Monday, July 17, 2017

ICYMI: EVO 2017 was HYPE - Jedah coming to MvCI, Geese to Tekken 7, & Abigail to SFV

And so ends another EPIC year of fighting game goodness gathered in a tournament event in Las Vegas - the 2017 edition of the annual "Evolution Championship Series" or EVO has ended, and with it comes a list of hard earned championships that were fought among some of the best of the BEST pro-gamers and fighting game players from around the world. If you want to check out the results, has it all listed in their EVO subsite.

Otherwise if you want a taste of things - here's the GRAND FINALS where Japan's Tokido took on the young American prodigy Punk in a match that's definitely going in history!

In addition, lots of REVEALS were made in the show that you just have to see!

MVCI - Jedah Gameplay

TEKKEN 7 - Geese Howard Reveal Trailer

SFV: Abigail Reveal Trailer

All I can do is quote what Tokido said in his winning speech - "Fighting Games are GREAT".

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