Saturday, November 15, 2014

DC All-Access: "Building an issue of Grayson" episode released

You can never keep a good performer down... Especially someone as talented and skilled as Richard "Dick" Grayson.

The very first Robin, Nightwing, and protege to Batman has literally gone "dead to the world", but is currently investigating the organization known as Spyral for The Dark Knight in the Tim Seeley and Tom King written, Mikel Janin drawn, and Jeremy Cox colored series "Grayson", which is currently on its 4th issue and explores the acrobatic crime-fighter turned undercover superspy as he works to unravel the secrets of the mysterious group.

To further explain what goes into how an issue is made, DC All-Access has released this stellar episode that tackles how this comic is made from page-to-page.

BTS: Building an Issue of Grayson

And to think this week, specifically November 11th, is the birthday of Dick Grayson in the DC Universe!

Catch "Grayson" every month from DC Comics!

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