct sequel to the animated "The Transformers" series that featured Optimus Prime and the heroic Autobots who continued their war against the evil Decepticons.

In the film, an evil and planet eating robot planet known as "Unicron" is relentlessly destroying planets in its path while slowly making his way towards Cybertron. This happens amidst a decisive confrontation between the Autobots and Decepticons, which leaves several casualties on both sides that includes Optimus Prime - the wise and iconic Autobot leader who falls after saving his comrades on Autobot City on Earth from the invasion of Megatron and his Decepticons. Before he dies, Prime passes on the ancient "Matrix of Leadership" to his comarade-in-arms Ultra Magnus, who leads a new cast of Autobots that includes the young and hotheaded Hot Rod, fast-talking Blur, old timer Kup, and the lady bot Arcee. These characters eventually cross paths with all kinds of danger, including a reformatted Megatron who now goes by the name "Galvatron" and serves his new master Unicron. The Matrix turns out to be the only thing capable of destroying Unicron - which eventually finds itself in the hands of the new Autobot leader that no one would have expected to rise up to the occasion.

Transformers The Movie 1986 Original Trailer

So yeah, thirty years later and a couple of re-releases that see new special features and added bonus content added to them, The Transformers: The Movie is the film the defined a LOT of 80's kids childhoods. It had action, an AWESOME soundtrack (Stan Bush's "The Touch" and "Dare", 'nuff said), and a story that dared to change the way the franchise ran... Until Optimus Prime eventually returned and more stuff happened in both North American and Japanese Transformers continuities that evolved the series anew.

A brand new 30th Anniversary release of The Transformers: The Movie is due out this September 13th for Blu-Ray and DVD. Watch out for it!

The Touch - Stan Bush (HD Restoration)


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