Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Walking Dead: First Look at Merle Dixon for Season 3. *SPOILER*

Those following AMC's The Walking Dead know that Season 3 is currently filming and will be released this coming October. Pictures have already slid online revealing first looks at Michonne, The Governor, and series protagonist Rick Grimes.

Now, a new photo has popped up giving fans a first look at the official return of a character who was last seen officially in Season 1 - Merle Dixon (played by Michael Rooker). SPOILERS following after the jump to see how Daryl Dixon's big brother will look come Season 3, so view at your own risk!

Merle's back... With a prosthetic hand that's... a sword?! Looks like the badass redneck has more guts and wits combined, as he replaces the limb he sawed off to escape the roof in Season 1 with a modified arm weapon! Thanks goes to Comic Book Movie and The Walking Dead News for the scoop!

The Walking Dead returns with Season 3 this fall!

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