Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Logan: IMAX Poster revealed by Hugh Jackman & 2 TV Spots released online

Revealed in the actor's official Facebook page just in time for Valentine's Day, Hugh Jackman has shared the official IMAX poster for his final Wolverine solo film entitled "Logan" - which shows the Canadian feral mutant front and center looking ready for battle alongside his clone X-23 and behind them a tired looking Professor X, while a montage showing the rest of the cast and stars of the film along with a sunset and wasteland background showcase what to expect from this futuristic tale where the former X-Man is tired and weary but pulled back into the fight because of a young mutant who shares the same abilities as he does.

In addition to the IMAX poster, two new TV Spots for the movie were also released online.

Logan hits theaters on March 2017.

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