Monday, November 3, 2014

Batman Eternal will return for a new "Year 2" batch of weekly comics in 2015

The weekly series that's changing everything in Batman's world is already through its halfway mark... But that doesn't mean that it's going to end anytime soon either, as current writer and Batman scribe Scott Snyder has confirmed that Batman Eternal will return for a second year of week after week comic releases!

Confirming the news via Reddit, Snyder pointed out that more things are in store for The Dark Knight and his world with a "Year 2" for Eternal, which picks up two months after a break that follows the conclusion of the first year in March. A two month hiatus and gap will commence, which will probably pave the way for DC's big crossover event plans for 2015. What that is has yet to be announced, but more on this story can be read via the source post at Newsarama.

Even after Batman's 75th Anniversary ends this year, Batman Eternal and the new storyline "Endgame" in the pages of Batman will go on in 2015.

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