Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bat In The Sun: Batman Vs Wolverine Live Action Battle!

Bat In The Sun Productions has produced several projects that are both revered and beloved by fans of comics and Batman. They've produced classic fan films that focus on The Dark Knight and his exploits, from Batman: City of Scars to Batman: Seeds of Arkham. Now, their latest offering is in conjunction with a new project called "Super Power Beat Down", pitting two heroic legends against one another in a batte of epic proportions! BATMAN VS WOLVERINE!

The battle here pits none other than the Justice League's own Dark Knight against the X-Men's own Feral Mutant! Who will win: The Caped Crusader or The Ol' Canucklehead? Watch the battle via the video below, and then you decide by voting and visiting the SPBD website!


Be sure to visit and see more projects from Bat In The Sun via their Facebook, Twitter, and official website!

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