Monday, May 28, 2018

ICYMI: Metro City Mayor Cody Travers comes to "Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition" this June 26

The long wait for the official reveal of one of the most anticipated new Street Fighter V DLC characters is finally over. At the end of the Capcom Pro Tour affiliated event called "ComboBreaker 2018", Capcom officially unveiled "Final Fight" hero/ anti-hero and veteran Cody Travers in his very own character gameplay trailer for "Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition" - and he's showing off a new corporate and slick back look that reflects his new status in life - that being the new mayor of his hometown Metro City and succeeding his on/ off again mentor and friend Mike Haggar!

Those who have followed Street Fighter's long history in video games will remember that Cody first appeared as a playable character in Street Fighter Alpha 3 - literally as a shadow of his former heroic self as he was falsely accused of a crime and sent to jail to become a prisoner. Disillusioned and jaded, the Final Fight hero fell into disarray and simply led a devil may care ruffian lifestyle who fought simply because it pleased him. Cody would then reappear in the Street Fighter IV games starting with "Super Street Fighter IV", and now marks his long awaited return in new spirits as the Mayor of Metro City! In fact the reveal trailer pays homage to the original Final Fight opening, with Mayor Cody played by wrestler and fighting game player Kenny Omega!

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition: Cody Reveal Trailer

Read up more on Cody and find out how he plays in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition via Capcom-Unity! He'll be playable staring June 26th!

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