Friday, December 21, 2012

1960's Batman series will get a Mattel toyline

If the date 12/21/12 held any other significance other than "The End Is Nigh", then is is certainly GOOD NEWS for fans of the classic 1966 Batman show!

Via a report from Superherohype and this month's issue of License! Global magazine, Mattel confirms that the classic 1960's Batman series will be getting the toyline treatment, meaning that star and legendary actor Adam West will FINALLY be getting an action figure! This comes on the eve of reports of 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. negotiated a deal to finally release the long desired superhero TV show in home media, so it's certainly a good way to tie-in and reintroduce fans to a legendary franchise with a new toyline!

Batman 1966 Intro

With Mattel's popular DC Universe Classics/ All-Stars line receiving figures with multiple points of articulation, this is certainly good news for Batfans who have wanted the campy but iconic version as part of their collection! Related DC action figure news also sees the "DC Super Friends" toyline continuing, as well as the release of the new "Beware The Batman" and "Man Of Steel" tie-in figures. For more info, visit the source post at License! Global's website and SHH!

So watch out old chums and collectors, Adam West/ Batman's making a comeback!

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