Sunday, July 15, 2012

SDCC '12: Marvel announces Cap 2 and Thor 2 titles; Reveals Iron Man 3 and Ant-Man footage

San Diego Comic-Con news is going into a frenzy. With the revelation of startling and exclusive material in the showfloor, there's nothing else that would make a fan of comics, games, movies, and just about anything related PopCulture very happy. To that point, Marvel and Walt Disney are stepping up their game by revealing new info and footage from their upcoming films and sequels!

During the Marvel Studios panel discussion, the titles for the next installments of the Thor and Captain America movies were revealed. 

The God of Thunder's next outing will be called "Thor: The Dark World", while Cap's next adventure is surprising called "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". Those who are fans of the Asgardian will know that adventures await somewhere outside of Earth, while the Star Spangled Avenger's readers will know that the title for the sequel calls for the return of a certain sidekick and friend of Steve Rogers, based on a classic storyline by legendary Cap writer Ed Brubaker.

Via the official Facebook pages of Cap and Thor, here are the logos and release dates!

As for what else went down in the panel, Iron Man 3 footage was shown, and the end of it pretty much confirmed that Ben Kingsley will indeed be The Mandarin for the Shane Black directed sequel. Also, test footage was shown for Edgar Wright's Ant Man, and the reception was nothing short of excellent. Concept art was also shown for Guardians of the Galaxy, and one has to wonder how that film will turn out come 2014! Read more about the news via Superherohype!

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