Saturday, October 10, 2015

DC Universe Animated Original Movies: Batman: The Killing Joke could get an "R" rating

Looks like one of the most anticipated DC Universe Animated Original Movie adaptations may be getting a more mature setup, as upcoming DC Animated film director James Tucker announced during the "Batman: Bad Blood" First Look Panel at the New York Comic Con that the animated film adaptation of "Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's "Batman: The Killing Joke" may be getting an "R Rating".

According to the story Comic, Tucker commented that Warner Bros. may allow more mature content to be done to the treatment of the film: "You know, they (WB) said we could make it R. Not saying that's what it will be, but we'll see."

Set for release sometime in 2016, The Killing Joke is hailed as one of the best Batman stories of all time, centering on one strong possible origin of his greatest nemesis  - The Joker. The graphic novel also details the Clown Prince of Crime's random and sinister attacks on The Dark Knight and his closest allies, which includes the shooting and paralysis of Barbara Gordon.

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