Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Godzilla: "Demand To Know" poster and International TV Spot #1 released

Not showing any signs of slowing down in the promotion campaign for the movie, Warner Bros. and Legendary have releases a brand new promotional poster and international TV Spot for their upcoming reimagination of Toho's legendary "King of Monsters" by director Garth Edwards, Godzilla.

Via the official Godzilla movie Facebook page, a new promo poster shows a shadowed Big G, with his name written in his trademark spines behind his back, and the hashtag "#DemandToKnow" offering fans a chance to voice out their cries to see more of the creature...

... And they may have gotten their wish with the latest International TV Spot (via Joblo), which shows a clearer look at "Gojira" himself at the end of it.

Godzilla International TV SPot #1

Godzilla opens in international territories on May 15, and in the US on May 16.

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