Friday, July 14, 2017

Dinah Drake gets a new "Black Canary" costume for Arrow Season 6

Revealed by Entertainment Weekly during an exclusive story piece detailing what fans can expect from the next season of the show, a new photo showing actress Juliana Harkavy in a new Black Canary costume has surfaced online - giving fans a sneak peek of what to expect from "Arrow" Season 6! As the successor to the mantle once worn by Laurel Lance, Dinah Drake comes into her own with a new tactical inspired suit complete with a new Bo Staff, and it's confirmed that she's one of the lucky survivors to make it out of the explosive finale of Arrow Season 5, which saw Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow and his friends battling Prometheus and his allies in the island of Lian Yu - which exploded and left things in a cliffhanger.

We'll find out soon enough how things turn out when Arrow returns to The CW with its sixth season on October 12. San Diego Comic-Con also happens next week, so a trailer and more teases are expected to be revealed then as well.

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Thefanboyseo said...

Have they finally killed off Felicity?

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