Monday, December 1, 2014

Arrow/ Flash Crossover: New Zealand "Brave and the Bold" preview goes online

The crossover begins this coming Tuesday, December 2 in The Flash... But it continues the next day, December 3, on Arrow as well... And now we get our first glimpse of the second part of the epic "Arrow/ Flash Crossover" 2 episode special with a sneak peek via a New Zealand promo that looks at the events of the 8th episode of the Emerald Archer's show that's aptly titled "The Brave and the Bold"!

SPOILERS naturally follow in this adventure where the duo take on Captain Boomerang, but one thing can be said - the differences between Oliver Queen and Barry Allen are visible in the onset, both in skill and and in showing off.

New Zealand Flash-Arrow crossover promo - Part 2

Catch The Arrow/ Flash Crossover on The CW or your local networks on their respective schedules. If you haven't seen that minute long epic trailer to the team-up happening in The Flash w/ "Flash Vs Arrow", here it is again!
The Flash - FLASH VS. ARROW Trailer

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