Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Interstellar: Christopher Nolan's space film gets its first teaser poster

Set to be released later this year as the film following the wrap-up of his epic Dark Knight Trilogy in 2012 with "The Dark Knight Rises", the first teaser poster for Christopher Nolan's next movie "Interstellar" has finally appeared online via Superherohype and other movie sites, and leads into the anticipated release of the new theatrical trailer, which is expected to hit theaters with Godzilla this month!

Starring the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck, Michael Caine, and Matt Damon, Interstellar sees a group of explorers using a wormhole to push the boundaries of space travel and go beyond what is expected of an interstellar voyage.

If you haven't seen the teaser trailer released before, here it is again.

Interstellar - Teaser Trailer

Interstellar, to be co-distributed by Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures, hits theaters on November 7 in the US.

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