Friday, October 30, 2015

Gotham: Hugo Strange cast for Season 2 and to be played by BD Wong

Adding yet another familiar villainous face to the growing roster of bad guys making their appearance in the show, Fox and Warner Bros. have officially announced that "Jurassic World" and "Law and Order: SVU" actor BD Wong has been cast as the deranged psychiatrist Professor Hugo Strange, a man who is one of The Dark Knight's first supervillains. Strange is also actually the first villain to discover Batman's secret identity of Bruce Wayne, but develops an obsession to actually replace and become the hero... Which he repeatedly fails to do so in his comic book appearances.

The news comes from Comic, and also details how Strange plays into the events of "Gotham" - now on its second season and continuing the series that explores a Pre-Batman Gotham City that is slowly becoming home to the supervillains it is notorious for and the few forces of justice like a young Detective James Gordon who continue to fight for the innocent.

Gotham airs every Mondays on Fox.

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