Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Walking Dead: The Origin of Michonne by Robert Kirkman in Playboy Magazine

By now, many of you have probably seen (or not) the Season 2 Finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, which wrapped up things nicely despite some mixed reactions and comments by the fanbase over the season's pacing. With Frank Darabont no longer in as showrunner, responsibilities fell over to the other executive producers, among them Glen Mazzara, Greg Nicotero, and The Walking Dead creator himself, Robert Kirkman. Despite losing Darabont, they've remained true to keeping his vision alive and the series a certified hit among fans and viewers alike. With Season 3 due to come this October, everyone is already geared for two things: The Prison arc and the introduction of The Walking Dead comic book character and samurai sworld wielding chick Michonne to Television! She made a small cameo appearance in the finale, and to tie-in to that, Playboy and The Walking Dead comics' creators have teamed up to tell her origin in 6 pages!

Those who don't know who Michonne is, best stay away as there will be SPOILERS in the next few pages, which serves as her origin story for her comic book iteration (who first appeared in Isuue #19, which is now selling for $1850 according to Bleeding Cool)! Released in this month's Playboy magazine. "Michonne's Story" is done by the creators of the comic themselves: written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard! Anyone who's a fan of TWD better not miss this, so check it out after the jump... but consider this a SPOILER ALERT and read at your own risk!

That sums up her origins nicely! Michonne will be played in the TV series by actress Danai Gurira! For more info on this story, check out the source post at Comic Book Movie!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC and televesion this Fall. Catch the comic series now for more adventures!

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