Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Meet Tekken 7's newest and Japan/ East Asia exclusive character - Lucky Chloe

In case you missed it, meet Tekken 7's newest character... And she literally looks like the next ideal cosplay target for those looking to dress as something from the fighting game series' immense and growing roster.

Say Hello to Lucky Chloe! A cat girl who looks like a mix between SEGA dancing game mascot Hatsune Miku and Taokaka from the Blazblue fighting game series.

Now... Some feel she looks a little out of place for the Tekken universe. She's a hip-hop dancer who speaks English and Japanese, but acts cute and cuddly at the same time. Could this the next Lily, or something more? Mixed reactions came in online, and Tekken series directer Katsuhiro Harada did not take the reactions well.

As a result and according to a report in VG 24/7, Lucky Chloe may be a Japan/ East Asia exclusive character.

Before you judge, let the character trailer showing her in action make you decide on that fact.

Tekken 7 ~ Lucky Chloe Trailer

Tekken 7 officially hits arcades on February 2015.

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