Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pokemon turns 20 years today! Happy Pokemon Day!

The video game world celebrates today, as Pokemon - the ingenious creation of one Satoshi Tajiri and owned by The Pokemon Company, turns 20 years today - honoring a legacy that has spanned through several games where Pokemon Trainers capture different types of creatures to train and do battle against one another in a worldwide arena that holds infinite possibilities and pure combat fantasy!

Since its inception in February 27, 1996 with a game called Pocket Monsters Red and Green for the original Nintendo Game Boy, what would be known as "Pokemon" see the first game revised and ported to the US in 1998 as "Pokemon Red and Blue", before getting a rereleased enchanced version with "Pokemon Yellow". That would then start a chain reaction that saw the fanbase grow and the game evolve into a lucrative media franchise, extending itself beyond games and expanding into trading card games, toys, anime series, movies, and much much more.

The most recognizable Pokemon and ultimately the franchise's mascot would be Pikachu - the yellow tiny creature that has electric powers. The character has appeared alongside its master and trainer Ash Ketchum since the original Pokemon animated series that started in 1997. Their adventures and partnership are legendary and awe inspiring, as is that catchy intro song.

Pokemon Original Intro

With two new installments coming out later this year in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon's legacy is indeed intact and getting more followers and fans each day. Happy 20th Anniversary Pokemon... I Choose You!

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