Friday, May 23, 2014

Joblo presents The X-Men Retrospective

X-Men: Days of Future Past is finally in theaters worldwide, and many consider it THE BEST among the X-Films 20th Century Fox and Marvel have put up to date. I even wrote a review on the film, and can say with heartfelt joy and satisfaction that this movie mostly fixes any continuity issues past films have had, as well as giving hope for the franchise and whatever else lies down the line as it moves forward with new stories to pursue.

However, there may be a handful out there who are not familiar with the past X-Men Movies, which include the first two films Bryan Singer directed, the lukewarm X-Men: The Last Stand, the two Wolverine spin-off films, and finally the prequel masterpiece that was X-Men: First Class. Thankfully, movie news and trailers site Joblo has created this pretty neat retrospective video that highlights ALL THE FILMS leading to Days of Future Past, so if you need a brush up from 2000-2014, see this one!

The X-Men Retrospective (2000-2014)

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