Sunday, October 19, 2014

Batman: Arkham City turns Three Years

It's hard to imagine one of the most critically acclaimed games in Batman history is already three years old... And it still has so many memorable moments that it deserves every kind of praise and nostalgic nod it gets just because it's that damn good to play and replay any chance you get.

Batman: Arkham City Launch Trailer [HD]

Turning the big three this weekend, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, DC Entertainment, and Rocksteady Studios sophomore video game entry in Batman: Arkham City celebrates it's third year as a certified classic, as anticipation for the next game in the Batman Arkham series builds for next year's release in Batman: Arkham Knight for next generation consoles. As the sequel that dared to go beyond Arkham Asylum and into uncharted territory within Gotham City, Arkham City was the proverbial "middle ground" to explore when it came to testing Batman's ability to fight against some of his notorious enemies within the confines of a brand new institution for the criminally insane and dangerous, which was being controlled by one Dr. Hugo Strange. There's more going on behind-the-scenes however, as The Dark Knight's greatest enemy in The Joker planned to strike back at his archnemesis and achieve his greatest revenge for the current mess The Clown Prince of Crime is in after the events of Arkham Asylum.

If you own a PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or any gaming device carrying this title, Batman: Arkham City is definitely worth playing if you're a big Batman fan and want to experience what it's like to play and be the Batman. Chalk full of action, mystery, suspense, and the kind of references that would make any Batfan giddy, it's a true testament to the Caped Crusader's legacy, and something that will please Batman: The Animated Series fans especially, as Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprise their epic roles as Batman and The Joker respectively. If you want a good Batman game to play for the character's 75th Anniversary, look no further than this.

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