Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spoiler Alert: Warner Bros. confirms the return of a character in The Dark Knight Rises

It's not much of big news considering it was reported some months back, but now official confirmation has arrived via Warner Bros. of the return of a character in Christopher Nolan's Batman film franchise, who's set to appear once more in his third and final film "The Dark Knight Rises". Anyone who's read the related posts to this previously will know who's being talked about. Otherwise, consider this SPOILER territory, and you wouldn't want to find yourselves there if you want to keep the surprise intact.

As speculated when it was reported last January, Liam Neeson will officially be reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/ Batman's mentor and enemy Ra's Al Ghul - who also worked under the alias "Henri Ducard" while training Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale), showing him a path and helping the future Dark Knight master his fears. Via the official production notes for Neeson's latest flick "Wrath of the Titans", Warner Bros. officially confirmed his return to the role that helped shape Bruce Wayne into the crimefighter he is... as well as the master behind the League of Shadows. How Ra's Al Ghul fits into The Dark Knight Rises still remains to be seen, but he's going to be getting a younger counterpart who'll be played by actor Josh Pence, and one has to wonder how his influence will spread, especially with Bane serving as the primary antagonist of Batman this time around. He'll perhaps be his master... and rise with the aid of the man who will break the Bat. Time will tell. For more info, visit the source post at Batman-News, Comic Book Movie, and Warner Bros. official production notes.

The Dark Knight Rises shows a hero's journey end on July 20!

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