Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mini-Review: "Arrow" Pilot

Those looking for a reason to get on board Warner Bros. newest TV series "Arrow" can rest easy... It's DAMN GOOD so far as the Pilot episode is concerned! Following in the footsteps of Superman in "Smallville", this is latest superhero to get the small screen adaptation. If you needed a little insight on things, here's a mini-review for the first episode, which brings this heroic Battling Bowman to primetime television.

Premiering October 10 and based on the DC Comics character and superhero Green Arrow, this new television series that started airing on The CW is a dark and fresh young take on the life of The Emerald Archer. After being marooned and stranded on an island for five years, Oliver Queen returns home to a city filled with corruption. Changed by the experiences that made him survive his life the past few years in the Pacific, the young man is driven to fight crime and right the wrongdoings of his family background. Taking up the identity of the "Man with a Green Hood/ Arrow", Oliver takes up bow and arrow and starts a crusade against crime. He protects his secret from his family and friends, masking himself as a rich philanderer by day while fighting injustice as a hooded vigilante at night.

Different from Justin Harley's co-starring role in Smallville, Arrow holds similarities in tone to Christopher Nolan's Batman/ Dark Knight movies. Canadian actor Stephen Amell takes on the title role, giving everything he's got in terms of acting chops and physique to make his rendition of Oliver Queen look primed and ready. From the family background to the methods of fighting injustice, this show has a very Batman air to it, but things quickly distance themselves from the Caped Crusader's world when more of Ollie's world and life is revealed. The Pilot paints the picture well of a man on a mission, struggling to hide his dual identity and find answers to mysteries related to his father while adjusting back to an old life he was separated from.

Unlike other heroes and much like Batman, Green Arrow has no superpowers and is very grounded. He relies on his skills of archery and his own survival skills to wage his war on crime. Unlike the comics however, the character is depicted in "Arrow" as a vigilante willing to go through "extreme measures" to get the job done if necessary (but the recent "Cry For Justice" series also showed him doing just that). It's a darker take on the character indeed, but one that holds excitement and ground.

Arrow Extended Preview

Besides the main guy himself, casting is pretty good in Arrow so far. Katie Cassidy serves as his primary love interest and old flame Laurel Lance, while Colin Donnell plays best friend Tommy Merlyn. Fans who are familiar with the comics will note right away who these two REALLY are, and that both are closely related and intertwined with Green Arrow and his world more to them than meets the eye. Oliver's family also plays a vital part in the story, and mysteries grow as to what exactly was the nature of his family background before becoming the hero he is now.

As a new superhero television series that's just getting started, Arrow is set to make waves for comic book fans and tv viewers everywhere. Those who know more or little about the superhero and Justice Leaguer may want to look up and check this out. It's started off as a solid Pilot, and with the right push and precision, it may aim to be a worthwhile action-adventure series to tune into every week.

Rating - 4/5

Arrow shows every Wednesday at 8pm Eastern/ 7pm Central on the CW


buddy2blogger said...

Superbly written review.

Chris Nolan's influence on the show was palpable and made the show even better!

Lara De La Roca said...

I’m so excited to watch Arrow! I haven’t watched the premiere yet, but I did set my Hopper to record all the new episodes of Arrow, and I plan to watch the two newest episodes tomorrow morning. I’ve heard nothing but goods things about this show from several people I work with at DISH, so I know it’s not just an archery fad that’s making people want to watch this.

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