Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rumor: Sony reportedly planning an "Aunt May" spinoff for Spider-Man film franchise

Looks like Peter Parker's favorite lady and mother figure is getting her own film, if rumors are to be believed...

According to a report from Latino-Review, an "Aunt May" film is apparently in the works, featuring May Reilly Parker -  the caring and loving aunt who along with her late husband Ben Parker raises young Peter Parker as surrogate parents following the disappearance and demise of his parents.

It is this loving presence combined with Ben's "Great Power, Great Responsibility" message that instilled Peter with the principles and strength to become a compassionate figure and hero, which is the driving force behind his alter ego as The Amazing Spider-Man.

Spinning out of The Amazing Spider-Man film franchise, the "Aunt May" film will apparently concentrate on the character's younger days, much similar to how Marvel Studios is driving down the post-WWII era with Hayley Atwell playing Steve Rogers/ Captain America's love interest from that period, Agent Peggy Carter in the upcoming "Agent Carter" TV Series. Whether this will involve Sally Field during present day sequences or not is still up in the air, but for more information on the story, visit Cinema Blend and the source post at Latino-Review.

Hopefully, it does not go for this storyline though.

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