Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Avengers: new photos and clips assemble at!

As Earth's Mightiest Heroes conquers theaters internationally and prepares to assemble in US cinemas on May 4th, Marvel has been steady to keep the excitement and pace up by releasing new promotional materials and pictures for The Avengers! has released 11 new pictures to promote the film, including one right above that shows the entire team assembled, looking up and ready to face the dangers the lie before them in order to protect the earth! For more on this and other pictures, visit the source post at!

Also, as a brief tease for those who can't wait or need a sampling, here are some clips from the movie that showcase what to expect from the Joss Whedon directed film! SPOILERS of course, so view at your own risk!

Marvel's The Avengers Clip - Face Off

Marvel's The Avengers Clip - Loki Imprisoned

Marvel's The Avengers Clip - Headcount

Marvel's The Avengers Clip - Captain America and Thor Battle

The Avengers assemble into theaters on April 25th Internationally and May 4th in the US!

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