Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wonder Woman: See a 13 minute featurette on the most "Wonderful" film

June has finally arrived, and for most theaters around the world it also heralds the long awaited arrival of "Wonder Woman" - the newest DC Films entry in the "DC Extended Universe" that sees Gal Gadot reprising her role as "Diana of Themyscira" in a movie that tells the Amazon Warrior Princess' origin and her first adventure in the world of man during a time of great war!

In case you needed a more in depth look at how "Wonderful" this film looks, here's a 13 minute featurette featured by Comic on what it took to make this film - directed by Patty Jenkins and seeing Gal Gadot and Chris Pine leading an amazing cast to bring this beautiful film to life. Naturally, SPOILER WARNING for those who want to see the film in all its stellar beauty!

WONDER WOMAN Extended Featurette - Making Of (2017)

Wonder Woman is now playing in theaters!

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