Sunday, January 21, 2018

Action Comics #1000 will feature the return of Superman's classic look and red trunks

The month of April will be a MILESTONE for DC Comics and comic history in general, as not only will Action Comics - the series that introduced the heroic character of Superman - count to its thousandth issue, but also mark the return of the heroes iconic classic costume! Yes, the red trunks will be returning to the Big Blue Boy Scout's wardrobe, and here it is above as drawn by none other than DC co-publisher and artist extraordinaire Jim Lee! The red trunks and classic costume were removed back in 2011 when DC Entertainment launched "The New 52" and rebooted most of its history, but eventually started bringing back elements of established continuity with "DC Rebirth" in 2016. Now Superman is returning to the look that defines him best - and that's great news for fans of the Man of Steel.

Action Comics #1000 will also feature the DC Comics' debut of Brian Michael Bendis, who will write a 10-page back up story for the issue with art by Jim Lee! The issue goes on sale on April 10 both at retail and digital. For more information, check out Superherohype's feature on the landmark title!

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