Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Birthday, Ken Masters!

Ryu's Eternal Rival. Master of the Flaming Shoryuken. The U.S. Martial Arts Champion.

Whatever you call him or if you know him as the "other Shoto guy", Ken Masters is no longer just mere palette swap of Street Fighter's main character. Through the years, this man who trained alongside his best friend under their mentor Gouken has become a fan favorite of the series, and has evolved to embody traits of speedy, flashiness, and pure fiery determination in his fighting style. In fact, Street Fighter V will introduce a brand new look for Ken that will separate his appearance from Ryu all the more... And highlight new areas of his Ansatsuken skill set.

Ken Evolution in Street Fighter

In honor of Ken's Birthday, here's revisiting his past evolution... To how he will appear in Street Fighter V...
Street Fighter 5 - Ken Reveal Trailer

For the man who dedicates his fights to his wife Eliza and his son Mel, Happy Birthday, Ken Masters!

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