Sunday, April 15, 2012

Marvel to launch new Hawkeye ongoing series!

With the countdown to The Avengers rolling down ever so fast, Marvel isn't pulling any stops in ensuring that Earth's Mightiest Heroes get exposed one way or the other! That being said, the House of Ideas has decided to promote one of the team's most prominent heroes once more by giving him a brand new ongoing series, and it's none other than the sharpshooting avenger himself, Hawkeye!

As you can see, Clint Barton will be getting his own monthly title, and handling the duties will be none other than Invincible Iron Man writer Matt Fraction, who will collaborate with his partner from Immortal Iron Fist, artist David Aja! With two blockbuster talents handling duties for the book, Hawkeye will begin its run in August!

The first two covers of the issue have been released by, as well as a detailed interview with Fraction and Aja! Of course, Hawkeye's appearance has drastically altered from his more familiar Earth-616 uniform to conform with the portrayal of actor Jeremy Renner in The Avengers, so veterans and newbies get a new look at the hero! For more on that as well as other details, visit the source post at and Comic Book Movie!

Hawkeye takes aim at the comic book world this August!

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