Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Batman/ Superman #18 "Flash 75" variant cover pays tribute to "Batman #612"

Come the start of January 2015, DC Comics will be honoring the 75th Anniversary of the Fastest Man Alive by releasing variant covers for several of their titles that are themed after "The Flash"! Coming as no exception is Batman/ Superman #18, which will be drawn by none other than DC Co-Publisher and artist extraordinaire Jim Lee!

Together with longtime collaborator and inker Scott Williams, Lee's contribution to "Flash 75", as previewed in his official Facebook page, will be a recreation of that iconic and epic cover to 2003's "Batman #612", which featured The Dark Knight at the mercy of his best friend and Justice League teammate, Superman! The issue was the fifth chapter of the groundbreaking "Hush" storyline which introduced the titular villain to the DC Universe, and that particular part had Bats visiting Metropolis to capture Poison Ivy, but was forced to deal with a mind-controlled Man of Steel as well.

In case you needed a comparison, here's the classic cover below of Batman #612. The variant to Batman/ Superman #18 above sees The Flash bombing the moment, and trying to create "peace" between The World's Finest by putting roses on their ears!XD

Pick up that variant cover to Batman/ Superman when it hits stores on January 21!

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