Saturday, February 25, 2017

DC Rebirth: Jay Garrick returns in "The Button" and Batman image tweeted by Tom King

Looks like a familiar DC Hero will FINALLY make his long awaited return after being teased in the pages of The Flash, as DC Comics has released (via Newsarama) the Jason Fabok drawn cover to "The Flash #22" - which sees the comeback of Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick. Back in a slightly redesigned version of his original costume complete with the Mercury helmet, Garrick's return happens during "The Button" storyline, which begins this April and spans issues #21 and 22 of "Batman" and "The Flash" respectively.

Speaking of Batman, series writer Tom King tweeted this other Fabok drawn artwork showing the Caped Crusader looking at his computer in the Batcave, showing images of the bloodstained smiley face button that belonged to The Comedian of Watchmen fame. What this means is just what "The Button" aims to solve, but King quotes Rorschach in his tweet, leading many to believe we'll be getting the answers soon to this lingering mystery that has stuck around since "DC Universe Rebirth #1" was released last year.

The Button begins with Batman #21 on April.

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