Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Marvel NOW! launches this October!

After DC Comics successfully made waves last year rebooting their comic universe with "The New 52", many have questioned and asked when Marvel will follow suit and do a relaunch of their own. Now, fans of the House of Ideas have an answer, as the publisher gears itself up to launch up a new initiative that will see the rise of new titles and the rebirth of old ones - Marvel NOW!

As reported by several comic book websites and Entertainment Weekly and partly teased by the Jean Grey teaser, Marvel is shaking up their universe and releasing new titles, among them Uncanny Avengers (with cover above by Joe Quesada), a new flagship title that will see characters from X-Men and Avengers team-up to form one of the biggest incarnations of Earth's Mightiest Heroes combined! The publisher however is quick to note that what they're doing is NOT a reboot, but rather a "new beginning" that will unravel in the coming months ahead. More details and notes are available on the story via the source post at Entertainment Weekly. Be sure to visit to keep tabs on the story!

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