Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Peter J. Tomasi reveals the cover to Batman and Robin #38... And the return of Damian Wayne?

... Damian? Could it be?

As posted by writer Peter J. Tomasi in his official Twitter account and reported by Comic Book.com, your eyes do not deceive you... IT'S DAMIAN WAYNE IN THE COVER TO BATMAN AND ROBIN #38. The issue, coming out this January 2015, follows the currently ongoing "Robin Rises" story arc, which sees Batman trying to retrieve his son's body from the clutches of Darkseid and his army in Apokolips. Whether this figures into the fact that Damian returns or is just a cover that teases a red herring still remains to be seen.

That cover by artist Patrick Gleason is just something else... Could Damian be just channeling Superman because he has powers now, or is it just tricking dedicated Batfans about something else? We'll find out soon enough when official information and the synopsis comes out from DC Comics.

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