Sunday, July 15, 2012

SDCC '12: Iron Man 3 Booth showcases the new movie armor!

Revealed by Marvel's Facebook page and Twitter, the House of Ideas has set up the amazing "Hall of Armor" display that will be featured in Iron Man 3! Also on display is the 8th and latest armor that Tony Stark will wear... The Mark VIII! The new suit is supposedly is a techno-armor that will be akin to the Extremis and Bleeding Edge armor seen in the comics. One has to wonder how this armor will work to Robert Downey Jr.'s advantage in the new film, but at least we all get a sneak peek of it at this year's San Diego Comic-Con! For more information and details on this post, visit the source post at Marvel's Facebook page and Twitter!

UPDATE: Marvel Cinematic Universe added a close up shot of the Mark VIII in their Facebook Page.

More gold than red. It's not exactly the iconic color scheme I'd settle with, but it's still an Iron Man armor I'm looking forward to seeing play out on the film.

Iron Man 3 is slated to fly into theaters on May 3, 2013!

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