Saturday, August 5, 2017

EVO 2017's Street Fighter V finals was the most viewed for a Fighting Game event

As one of the most recognizable video game properties on the planet, Street Fighter has always made its mark and presence felt in the Fighting Game Community and its tournaments - but it achieved a milestone at this year's Evolution Championship Series at Las Vegas for earning the distinction of being the "Most Viewed" segment during the EVO 2017 SFV Finals.According the official Capcom Pro Tour website - 5 million viewers tuned in to see the Top 8 players who made the finals duke it out against one another, with the final two being Tokido vs Punk for the grand finals and the Japanese player using Akuma emerging as the victor of that battle!

CPT x EVO Wrap-Up!

Check out this beautiful "CPT x EVO 2017" wrap up video from the folks at Capcom themselves.

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