Friday, March 23, 2018

ICYMI: Check out the new awesome trailers for "Deadpool 2"

Set to drop a ton of bullets, mayhem, new mutant heroes, and a future man known as Cable played by Josh Brolin along with the ever lovable Merc with a Mouth played by Ryan Reynolds, 20th Century Fox and Marvel have released the brand new trailer for "Deadpool 2" - which has Wade Wilson back as the ugly faced yet master mercenary wise cracking mutant who forms a team known as "X-Force" to protect a young mutant from the time-travelling Cable.

Watch the red band trailer and find out what's in store:

DEADPOOL 2 | Official Trailer (Redband) |

And here's the green band trailer:
DEADPOOL 2 | Official Trailer (Greenband)

Deadpool 2 hits theaters in the Philippines on May 16!

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