Saturday, April 12, 2014

Arrow: Ferris Air teaser poster posted

With five episodes left for the second season to wrap up, the producers and showrunners behind the smash-hit superhero TV Series "Arrow" have decided to tease things up that may possibly appear further down the line... And it's a reference to a certain "Emerald Warrior" of the DC Universe that may follow in the footsteps of The Scarlet Speedster who made his debut in the show as well.

The teaser, courtesy of Marc Guggenheim's official Twitter page, is all about "Ferris Air", the airline owned by the family of Carol Ferris, aka Star Sapphire and the love interest of the one and only Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern! Ferris Air of course is based in Coast City, and one has to wonder of Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen and his crew of "Team Arrow" will visit the place...

Arrow is currently airing in The CW every Wednesdays.

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