Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Slovak Batman who makes a difference...

Photo by Reuters

In the town of Dunajska Streda lives a silent protector. A man who wants to make a difference by helping his community, and has embraced the symbol of the bat by donning a costume. That man is 26 year old Zoltan Kohari, also know as the Slovak Batman. He lives alone in an abandoned building without electricity, heat, or water, and strives to make people's lives easier by lending a helping hand whenever he can. His story serves as an inspirational one, and if one Slovakian individual chooses to be and do something more despite his limitations, then there's heart to his cause... Even if it's not fighting crime and beating up the bad guys.

If Batman Incorporated actually existed, then this would be a perfect candidate to the group Bruce Wayne/ Batman founded to fight crime and preserve justice. Well done for your story, Slovak Batman. You can read up the rest of the article and his tale via the source posts at Yahoo! and Reuters.

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