Saturday, May 31, 2014

Marvel Movies: Josh Brolin is Thanos and Captain America: The Winter Soldier Home Media details

Surprise, surprise! Unexpected Marvel Movies news just hit the fan, and it concerns a certain Mad Titan that was last seen in Marvel's The Avengers!

Reported by Latino-Review and pretty much confirmed by all news sites like Superherohype, actor Josh Brolin has been selected to provide the voice of none other than the intergalactic villain Thanos! Brolin, who's casting roles include playing a young Agent Kay in Men in Black III and Jonah Hex, will provide the voice for the character in Guardians of the Galaxy, which of course features Zoe Saldana playing Gamora - Thanos' adopted daughter,

In other Marvel Cinematic Universe news, details have been released as well as photos for the home media release of one of this year's best superhero films - Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As reported by Newsarama, the film will come to Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D, DVD, and Digital on August 19, 2014, but will sadly not feature a Marvel One-Shot film like it's past few predecessors have had with their home releases.

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