Friday, July 10, 2015

SDCC '15: First Arrow Season 4 teaser poster possibly unveiled

In San Diego Comic-Con, there's bound to be plenty of things that suddenly appear out of nowhere and surprise fans of a specific fandom or show... And in the case of The CW's hit superhero TV series "Arrow", that may very well be the case in what appears to be the first snippet of the Season 4 teaser poster!

Tweeted by We Are Lotzers and then reported by Bleeding Cool, this sudden promotional image for the show looks very convincing - With the big surprise being Stephen Amell still wearing the familiar Arrow Mk. III uniform he had to give up following the events of Season 3. The rest of the cast of course is present, with Felicity backing Ollie up as John Diggle and Captain Lance give somewhat disapproving looks. On the other side, Laurel Lance and Thea Queen are suited up as Black Canary and Speedy, while Malcolm Merlyn is true to form in a variant of his archer attire... Possibly representing his ascension as the new Ra's Al Ghul.

Either way, we'll have to wait for The CW to either confirm or show off more as SDCC 2015 carries along.

Arrow returns with its Fourth Season in The CW this Fall.

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